Remote Healing for Inca The Dog with PDSD


How To Help A Dog With PTSD or anixiety

A testimonial from Incas’s human custodian

Rachel has been our go-to healer now for several years. Her capacity to hold process and to see the big picture has been really helpful on many levels. She has been able to heal me from; A case of dire food poisoning (remotely, from the other side of the planet). Remote healing work for my duck who had a broken leg and was healed and walking within a week. Our dog who was having massive anxiety during bonfire night and recovered from her PTSD in one night after receiving healing from Rachel. I cannot say enough about Rachel’s abilities to tune into what is necessary, to uplift the good, and to let the negativity fall away on its own. Deep gratitude to you, Rachel for all of your help ❤️ Anne Becker – South Devon

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  My name is Rachel Bolton and I have over twenty-seven years of experience healing animals and people

We all wish for our dogs and other animal friends to be calm, happy, and living in joy. But sometimes things can change for so many reasons. Remote healing can help dogs, and all animals as well as their animal custodians.

Can Dogs Get PTSD From Fireworks?

PTSD – Posttraumatic stress disorder describes how a sentient being can be in a perpetual state of anxiety from a past event or how a past event can be triggered in the here and now. Fireworks can in some cases trigger a stressful response. As well when fireworks are heard animal custodians can become anxious as well because they are worried about how their animal friends will cope.

My dog and my cat never lifted an eye when fireworks were heard. There was no reason for me or them to be anxious. At all times when firework noise was present, they were just as relaxed as usual and I was not concerned for them whats so ever. As I was not concerned they did not pick up anything from my energy which might make them think there was something to worry about in the first place.

When we are calm, our animal friends are calm too. Imagine a cartoon whereby every calm day that your dog experiences they take off and put it in the bank. Calmness and joy over a year will mean their bank account is full of the good stuff! It is important to understand that their emotional well-being needs to be in a good place all of the time.  So when times of high stress arrive it has very little impact on them as it is harder to move them quickly into an emotional, physical, and spiritual response of stress and anixety.

Just for fun, I want to introduce you to Inca’s family. Here is the duck, Quackers

Here she is with her friend Homer

Emotional support for dogs with posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic stress disorder, or any anxiety disorders.

Meet Lola


A testimonial from her human companion

Lola has in the past used the vets for many different reasons. Many prescription drugs can sometimes help but then left her constipated and thirsty. I believe in a combination of therapies and felt hugely grateful when we found Rachel. I measure our trust in her work by our experiences with her healing practice. Lola trusts her and licks her face and is always happy to see her. On one day our dog Lola had a high temperature and started to shake continually all over with her tail between her legs. We called Rachel and within an hour Lola had completely calmed almost in a ‘heavenly place’. She lay on her back trusting in Rachel’s ability completely. Motionless and serene. The fireworks that week had made her more alert to noise and anxiety but in this moment her shaking and fever decreased significantly enough for her to make a full recovery the next morning. Rachel’s innate connection to her was beautiful to watch. Rachel respects and treats animals with the love and honoring of which I believe all animals should have. She appears to have an inbuilt understanding of reaching animals on an inter-stellar level. As I observed her work it was if her ability to connect to my lola’s inner voice and truly treat what she was unable to express. Rachels has a DOG WHISPERING style. For us Rache’ls knowing that Lola is not just a dog but a very much loved member of our family is the right choice for us. Not only that, she always makes a speedy recovery after a session of healing. Rachel is a gift to any animal suffering. K. Roubillard

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Veterinary medicine for dogs with posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety disorders

Drugs from a veterinary practice are mostly synthetic and as such are not recognised by the physical body. This means the physical body has to work harder to process the drugs that are given to them. Many drugs can be quite harmful to the physical body as well. As you have read about Inca, after she had experienced remote healing, she was fine. She was healed on many levels. We not only addressed her present condition but we also addressed all the reasons why she arrived in the space where she reacted so strongly to the fireworks in the first place. Prescription drugs do not address the whole problem. They are merely dampening down the issue of anxiety.

You cannot escape from the fact that your dog is affected by your emotions 

Your dog is sharing your physical, emotional, and, spiritual life on a very deep level. You cannot bottle your emotions up convinced if they are all on the inside your dog will remain unaffected.  Imagine that they have an internal bucket to collect stress. You might not affect them in the beginning but eventually, if your stress levels remain high for some time, their bucket will become full until they are overwhelmed by it all. This will show itself through emotional and physical dis-ease or behavioral problems. They are continuously mirroring back to you so much of your inner world.

You are a divine being that is all energy and you experience your life depending on what frequency you resonate at.  We believe our bodies and the world around us to be solid, but actually, we are a moving mass of consciousness. Think of yourself as a beacon that is continuously broadcasting who and how you are. The Universe then responds to that. If you are stressed about anything you send out signals that say, these are my beliefs of what my world is like and it then becomes your reality, drawing much more of the same stress to you. This is why we need to become aware of our deep-rooted belief systems and more than anything celebrate the goodness of all that we are.

Here are a few ways to moderate your stress and to work through belief systems to support you and your dog through joy

  • Avoid the news. TV, radio, and social media.  They have the potential to validate your fears and add to the momentum of your stress.
  • Feed both you and your dog on a natural diet, organic when possible. Enjoy foods that are full of nutrition and water including fruit and vegetables. Think of food as a vibration that feeds you both on an energetic level. Both you and your dog require a high vibrational diet. Try and reduce and if possible leave out all heavy and greasy foods as well as junk food and foods with additives and flavorings.
  • Avoid stimulants such as coffee, caffeinated tea, alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, and sugar.
  • Keep hydrated every day.  Drink at least ten cups of good quality water on top of all other drinks that you might consume. The water helps you embody more light and to let go of all that no longer serves you. Treat your dog to a ceramic bowl rather than a metal one as the water is affected by the aluminium.  Also, refresh their water bowl at least 3 times a day.
  • Take walks in wild places and allow you and your dog to connect with the wildness of Mother Earth. Take off your shoes and even put your hands on the earth, sit next to a tree, and feel into the oneness and joy of life.
  • Try to get at least an hour of sunshine and daylight on as much of your body as possible.
  • Regular experience with rivers, oceans, or lakes is great as they help to clear your mind, body, and spirit of denser energies. A shoreline is a very powerful place, so sitting on the edge of a river or near the ocean is perfect.
  • Think of your home as sacred. Create a beautiful, clear, and clean place for you both to live and thrive in.
  • Be as consciously creative as you can be in a day. This means whatever you are doing, from washing the dishes to painting a picture consciously reach for your higher self all the time and let it move through whatever it is you are focussing on.
  • Ensure you and your dog have clean bedding at least once a week. Energy needs to be cleared and cleansed all the time.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products to nurture your home and to support the health of yourself, your dog, and Mother Earth.
  • Celebrate your strengths and successes in life. Bring in the frequency of times and events that have worked out for you.  Memories of when you have worked through obstacles and when you have felt relaxed. This all helps to change your frequency which in turn supports your dog.
  • Self-love. The more you accept all that you are in any given moment you support the spiritual evolution that is going on within and without. Your dog will be super happy with this one!
  • Keep a daily journal to help you get out of your head and into the heart of the matter.
  • Keep a dream journal as it will help you connect with all that you are –  a  multi-dimensional being living out many lives at once, all of which can support your life in the here and now.
  • Use your imagination daily.  Maybe create a vision book where you can paste images of your dreams and desires.  Add to it all the time and look at it daily. It will help to keep you both in a joyful place.
  • Write out your deep-seated beliefs and start to work through them. Letting go of guilt and shame are two big ones! This will help to transform the lives of you and your dog.
  • Watch your thoughts, words, and actions in any given moment and continuously ask yourself, is this a light thought or a dense thought?

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5 ways to help support your nervous system to reduce the stress that you may be passing onto your dog.

Close your eyes as many times a day for at least two minutes at a time.

Closing your eyes helps you to turn off the hyperdrive and helps to reset the nervous system. It is very easy. As long as you are not driving or operating machinery you can choose to just stop and close your eyes. If you can, take a seat. Feel your eyes relaxing. How does it feel as you permit yourself to cut off from the drama all around you? Start to feel yourself breathe a little deeper and start to feel your world slow down.

Start to slow your breathing down.

No one else can do this for you. You have to make a conscious decision to slow down your breath.

Take time to be in nature

We are all sentient beings made up of love and light. Nature is the most giving and nurturing environment to immerse yourself in. Allow yourself to let go and relax. Maybe with your back up against a tree next to a river, or walking in the hills. If you only have a local park or even the sanctuary of your garden to be in – go to it.


Meditation allows you to relax and slow down but it also helps you connect directly with your higher self. This allows the mind to relax. The mind was never meant to be the answer to all your problems. It was meant to work in partnership with your inner being – your higher self. The more you listen the more clear things become and so your stress levels will start to drop. The less stress there is on the nervous system the better it is for you and your dog.

How to work with me remotely to address the symptoms of ptsd for dogs or any anxiety disorders

How healing sessions can be organised

Once you book a session for your animal friend, I will get in touch and organise the schedule. Initially, I would highly recommend to let me orgnanise  the first schedule into four, fifteen-minute sessions. This will allow the momentum to quicken. If your animal friend is in a state of heightened anxiety I would recommend scheduling two of the fifteen-minute sessions on the same day.

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For anyone who is not aware of remote healing and its benefits or for those of you who cannot comprehend how it could work, I always believe the stories and testimonials of others can go a long way to put the work into words.

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I am sending you and your dog love, light, peace and joy