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Remote healing for rotator cuff pain and injury – The evidence for non-surgical options

“If it was not for Rachel Bolton who worked remotely and gave me two sessions for a torn rotator cuff I would probably still be in extreme pain. I am so thankful to her for healing my arm and cannot thank her enough.  It was amazing. I couldn’t even put my coat on without help but during and after the second session, I could not believe it. It was like a miracle had happened. Rachel has a unique gift. Rachel’s work is a testament to her having the gift to heal people and animals.”  Wendy Hedley – London.

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Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Problems

  • A feeling of weakness when you lift or move your arm from the shoulder
  • Restricted shoulder movement
  • Reduced range of motion
  • A clicking or grating sound when you move your shoulder
  • Chronic pain
  • Neck pain
  • Pain in the upper arm area
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Upper arm pain
  • Pain in your shoulder joint
  • Pain in your shoulder blades

Underlying conditions

There are so many physical reasons as to why a person may have rotator cuff problems. A doctor may offer reasons as to why you have the symptoms but these reasons are not the underlying cause of your problem. Very often the body is responding to your inner emotional landscape.

The human body is amazing. If we accidentally cut ourselves, the healing process can be witnessed in front of our very eyes as an open cut heals and seals. Quite incredible right? It is something that seems so natural and we take it for granted. We may clean it up, and if needs be apply a dressing but we don’t have to think about how we are going to heal it. Well, this same principle is happening within the body all the time if it is given the right environment in which to do so. An environment where the mind, body, and spirit are living in harmony.

An orthopedic surgeon may suggest surgery because wear and tear have taken their toll on your shoulder. But what if we allow the shoulder to heal more naturally? A practice that would encourage you to heal on a deeper level, getting to the heart of the problem.

Maybe you have a rotator cuff tear or have rotator cuff injuries

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Why rotator cuff tears might happen according to my perspective

We are all unique in mind, body, and spirit and we are all here on Earth to learn, grow, evolve, and expand in consciousness. You came here for a reason. Your body is here to help you maneuver around the landscape as well as to help communicate with you how you are feeling. This is very important to understand. Our emotions create our reality. So when we have pain or even a rotator cuff tear, take the time to listen to your body and start to uncover its messages. It could be considered archaeology of the soul! If there was an incident, It is not enough to say it was just an accident. Trust that accidents do not ‘just happen.’ It takes time for energy to manifest within the physical body. This includes what happens within you as well as the physical projection of you into the outside world. So when things finally go bang, for example, an accident, it is the result of a long-term build-up within you. You may for example experience a rotator cuff tear at a climbing wall, or on the other extreme you pull your rotator cuff when putting your coat on. I want you to be honest and look into long-term belief systems of emotional patterns that have been running in the background for days, weeks, years, or even your whole lifetime.

Consider the following questions and answer them as honestly as you can

Have you been driving yourself too hard through a lack of self-love and appreciation?

Have you been harboring a deep sense of grief?

Do you feel deprived of love?

Do you feel you are carrying your life as a burden?

Are you in the process of letting go of all that does not serve you?

Are you resisting change?

Do you have family or loved ones who are getting ready to pass – to transition?

Trust no one needs to see the answers to these questions except you. Once completed you can even burn the paper you have written on, if you feel it appropriate. The burning can be a very cathartic ritual to support your healing journey. (Please ensure all fires are done with due care and preferably outside.)


The healing process incorporates our mindset

When you first notice signs of a rotator cuff tear or strain the most important thing to do is to not set yourself on a trajectory of doom and gloom. Not to imagine how bad it could get and how all the things you want to do will have to be put on hold because of this bump in the road. Realise the sum total of all that you are is in that moment and anything can be addressed from there. Instead, say something along the lines of the following:

I appreciate my shoulder is hurting now but I trust that it will be well very soon.

I appreciate my shoulder is hurting right now but I am also going to focus on my other shoulder and think how well that one is doing.

I appreciate my shoulder is hurting right now and I am going to give myself permission to rest it a little and nurture myself in all ways rather than trying to push through something.

Ask your shoulder injury or pain what it is trying to tell you. For example:

I feel you are in pain. What do you need me to hear or understand?

What aspects of myself do I need to understand?

Which of my belief systems are not serving me?

You may also have a conversation with your shoulder. For example:

I am aware I have not been listening to my inner guidance and today more than any other day I am going to spend time getting to know myself a little more.

I feel my pain is trying to tell me something. I am prepared to listen. I am prepared to come to know myself more and more.

I am going to look at the belief systems that are giving me this experience.

I am love. I am pure potential. I am listening to my body.

I now realise I am more than a physical body. I am mind, body, and spirit. I am going to live my life from the viewpoint of it being a spiritual journey, one in which I come to know myself more and more every day.

My remote healing technique offers long-term benefits

The rotator cuff problem Wendy experienced has not returned. The healing process with remote healing is so very different from that which you might think. In logical terms, you may see a problem and then have an idea of what needs to happen for it to be repaired. But this is not the case with remote healing. Remote healing works in its own unique and dynamic way to resolve problems. We are working on you as a whole and that includes the you that created the injury, symptoms, and pain in the first place.

You may also be asking, “What if I do not have rotator cuff surgery? What will happen?”

No one can tell you to have surgery or not. But if you do not rush into surgery you can give your body time to heal more naturally. Surgery in itself is very invasive and traumatic for the body – a body that is divine intelligence and would prefer if possible to live a life where surgery is not required.

Is it wise to have cortisone injections for rotator cuff injuries or rotator cuff tears


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Cortisone injections may help to bring about pain relief during a time of rotator cuff pain or problems with range of motion. A doctor may prescribe drugs for a variety of reasons. Many drugs will help to hide or cover up symptoms but they do not address the underlying cause and may even be harmful to the body in the process of taking them. If the symptoms are suppressed and the body is not listened to, it will find a new way to try and get your attention. Your body wants you to listen to your inner landscape not hide from it. It would love for you to get to the heart of the matter and the underlying cause of the problem.

Should you get a shoulder replacement?

The human body is amazing. Imagine when you cut yourself the healing process gets to work right in front of your eyes for the majority of people. We can witness an oozing cut seal and heal. Quite incredible right? It is something that seems so natural we take it for granted. We do not have to think about it. The most we may do is clean it up and if needs be apply a dressing. Well, this same principle is happening within the body all the time if it is given the right environment. An orthopedic surgeon may advise surgery due to an accident or because wear and tear has taken its toll. But what if we allow the shoulder to heal more naturally? What if we take time for ourselves? Time to heal on a deep level addressing why we have the problem in the first place? Remote healing supports this whole process.

Treating rotator cuff problems with remote healing

Healing energy starts to work on all of you. We work on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. As I work with you remotely, the root cause of your pain and restricted movement is being addressed. In the beginning, I said, heal your rotator cuff, heal your life. What I mean by this is that the fundamental emotional patterning running your life is manifesting as a physical problem but it is also manifesting in other areas of your life as well. However, you might not be aware of what they are. It is more common to address problems in life when they manifest as physical concerns of the body compared to maybe some minor dysfunction in your personal or business life.

How can remote healing help with pain relief of your rotator cuff injury or rotator cuff pain

Remote healing will work on the whole of you. It will get to the heart of the matter. Session by session your body will receive more and more energy to heal. It will be working on your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies all at once.

Getting to the heart of the matter.


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I know from my client Wendy, that there was much emotional clearing to do. Once this work was completed and we worked on the physical manifestation of the emotional problem Wendy found that her rotator cuff problem had gone. Did she have to do lots of physical therapy? No. She healed on a soul level. An emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Can physical therapy with a physical therapist help my rotator cuff injury

If you have an emotional issue causing problems with your rotator cuff you are functioning at a frequency that results in the initial problem. Therefore anything you do in and around a problem has the potential to continue. You need to address the emotional problem, to change from within. From here you will start making choices from a healed perspective rather than from a wounded perspective.

Read more about remote healing through the testimonials of others.

For anyone who is not aware of remote healing and its benefits or for those of you who cannot comprehend how it could work, I always believe the stories and testimonials of others can go a long way to put the work into words to help put your mind at ease.

Testimonials from clients who have worked with Rachel Bolton

How to work with me remotely to address rotator cuff tear or strain.

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What if I do get the surgery? When can I go back to work?

“A vast majority of patients undergoing rotator cuff repair can expect to return to work within 8 months of surgery.”

When people injure themselves very often they reach out to doctors who then may recommend them to see a shoulder specialist who might recommend orthopaedic surgery as the answer. Very often a person may have surgery believing it will be the answer to all their problems. But now instead of healing from a rotator cuff tear you are healing from a surgery. Very often people do not take this into consideration. Not only that the body also has to undergo anesthetic and maybe medication for pain relief after the fact.

As well if you have a physical injury and an orthopedic surgeon operates they are assuming it is just your shoulder joint with the problem. In effect, they are putting aspects of your body into different medical compartments.

Remember if there is something wrong with any aspect of your body the whole of you is being affected as it is the whole of you that has caused the problem in the first place. The body does not appreciate aspects of it being healed. In a way it feels ignored. It is trying to communicate with you and has manifested symptoms as a language. And you are just not listening.

Misleading shoulder MRIs lead to unnecessary rotator cuff surgery

Some people may go under surgery when it is not required. Rotator cuff pain or rotator cuff tendon problems will heal with alternative healing as you have read in Wendy’s testimonial.

MRIs performed on patients with NO PAIN, show a high prevalence of tears of the rotator cuff tear

This in itself is quite interesting. It would seem that if medical science is to be believed then a rotator cuff tear should be causing you pain. So maybe consider how the body is always in a perpetual state of change and healing. Just like if you cut your finger. So if the body experiences a tear and can repair it then there is no problem. But if you are experiencing pain, pain being the means of communication between your inner and outer reality then you know it is trying to tell you something.

The problem with physical therapy and the surgery itself is that the tendons are not healing

Again if you experience pain or a tear in your rotator cuff and you then go straight to physical therapy to try and fix it you are not allowing a healing process of any sort to start. You are still battling. You are also coming to the problem with the same energetic frequency which caused the problem in the first place. You need to shift energetically to heal. You need to arrive at a new frequency that allows a new reality to play out for you. Remote healing can support this process.

Testimonials from clients who have worked with Rachel Bolton

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I look forward to helping you on your journey with love, light, and healing to you.