Remote Healing For a Premature Baby

Before And After Birth

My healing abilities worked to support Luca in the womb. Luca required help as he was not receiving all the nutrients he needed from the placenta so I worked to help him and his Mum’s health issues at the same time.

A testimonial from Lucas’s Dad

 Luca, although he experienced a preterm birth, immediately started to thrive. 

I have known Rachel for many years now, and over the years had various healing sessions with her which have all been impactful. Rachel’s healing, though, came to full fruition last year with the birth of our first baby, Luca. The pregnancy had been progressing well until a routine scan showed that the baby wasn’t growing as well as it should, and such was the worry that the consultants decided to admit my wife to the hospital there and then, and was told she would likely be there until the baby was born. This was a full six and a half weeks earlier than the due date, so was an extreme shock to us all and a very scary period.

Rachel started work immediately to address any health problems for mother and baby

I told Rachel what was going on, and she immediately offered her help for my wife and the baby, at this stage still in the womb.  She got to work quickly and started working on them both.  A few days later there was another scan in the hospital, at which point the consultants informed us that the baby had to come out early, and would be delivered by C-Section the next day. This was now five and a half weeks ahead of the due date.

Rachel continued to work on them both

Rachel continued to work on them both, and that evening, during a healing session, my wife’s milk started to express – something that shocked the nursing staff as it was far too early for that to happen, and as far as the baby was concerned he wasn’t going anywhere for a while!

Fast forwarding to the delivery

Fast forwarding to the delivery, we were happy to know that the baby was arriving but were, frankly, petrified of what state he would be in at this gestation. The big worry with prematurity is that the baby’s lungs do not work as well as they should when they’re born. The operation was extremely quick (baby delivered 1 minute after the operation began!) and to all accounts straightforward (a health visitor later told my wife that she had the straightest scar she’d ever seen!), and thankfully, Luca came out kicking and screaming with a full set of lungs on him. In the moments after delivery, the specialists were very happy with his health, and my wife was able to have skin-to-skin time with him rather than him being rushed off for treatment.

 Breastfeeding while born prematurely

My wife had always been planning on breastfeeding and in the days after, she was encouraged to “gradually introduce” feeding to Luca to see if he was interested. He was far more than interested – completely by himself, the first time she “introduced” feeding to him he scrambled his way directly to the source, amazingly knowing what he was doing and very actively wanting to feed. There were never any issues with him latching and there have never been problems with him feeding.

 Lucas started to gain weight very quickly – not something premature babies do

Thereafter, he gained weight very quickly and he was home after just 2 and a half weeks – a very small stay in NICU for such a small baby.  Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, growing and gaining weight very quickly.  He’s now almost five months old, over fourteen pounds (after being born at 3lbs 12 oz), and is a happy, joyous little baby.

 The happy outcome for a preterm baby

The happy outcome of our story above, especially milk coming early, feeding, gaining weight, and not having any breathing issues, I put down almost entirely to Rachel’s healing work.  Given the circumstances, things could have gone far worse, and we’ve witnessed many complications in our peer group of parents (with both premature and non-premature babies), whereas Luca has had almost none.  Rachel kept me posted with the progress of her healing throughout the whole time, and everything that has happened – him growing quickly, everything being ok, was predicted by her right from the start, and it’s all played out at she said it would.

How Lucas’s Dad felt easier as well

Aside from the above, I remember two things – one, waking up on the morning of the delivery feeling completely light and at ease, with almost a sense of knowing that everything was going to be ok (the rest of the time in this period I had been pretty sick with worry).  I explained it to my wife simply as if something had woken up with me that morning and told me everything was going to be ok.  And secondly – in one of her reports to me after a healing session Rachel let me know that she’d had a conversation with Luca as an old man – this one line gave me not only hope, but a knowing that everything was going to be ok (and indeed, still does).

 A convert to the power of remote healing

I can’t thank Rachel enough for her help in what was, undoubtedly, the scariest moments of our lives.  As a business owner, and what I consider to be a “non woo-woo” member of society, I am a complete convert to Rachel’s healings and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I genuinely attribute Luca’s success to date to her help (not to mention my wife’s swift recovery), and I will be forever grateful to her.  Thank you, Rachel!

This was Luca when he was born prematurely

Luca when he left the neo natal intensive care unit to go home

This is Luca nearly a year old – A thriving premature baby

As you can see Lucas’s body weight continued to increase.

Remote healing can take place while your baby is in a neonatal intensive care unit

Luca was in the neonatal intensive care unit while I worked remotely with him and his surroundings did not have a negative impact on the healing work at all.

Remote healing can also support Mum as well

If I am working with the baby in the womb, Mum will also receive healing as well.  Every situation is unique though and if there are complications with Mum she may need healing sessions focussed just on her and a separate schedule for the baby.

Cesarean birth



The healing energy affects everything in our inner and outer world. As you have read from Lucas’s dad’s account his wife’s caesarean was also a success. As mentioned earlier in the testimonial “The operation was extremely quick (baby delivered 1 minute after the operation began!) and to all accounts straightforward (a health visitor later told my wife that she had the straightest scar she’d ever seen!)

I would like to say though that the healing requires a lot of momentum.  Luca had two, fifteen-minute sessions a day for over two weeks. As well, when needed he had a little energetic top-up. So please be aware if you decide you resonate with the healing please be ready to commit to a series of healing sessions.

Read more about remote healing through the testimonials of others

For anyone who is not aware of remote healing and its benefits or for those of you who cannot comprehend how it could work, I always believe the stories and testimonials of others can go a long way to put the work into words to help put your mind at ease.


What does it mean when a baby is born prematurely?

A premature birth means a baby is born too early. The birth takes place before the 37th week of pregnancy. A typical pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks.

Premature babies often have serious health problems, especially when they’re born very early. These problems often vary. But the earlier a baby is born, the higher the risk of health challenges.

Babies born prematurely can come at various times

  • Late preterm, born between 34 and 36 completed weeks of pregnancy
  • Moderately preterm, born between 32 and 34 weeks of pregnancy
  • Very preterm, born between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • Extremely preterm, born before 28 weeks of pregnancy

Some symptoms a premature baby can experience

  • Small size, with a head that’s large compared with the body
  • Features that are sharper and less rounded than a full-term baby’s features due to a lack of cells that store fat
  • Fine hair that covers much of the body
  • Low body temperature, mainly right after birth in the delivery room
  • Trouble breathing
  • Feeding problems

Preterm birth

Luca, although he experienced a preterm birth, immediately started to thrive. He received two fifteen-minute sessions a day for over two weeks. On a few occasions, he had a half-a-half-hour session but this was in the beginning.  This schedule allows baby to gain momentum in their healing, feeding them the energy that they require.

Once a baby is born prematurely or even at full term, life can become very hectic

A really good coping mechanism for lack of sleep and being super hectic is to support the nervous system.

5 ways to help support our nervous system

Close your eyes as many times a day for at least two minutes at a time

Closing your eyes helps you to turn off the hyperdrive and helps to reset the nervous system. It is very easy. As long as you are not driving or operating machinery you can choose to just stop and close your eyes. Take a seat or lay down, feel your eyes relaxing. How does it feel as you give yourself permission to cut off from the hectic flow of life all around you? Start to feel yourself breathe a little deeper and start to feel your world slow down.

Start to slow your breathing down

No one else can do this for you. You have to make a conscious decision to slow down your breath. Imagine every time you breathe in that your rib cage is moving down into your lower body as well as moving out to the sides. See if you can breathe in deeply and then pause for just a second or two In the most relaxed way before breathing out again and feel your diaphragm moving back up and your ribs moving in a little. As you breathe out imagine all the noise from your head and body and all the stress in your life leaving and notice how after every breath you are a little calmer.

Take time to be in nature.

We are all sentient beings made up of love and light. Nature is the most giving and nurturing environment to immerse yourself in. Allow yourself to let go and relax. Maybe with your back up against a tree next to a river, or walking in the hills. If you only have a local park or even the sanctuary of your garden to be in – go to it. It is all waiting for you to surrender to its nurturing, calm frequencies. It pulses with the earth just like you. So being in nature helps you to attune to your natural state.


Meditation allows you to relax and slow down but it also helps you connect directly with your higher self. This allows the mind to relax. The mind was never meant to be the answer to all your problems. It was meant to work in partnership with your inner being – your higher self. The more you listen the more clear things become and so your stress levels will start to drop. The less stress there is on the nervous system the better.


We all know how important it is to eat well. But what is eating well? What is your belief system around food? Some things are good for one person and not for another. This is why it is really important to listen to your body. What do I need right now and what do I not need? However, a diet rich in fresh, organic when possible, colorful, natural unprocessed foods is really important. Food holds light frequencies that the body wants. This is why it eats. The foods that we eat have already used the energy of the sun to grow. When we ingest the food, the body breaks it down to retrieve the light frequencies of the sun. So eat things that are alive, fresh and of the highest quality wherever possible. If the food does not hold a high frequency it will not serve you and your body.

Much love to you



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