Testimonial from Danielle

Ken Brown - USARemote healing for tinnitus

Dear Rachel, I wanted to tell that after all these months since our remote healing sessions  I haven't had a single issue with the tinnitus that you treated me for. I'm both grateful and honestly amazed with your incredible abilities to heal and I would highly recommend that anyone who is suffering from this to engage you for treatment. Thank you again for the relief and peace you've given back to me. Kindest of regards, Ken W. BrownUSA

Remote Healing for Baby LucaA premature baby who thrived with the support of remote healing

I have known Rachel for many years now, and over the years had various healing sessions with her which have all been impactful. Rachel’s healing, though, came in to full fruition last year with the birth of our first baby, Luca.  The pregnancy had been progressing well until a routine scan showed that the baby wasn’t growing as well as it should, and such was the worry that the consultants decided to admit my wife to hospital there and then, and was told she would likely be there until the baby was born.  This was a full 6 and a half weeks earlier than the due date, so was an extreme shock to us all and a very scary period. I told Rachel what was going on, and she immediately offered her help for my wife and the baby, at this stage still in the womb.  She got to work quickly and started working on them both.  A few days later there was another scan in the hospital, at which point the consultants informed us that the baby had to come out early, and would be delivered by C-Section the next day.  This was now 5 and a half weeks ahead of due date. Rachel continued to work on them both, and that evening, during a healing session, my wife’s milk started to express – something that shocked the nursing staff as it was far too early for that to happen, and as far as the baby was concerned he wasn’t going anywhere for a while! Fast forwarding to the delivery, we were happy to know that the baby was arriving but were, frankly, petrified of what state he would be in at this gestation.  The big worry with prematurity is that the baby’s lungs do not work as well as they should when they’re born.  The operation was extremely quick (baby delivered 1 minute after operation began!) and to all accounts straightforward (a health visitor later told my wife that she had the straightest scar she’d ever seen!), and thankfully, Luca came out kicking and screaming with a full set of lungs on him. In the moments after delivery the specialists were very happy with his health, and my wife was able to have skin to skin time with him rather than him being rushed off for treatment. My wife had always been planning on breastfeeding and in the days after, she was encouraged to “gradually introduce” feeding to Luca to see if he was interested.  He was far more than interested – completely by himself, the first time she “introduced” feeding to him he scrambled his way directly to the source, amazingly knowing what he was doing and very actively wanting to feed.  There was never any issues with him latching and have never been problems with him feeding. Thereafter, he gained weight very quickly and he was home after just 2 and a half weeks – a very small stay in NICU for such a small baby.  Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, growing and gaining weight very quickly.  He’s now almost 5 months old, over 14 pounds (after being born at 3lbs 12 oz), and is a happy, joyous little baby. The happy outcome of our story above, especially milk coming early, feeding, gaining weight, and not having any breathing issues, I put down almost entirely to Rachel’s healing work.  Given the circumstances, things could have gone far worse, and we’ve witnessed many complications in our peer group of parents (with both premature and non-premature babies), whereas Luca has had almost none.  Rachel kept me posted with the progress of her healing throughout the whole time, and everything that has happened – him growing quickly, everything being ok, was predicted by her right from the start, and it’s all played out at she said it would. Aside from the above, I remember two things – one, waking up on the morning of the delivery feeling completely light and at ease, with almost a sense of knowing that everything was going to be ok (the rest of the time in this period I had been pretty sick with worry).  I explained it to my wife simply as if something had woken up with me that morning and told me everything was going to be ok.  And secondly - in one of her reports to me after a healing session Rachel let me know that she’d had a conversation with Luca as an old man – this one line gave me not only hope, but a knowing that everything was going to be ok (and indeed, still does). I can’t thank Rachel enough for her help in what was, undoubtedly, the scariest moments of our lives.  As a business owner, and what I consider to be a “non woo-woo” member of society, I am a complete convert to Rachel’s healings and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I genuinely attribute Luca’s success to date to her help (not to mention my wife’s swift recovery), and I will be forever grateful to her.  Thank you, Rachel!

Wendy Hedley - LondonRemote healing for a torn rotator cuff

If it was not for Rachel Bolton who worked remotely and gave me two sessions for a torn rotator cuff I would probably still be in extreme pain. I am so thankful to her for healing my arm and cannot thank her enough.  It was amazing. I couldn’t even put my coat on without help but within the two sessions and after the second one I could not believe it it was like a miracle had happened. Rachel has a gift that is unique. Rachel’s work is a testament to her having the gift to heal people and animals. Wendy Hedley - Chiswick - NHS employee - London 

Jenny Whiteley - North Devon

The person who challenged me to let my family and friends know all about me is Rachel Bolton who I am currently working with; her position being one of a faith healer. After only two sessions my mindset has been blown apart. Through these sessions, spirit has managed to help me feel comfortable in my own skin, to actually like what I see in the mirror for probably the first time since I was 16 without seeing fat and ugly staring back at me. Now I see pretty, size 16 woman who has an amazing husband and a massively supportive family who have helped me through this journey. For the first time, the fog has lifted and I see ME the way other people do.No more self pity, no more low self esteem and no more excuses. This is the only life we get on this plain and I am not wasting another second worrying about what others say or think.

Kate HooperDevon

I have been seeing Rachel for 2 years and I can honestly say that I look forward to our sessions more than any other type of therapy or practice. She is wonderful. She channels magic. I always come away feeling much more relaxed, calmer and grounded. After each session I love to hear what she discovered during the hour of healing. She is always so insightful, helpful and kind. I would recommend her to anyone looking for healing and looking to be reminded of the peace that we have within us. Thank you Rachel for being in my life. With love and light. Rob xxx

Kate BaskerHead of Digital Marketing at Global Bay

During the last year I have had a couple of individual healing sessions with Rachel following a really positive experience as part of a work group session. She has such a loving and reassuring presence which puts me instantly at ease. Also, the follow-up calls after each session have had a lasting impact on the choices that I make to nurture my body. I had two sessions to help me: one when I had coronavirus back in May and another one about 6 weeks later. For both sessions I got comfortable in bed with the quilt over me and closed my eyes and calmed my breath as I do during a meditation practice. It is so very clear when Rachel is connecting with me during our session. I get warm tingling sensations in different parts of my body as she works through any obstructions or issues that my body and spirit are dealing with. I have Multiple Sclerosis and have ongoing numbness and heaviness in my feet, legs and left hand. During the healing sessions I feel the warmth in those areas very strongly, as well as in my head which is where the nerve damage is located. During the sessions I feel very at peace and quite often go to sleep. I always wake up though as soon as the healing session is finished. It is quite incredible, but when I wake up and look at the time, it is exactly at the end of the scheduled session! After the sessions I always feel revitalised and my symptoms (both MS and coronavirus related) have always felt much improved. Moreover, the follow-up calls that I have had with Rachel to discuss what she processed during the healing sessions have always been so insightful. She identified that my body had too much sugar in it and we discussed my relationship to food and the food choices that I make. I am a huge fan of jelly beans (!) and was very reluctant to give them up. However, since my conversation with Rachel during which we discussed my relationship to jelly beans and why I want them, I have found that I have not wanted or needed to eat them. Through Rachel’s intuitive coaching, I better understood what it is to nourish my body. She helped me to shift my perception of what being kind to myself is. I highly recommend remote healing sessions with Rachel. I can’t explain how they work, but they do and they transform your relationship to yourself and your body.

Harry SandersDevon

Healing with Rachel has helped me feel energised and renewed. It is a process that is difficult to tangibly describe- it has to be experienced to be truly understood. Rachel helped me with anxiety long ago when I was a child, and a couple of years ago in my early 20s I got in touch with her again after a difficult period in my life, these kinds of negative feelings began to dominate me and conventional therapies weren’t helping. After only a couple of sessions I felt that a lot of bad energy within me had been exorcised and I began to feel much more light and positive, the spiky torment of anxiety smoothed into a blissful serenity. I felt relief from physical tension I was holding on to in my shoulders, back and jaw. I was suffering from creative block too, which completely disappeared, opening a new period of creative fertility for me. The sessions themselves generate deeply intense, spiritual, powerful positive reactions that are almost supernatural and seem to defy our conventional understanding of our physical being. Rachel also provides follow up calls in which she talks through your experiences during the healing session and gives you insightful advice as to how you can help yourself heal in your daily life.Particularly in the current period of recent societal trauma, I would like to say from experience that this type of healing will be beneficial to anyone who seeks it.

Alicia HallDevon

I got in touch with Rachel after a flare up of a bowel issue that had not presented itself for six years. The previous time I was unwell I had actually gone to Rachel’s house where she had given me healing and I found the experience profound both spiritually and physically. This time after a long period of anxiety which definitely had exacerbated my condition I noticed that Rachel does not meet you one to one but now offers distant healing ,even though I have had distant healing in the past from a friend I was left wondering if it would have the same impact and benefits as seeing her personally. On the night of the healing I lit a candle and laid on my bed and wondered if this was going to go but I needn’t have worried. The experienced was beyond words as a couple of minutes into the session I could feel a huge , warmth presence beside me that felt so soothing and comforting . I had lost my mum only a short time before and I felt a shift in my body which in turn allowed the tears to flow and I cried and cried which I know were tears that I had been stuck and now where expressing themselves. The whole session I felt safe and held and the experience was just as profound and beneficial as seeing Rachel in person (if not better as I didn’t need to drive home afterwards!!). So anybody who may be a little reluctant in getting in touch with Rachel please don’t as I can confirm to you that Rachel’s healing gift knows no boundaries and is just as powerful and profound. Thank you Rachel for all you do as you truly are a remarkable soul whose beautiful gift is helping so many struggling souls set them back on their right paths. xxxx

Jo Earlam Discovering an Inner Peace

When I “found” Rachel, it was at a time when I’d been feeling very negative for a number of weeks. I’m someone who tries to be positive and do my best, but for most of my adult life I’ve struggled with depression, which drags me down, and in the last two years I’d been diagnosed with OCD. I’d mostly come to terms with that, learnt from it, benefitted from doing a mindfulness course and also from taking up yoga. But long term issues of still deep down not being happy with whom I am, with not fully liking myself, still persisted. I was set on taking a long break some place far away, instead I found Rachel on my own doorstep, and in one short session the warmth, love and light generated stayed with me, renewed and enhanced by a second session two weeks later. I went along without any idea what to expect and no expectation, but with hope. Rachel’s healing, kindness and wisdom were more than I could have hoped for. The next day I woke feeling smiley and happy, a feeling that has remained since. It’s something I want to keep working on, to keep with me. My rather boisterous one-year-old lurcher also had a healing session on that first occasion, and is now much calmer, and we are both really enjoying this better connection, the fun we can have with each other. The positive benefits have flowed into other direct areas of my life, improved relationships with people close to me, a new energy to my work and creativity, and best of all discovering an inner peace. Thank you Rachel. You have a special gift.

Rob Holmes Entrepreneur and writer of children’s books

I have been seeing Rachel for 2 years and I can honestly say that I look forward to our sessions more than any other type of therapy or practice. She is wonderful. She channels magic. I always come away feeling much more relaxed, calmer and grounded. After each session I love to hear what she discovered during the hour of healing. She is always so insightful, helpful and kind. I would recommend her to anyone looking for healing and looking to be reminded of the peace that we have within us. Thank you Rachel for being in my life. With love and light. Rob xxx

Anon Hypertension and life issues

As soon as I met Rachel I felt an immediate charge in my system and an energy to work with the tools that Rachel was offering, and I felt in a very safe and nourishing space. The first healing session left me in a state of bliss and I felt the reverberations and energy flow in my lower back for about a week. I did not go chasing this effect it was just there. Rachel is very intuitive and questions your heart felt directions, answering sometimes very difficult topics with a maturity well beyond her young age. I place full confidence in Rachel and wholeheartedly put her teachings in place in my life. I have been using “Afformations” to replenish and restore my negative belief system and I am working on listening to my body and following my heart. I have good days and bad days and sometimes feel overwhelmed at the pace and volume of understanding that is required of me at work. Rachel has helped greatly in allowing me the confidence to challenge my belief system and enjoy self-acceptance. I went to Rachel with Hypertension and coupled with the healing sessions and lifestyle changes my blood pressure is in a controlled state for the first time in a long time. Rachel is very passionate and dedicated in her spiritual path and has engaged and encouraged me to follow my dreams. I would recommend anyone reading this testimonial to work with Rachel and enjoy her positive healing space.

Sula Goddard and her baby Bodhi Bodhi had digestive issues and was not happy

Rachel is awesome! My very new little baby boy Bodhi has also seen Rachel when he was but a wee 5 weeks old. He also was having digestive problems and was very unhappy after feeding. I didn’t realise at the time but the healing session was for the both of us and after it he didn’t stop smiling at me…and still hasn’t, much to my hearts delight. With another session and again Rachels gentle guidance his problem has gone away and i no longer worry after feeding him that he will be in pain or be sick. Her magical gifts have opened my heart and helped me to find myself. I am so grateful to all that is for guiding me to her and for empowering me to be me. I was so nervous to try this out for fear of all the scary things i had buried deep down for many years and really didn’t want anybody to see. Thanks to Rachel's powerful gifts and her gentle guidance I have been able to experience huge transformations in my inner and outer world. I can throw my hands up in the air and smile and say thank you out loud because this is how it makes me feel. I continue to visit Rachel and am still learning and understanding the journey I am on. For whatever reason or rhyme you might feel inclined to see Rachel just go for it, it is more than worth it! What more can I ask, Rachel has been a beacon of light for me and so many that i love and care for. Rachels allows you to feel empowered in your own abilities and intuition and to trust yourself and therefore all that extends around you. When you have healing with Rachel not only you benefit but everyone and everything extending from you, the knock on effects are amazing! Apart from me seeing Rachel, so has Bella, my boxer dog who had problems with her digestive system. This was helped by healing and a change in her diet as suggested by Rachel. We haven’t been back to the vets since. Thank you….endlessly xxxxx

Safe Healing for Humans


I feel so grateful for the help and love that I’ve received from Rachel since meeting her a year ago. Her unique, intuitive healing gift has lifted me towards the light with each healing session I’ve experienced through her. My initial emotional state was one of profound sadness and confusion and through Rachel I’ve remembered calm, light and hope. I continue to see her as a very important part of my ongoing spiritual learning in this world of infinite possibilities. She truly is a beautiful soul.

Sharie.K. Neyland Healer and singer

To me, Rachel is the healers healer. Within her sacred space and through her sacred presence I experienced the most profound lightness of being a feeling I summon to this day,to remind me I am truly love, being, as we all are.Thank you Rachel for being here at this time. X

AnonA teenage girl struggling with huge life changes

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my daughter who was seriously struggling with huge life changes; the trials and tribulations of the internet, new friendships that weren’t always what they seemed and all the challenges that university brings. You helped her to trust herself again and to feel sure of herself in her changing world, to restore her energy and give her the hope and faith she needed that all would be well.

Lily "Rachel has completely transformed how my daughter feels about herself"

My daughter was having difficulties at school with her own self confidence, self esteem and persona. She always has been like an old lady and much more mature, in her thoughts and self, than her peers. I think she was feeling that she had to conform to the group instead of embracing who she is. She was feeling that the perceived idea of who she was, was actually who she needed to be instead of the growing and changing person that she is. This was giving her conflict and the requirement to please everyone was, I think, overwhelming. At eleven and having already gone through puberty, this was a big ask! Rachel has completely transformed how my daughter feels about herself. In the short time since the three sessions that she has had, she has completely topped everything she puts herself in for and she is doing it herself with no pressure from outside sources. As parents, we try not to push or get involved in the day to day things that children these days are asked to do. She has surpassed and completely surprised her peers, her teachers and everyone who knows her. Her answer to us all is ‘Yeah! Why did you doubt it?’ I am the very proud mother of a fantastic daughter and cannot thank Rachel enough for the empowerment she has given my daughter. I am sure that there is a knowing from the younger generation that there is help for them not of the usual routes that you are offered. Don’t be afraid of taking an alternative to the options offered to you. It can be better to look for help outside of the usual avenues available and this can also be extremely liberating.


My 10 year old son is very sporty and the academic requirements of his school are hard for him. Whilst he is perfectly capable, whenever they mention the words exam or assessment, he will completely freak out and forget everything he knows and I am sure he conforms to the sports jock perception instead of putting his head over the parapet and showing what he can really do! I had offered Rachel’s help to him having experienced what she is capable of with myself and my daughter. He has not entertained this in the past However, he has had to catch up very quickly and managed this extremely well but he wants to stay at the school he is at and asked me if he could see Rachel. He has grown in a very short space of time into a more confident boy who is extremely loving and calm and will negotiate and discuss his school work requirements instead of storm off or do it reluctantly and without learning anything. Rachel has helped him with breathing exercises and strategies for thinking about things other than the exams or assessments that are ahead of him. As a third party, he listens and accepts her conversations instead of automatically thinking we just want him to do more. We are only at the early stages at the moment but the difference is huge already and I can’t wait to see how he is after a couple more sessions. I am so happy and grateful that I know Rachel so that I can offer this help to my children. I am also grateful that they are (unconsciously or not) aware of what she does for them and that it is good for them.

Alistair Sutton

My experience with Rachel was one of warmth and safety during a time of turbulence, when life’s challenges seemed only to be building in strength. Rachel is 100% committed, and rose to meet me and my needs with great confidence, and passion. For those with true faith in spirit this will prove to be a heart warming visit and will leave you feeling powerful and rid of unwanted fear and doubt in self. I can’t recommend this enough.


There are times in this life when you meet people – good doctors etc, who you stick with. But rarely do you meet that on exceptional person who is so blessed with so much healing powers as Rachel Bolton.

Ana Bozic

Rachel is a Angel. She is here on this Earth, to help those souls that suffer. She realigns you between earth and sky. If you feel broken and in pieces, she brings you back to be all once again. The natural healing ability she clearly has, is a gift she offers with all her Love. I have found my equilibrium back and feel I’am able to just be present in the moment. The space where she welcomes me with her smile end her warm embrace is Sacred. I immediately felt peace and a sense of presence. I felt very safe. The touch of her hands enveloped me and I felt as if in the arms of the Mother. Thank you Mother. It’s simple, beautiful and it heals. Thank you Rachel, my smile as return, I feel alive and my heart is filled with Gratitude.

Lisa Green

Having healing with Rachel is a hugely powerful catalystic experience. The depth at which she heals is phenomenal, and through ‘surrendering’ to the process, by that I mean trusting and letting go, I have got in touch with myself on a much deeper level. I have felt stuck, old energy literally surge out of my body, and she has helped me to release old pains, which felt like they were not from this lifetime, and some which are. I feel stronger emotionally, mentally and physically, and my body feels ‘lighter’, in a way that I haven’t felt for many years, possibly since early childhood. I am also feeling more aware of when I am tending to slip back into old ways of being, and can recognise these feelings within me, rather than just experiencing physical complaints. After a healing session I have sometimes felt like crying, sleeping, and jumping for joy (not always at the same time though!!). Rachel lovingly gives advice at the end to be gentle with yourself and any other messages that she feels the need to give to you I am going through, and have been going through some major changes and challenges in my life and relationships in recent years, and seeing Rachel has helped so much. Its a challenge going through letting go of old ways, but so worth it. If you are looking for change in your life, to break up old patterns and moulds, to experience getting in touch with a stronger self within you, I highly recommend you contact her.


I went to see Rachel for stress, relaxation and more self acceptance. I went with an open mind and received hands on healing, soul guidance, sound healing, flower essences. I felt my body filling into me as though I had withdrawn and soft energy pulsing and opening. I felt great afterwards. It is difficult to maintain but I think I need more. She helped me with a headache when I rang her up as well. I would recommend Rachel as she very loving and positive and has the strongest healing power in her hands that I have felt. She is also wise.

Arpana Lola

Rachel’s healing was relaxing, nourishing, very energising & completely in harmony with my needs. She gave me the ideal few key words to help me to continue to heal myself on an emotional level, as well asa couple of absolutely none-intrusive yet startingly frank observations to guide me on through my life’s journey.I have met many people with various healing powers in my life and I would like to say her love &dedication are quite awe-inspiring.

Eleanor Ruso

I had two sessions with Rachel, both wonderful. She has a real gift and an amazing sensitivity. Having a session with Rachel is like a beautiful cuddle…i felt so much love and relaxation, like being immersed in a sea of joy and peace. Thank you!

Kate Roubillard Lecturer, Councillor and Supervisor

When i first met Rachel I had been suffering from bronchial asthma much of my life. Whilst most of my adult life I was able to have ease in the warmer months come Autumn and winter every year I was often debilitated by severe episodes of bronchitis and breathing difficulties resulting in several trips to the hospital. I met Rachel during one of these periods. After following the regular conventional route which did not ease my symptoms one night my throat closed up and I felt unable to breathe. so my husband enlisted the support of Rachel. Rachel was able to help me instantly. She released what ever was causing the blockage and I was able to breathe more clearly. This is the year 2013 the first winter in 20 years I have had no bronchitis or debilitating illness relating to my breathing. My chest and lungs and throat are all my weakness areas and are feeling free and ready to ‘dance’, ‘sing’, ‘run’ and ‘play’. The feeling is liberating and life enhancing. Rachel is a compassionate and intuitive in her diagnosis and /or the emotions/experiences that our body remembers but our mind forgets. She has an innate ability that has helped me to gain balance of mind, body and emotion. During a session of healing with Rachel I surrender with complete faith in her skills to trust what is needed in order to release and let go of energy that restricts and binds me and feel a sense during and after healing of a complete sense of being and have an inner strength of peace and knowing my self. Rachel has a profound effect in all areas of my life all be it professional or personal growth. Rachel is an inspirational practitioner that brings you alive.

Richard HarrisCottesloe, Western Australia

Rachel Bolton is a delightful, warm and friendly healing practitioner who is enthusiastic to help clients and comes from a place of high integrity.She is a most gifted and powerful healer. I have had many healing therapies at Rachel's practice during which I experienced strong energy flow to the areas in my body where she administered work. Since returning to Australia I have also had several distance healings which I have also found most effective. Rachel's healing work has lessened the frequency of migraine headaches and significantly eased muscular pain and tension from old injuries in my back and neck and improved my flexibility there. I have also felt more confident, relaxed, motivated and energised since I embarked on the course of healing sessions with Rachel and I also experienced a sense of well being after her sessions. Rachel has also worked with me on some personal empowerment issues and has helped me focus on the creative work required to develop some challenging business projects. In addition to Rachel’s profound healing skills she is also gifted on a psychic intuitive level to assess and facilitate resolvement of deeper energetic issues within the mind and body. I would unconditionally recommend her as a healer.

Edna Mortimer Holsworthy, North Devon

I went to see Rachel because I knew I needed help to see me through the difficulties I had recently encountered concerning family matters and the death of my mother in January of this year. Once I met Rachel I had great confidence in her ability to interact with people on their level of understanding. Healing has been part of my life for the last eight years and I have no doubts as to whether it will benefit me or not. The main service of Rachel’s that I used was the hands on healing, this also brought in the life coaching and soul guidance. The experience was dynamic, so powerful I could not believe it at first. The use of drums and bowls and bells greatly enhance the feeling of trust and well being. When the healing ended I felt a great sense of being part of this world and connected with my surroundings in a way that encouraged my-s self worth issues. Healing with Rachel has made a huge on- going difference in my life. Her words come back to me time and time again, all she said really penetrated my being and as a result I can access it any time with just a thought. I would recommend the same course of action to other people as I strongly believe Rachel will deal with others in a way they will be comfortable. Rachel has tremendous compassion she stands firm in her manner and speaks in a truth way with encouragement and guidance.

Anon Dealing with a serious form of alcoholism

I turned to Rachel for help after suffering for quite a while with low self esteem which ultimately ended up with me having a severe drink problem where I would binge drink to block out feelings. This led to many deep issues and dangerous situations, caused huge family problems and jeopardised my job. I had been to a counsellor in the past and although extremely good I had got to the point where going over the past again was just for me another pointless exercise as it was not helping me move forward. A family member has a friend who was seeing Rachel and suggested I contact her for hands on healing. Reluctantly I did. I say reluctantly because at this time I was fed up with people telling me what I should and should not do to sort myself out and booked the appointment just to shut them all up. From my first meeting with Rachel I felt more in tune with my self and more a peace with my past than I had ever been. I had no idea what to expect from the session and to be honest I think I turned up with a fairly negative but desperate attitude. During the first session my mind took me back to memories I had stored so deeply that I couldnt recall them. Happy memories which I had all but forgotten. I pictured clearly the people I missed and who by being around or have been taken from my life too soon had had a profound influence on my life so far. I have never considered my self a spiritual person but something connected that day. I have never truly recaptured the intense feeling of the first session but I have through ongoing sessions with Rachel moved my life on in a direction that has brought me peace, happiness and calm. There is nothing materially different about my life apart from the fact I am always sober but on an emotional level I am a different person. I feel I have regained something that was missing for years and not living a part of my life which was destined for me but I just couldn’t tap into it. I still see Rachel all be in on a much less frequent basis and although living some distance away feel the spiritual connection with her in my soul which helps me when maybe things are not so good. For those people who read this and think no way, I don’t believe this – trust me I too felt that way. All I can say is give it a go, somethings are for us and some aren’t but I am truly blessed to have been guided to Rachel . We are all so unique and it is down to us to find our way and our connections with others who can help guide us on this complicated path we know as life.

Sue Witheridge Her broken wrist is now straightened

Rachel gave me hands on healing after I had broken my wrist she also used sage and crystal singing bowls. I was told by my doctor the bones would not set properly but as Rachel put her hands on my wrist I felt tremendous heat and a felling as if the bone had moved. My wrist is definately straighter and feels so much better. Rachel’s healing is compassionate, loving and genuine and she enables you to feel safe and secure in a wonderful healing space.

Jo Bow Teacher from Hounslow, London

Rachel’s healing helped me enormously during a difficult period of my life when my husband was dangerously ill and I was doing my teacher training whilst trying to cope with the demands of a young family. Before I met Rachel I was something of a cynic about alternative therapies, although I had tried acupuncture before and found it to be effective. However, I generally have an open mind to new things and once I had had a couple of sessions, I became aware that my mood had improved noticeably and I had a lot more energy. Just knowing that someone was sending me healing each night gave me the confidence to get through my PGCE course and to achieve my immediate goals. It was like having a ‘secret weapon’ or ‘someone on your side’ and when I look back to those days, I wonder how I would have managed without it. In addition, one-off healing is also extremely effective in getting rid of migraines and other aches and pains and Rachel has sent me healing on several occasions which has got rid of blinding headaches and de-stressed me. I am now a convert and believe completely in the power of spiritual healing.


I feel so grateful for the help and love that I’ve received from Rachel since meeting her a year ago. Her unique, intuitive healing gift has lifted me towards the light with each healing session I’ve experienced through her. My initial emotional state was one of profound sadness and confusion and through Rachel I’ve remembered calm, light and hope. I continue to see her as a very important part of my ongoing spiritual learning in this world of infinite possibilities. She truly is a beautiful soul.

Sam Jose

A hectic few weeks of flying, walking and wearing heels had taken their toll on my legs and feet. One short session with Rachel worked wonders. The unsightly swelling of my feet and ankles had reduced within hours and was gone by the following day. Rachel is such a calming influence it today’s busy world, I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Rachel!

Sally Hook

I first met Rachel a couple of years ago after hearing my friend talk about how she’d met her at school and ended up going for healing. She said how much better she’d felt after going and encouraged me to give it a go.I’d not tried anything like this before so went along to see Rachel with an open (and rather curious) mind. I was put at my ease straight away and found it easy to open up and chat about things which had been bothering me but which I had been unable to move on from. After we had chatted these things through came the healing session. I can honestly say I’ve not had an experience like it, all the things that had been sticking in my head came unstuck and wouldn’t stay in my head. It felt like a weight had been lifted – I know that’s a cliche but I can’t think of any other way to describe it!I’ve been back to Rachel several times when I’ve felt under pressure which exams or job worries and have come away each time feeling much more positive and at ease with myself. She has a way of making things make sense and opening your eyes to how you can change things to go in a more positive direction. I would encourage anyone to visit her and see for yourself what a change she can make – if you are willing to listen!

Rokea Schiller London

I was very underweight, was out of touch with my true self being immersed in the world of computers and only wanting to forward my-self in that direction to the detriment of all else. Because that was all I knew. It was my only goal. I was running excessively again wanting to achieve, achieve, achieve. And generally feeling constantly at a low ebb and feeling of being lost /disconnected from everything else even though at the time I could not have put it into words. I embarked on the therapy with an open mind. This was all new to me and I did not know what to do during treatment. I did not really know what to expect one always hears of instant miracle cures–like a light being switched on. I was certainly open minded as healing is something I had always been fascinated with and interested in- one of the items on my things to try list! Having said that I had not read up about it or know anyone else who had healing, but if I heard about healing in passing on the radio etc I would stop and listen. To me, healing and the metaphysical is something that I have always accepted as normal and true without question–I guess that’s me listening to my intuition, gut feeling. However, I can honestly say that I did not have any expectations should the therapy work or not. In the past I had gone to hypnotherapy with the expectation of it working because I believed in it without question. I had spent a lot of money on it but it did not work. I could not even go under. However, it did not make me think it’s all rubbish. My hypnotherapist told me that I was trying too hard, hence blocking my-self. I was going into the sessions with preconceptions etc and therefore not taking anything in. My mind was made up about what should happen. When I met Rachel, I was a such a low ebb that I suppose I was at a stage of wanting to try anything, but being too tired to have hope if it would work or not. Maybe I thought that I did not deserve to get better. For healing, it was a home visit. She came round and I lay on my couch, face down with comfortable blankets over me. This was my choice as I was very aware of my body and could not relax any other way. Rachel told me to lie in the most comfortable position that I could, wearing what I wished. She explained what she was going to do which was to pass her hands over my body but not on my body as I did not want to be touched. What really helped were the words “don’t try and work it out” those words always stick in my mind to this day and in all aspects of how I now experience life. This also helped because I kind of felt embarrassed at just lying there and not knowing how to react! It sounds ridiculous, after all, what have I, the client got to prove! But I was very self conscious of just lying there, vulnerable almost. She also told me that after she had finished the healing, she would just leave the house quietly and suggested that I just stay on the couch and relax as much as possible until I felt like getting up.This again was so reassuring because my mind would not be focus on time and getting up in order to show Rachel out before getting back to reality. I could just be my- self. No expectations. Rachel has amazing energy in her hands and as a lightworder. I could feel my body heating up moving, connecting tinglings, unblocking even through the heavy blankets on my body. It is such a beautiful, profound experience–profound in the sense that it’s not just like a massage which when it stops, it wears of –this is more like a arriving, reawakening of blockages. I say blockages because I just felt this amazing flow of energy through parts of my body that have been dormant. I had never experienced something so deep before. I saw Rachel for further healing sessions, and this time feeling more relaxed. She has such a loving way of putting things into words –it’s magical and soothing. She flows as she speaks from her heart and soul. She is so enthused for others and for life itself –a remarkable person and now true friend – Friends are blessings – I am so glad that I have met her. We are still in touch today, but not very often but when we do speak or even text I can feel that loving intent she emulates love and grace. What it did for me was firstly and most importantly, show me how to really relax and be with my-self instead of being all over the place thinking, thinking, thinking. I had never understood about just being able to be with oneself–too scary maybe, too unimportant when so much is happening on the outside in the big bad world – things to do. As a result, I learnt the power of being and how ones world can change from there. It did not happen instantly but it was the spark that lit something so loving and powerful from within me. From there I became more attracted to food for my soul the beauty in simplicity rather than the draw of materialism and I am truly richer for it–I smile and laugh more. I feel more contained and excited about life and all that I experience. Rachel, this beautiful, loving soul, had opened me up to self-empowerment, I was once lost thinking that money was the answer to my being able to live life as I wanted. I know that not rue now as I still be seeking that next materialistic fix to make me feel better, therefore leading a life of restlessness, of discontentment, forever striving when all the treasure is right here within each and every one of us. I would recommend the same course of action to others because to be able to truly love oneself from the inside is the source for being contented. We attract those who are like us–do you want to attract misery? People love to see confidence in others. Children love and feel safe and secure where parents emanate self love too.

Jenny Sanders Whimpole Exeter

I visited Rachel in 2008 when my 11 year old son started to get bouts of uncharacteristic aggressive out bursts. Doctors were unable to explain this but suspected it to be hormonal. I was concerned this was connected to the nocturnal seizures he had started to get a year earlier and thought as the doctors had no answers, I would visit Rachel and see if she could help. My cousin was already seeing her and although I was a little sceptical about what she could do I thought we had nothing to lose. Our first session was very emotional for both of us. Rachel saw my son alone and I waited quietly in another room. Afterwards we talked to Rachel and there were more tears and we both left feeling exhausted. Other sessions were similar and Rachel often gave us Bush flower remedies to take at home. My son’s behaviour was a lot calmer after treatment and Rachel taught him techniques to help cope with difficult situations. I also learnt to give him some space and accept and value our emotional connection. Seeing Rachel for my son highlighted a number of issues for me. I had a lot of guilt about the way I had felt towards my son when he was a baby and I had post natal depression and I felt now that my life was lacking direction and fulfilment. Healing with Rachel took the form of a chat, relaxation with music and burning herbs. Rachel would put her hands on us and at the end of a session she would strike resonating bowls that would vibrate through our body. On one occasion it felt as though she was pulling something out of my stomach and I felt physically sick. Each time I felt incredibly emotional afterwards and had headaches. There was most definitely a physical effect on me, which I found hard to explain but eventually accepted as part of the healing process. Rachel always talked to us before and after these sessions. She seems to know what you are thinking even if you don’t and tries to open up your mind to see these things for yourself. Rachel helped my son to be calmer and to see that life is full of many varied options. For me I have a lot less guilt about my post natal depression and realise that I am not living my life to the full and was not being honest with the people around me about how I feel. Being more honest and not being afraid of consequences has allowed me to be more adventurous and braver with how I live my life and the things I want to do. I know I am still not where I want to be with my life but seeing Rachel has enabled me to acknowledge this and I know that it is in my power to change things and to accept waiting for the right time. I would definitely see Rachel again either for my-self or my children, although for me and my son, every visit has been physically and emotionally hard. It has not been an easy option for us but it has definitely helped to bring some clarity and understanding and opened us to many other experiences.

Kerry Mann and Callum Baker Hedge Barton, Widecombe-in-the-Moor

When having a session we would talk through what I had been through in the previous weeks. I would ask questions and Rachel would explain and put things into perspective making me feel at ease. Rachel would then carry out hands on healing which totally relaxed my mind and body and released many problems I have been hanging on to. It felt as if she was undoing knots in my tummy and releasing them from my body. I found it hard to settle down after a session due to many old feelings being brought to the surface, having to deal with them instead of burying my head in the sand was a bit of a struggle but I really noticed changes after each session. I feel so much stronger and positive and have a totally different out- look on life. On one occasion I took my son Callum to a session, he was five months old and suffered from bad eczema. I found that Rachel helped by healing him which relaxed him. She also sent me a lot of information on which foods etc will help to calm the eczema, I found the session helped him to be in a better space. Rachel’s sessions have had a very big impact on my life I am emotionally much stronger and positive I would certainly recommend the same course of action for someone in a similar situation.

Ted CoombsAshburton, South Devon

The space I experience is clear and safe. Safe enough to let go thinking. To let mind rest. It is deeply nourishing. Trust the earth and the earth is good. Sound, touch, crystals, the smell of sage. All merge to rest the being so that it can receive the healing energy that Rachel Channels into the session. The energy goes where it is needed, to clear or balance or nourish. The boundaries are clear. There is a beginning and an easy closing. I recommend Rachel to you!!


As we’re trying to find the right words to say about Rachel and her healing, we realise there aren’t any words to cover our experience. Rachel helped us find our strength again and she is simply amazing.


Dearest Rachel the healing has been fantastic , I have not had hot sweats in bed, & have been doing my deep breathing when ever I get stressed. Have not drunk any Coke & have cut down on all the wheat things. I look forward to seeing you on Monday.. Best wishes


I went to Rachel after having gone into shock after having had a dearly loved cat put to sleep. He had various problems that were not responding to treatment and his quality of life was seriously compromised. The resulting shock left me in a bad state of anxiety, I think past life events just collapsed on top of me. My first port of call was the doctor and I ended up on tranquilizers and anti-depressants that were doing me no good. I found Rachel when searching the internet for a healer/crystal/essences as I had had good results from one in the past. I don’t understand what happens but amazing things do. So the experience I wish to recall goes as follows: The first thing that happened was that I was aware of being in a Bhudist Temple. Then, through my third eye, I saw a rich velvety dark blue sky in which shone a bright star. From me to this star was a golden bridge and I knew this star was me. To guide me over was a big oriental kitten called Pippin that I had once had who was killed in the road at 9 ½ months. He was too big for the world and brought happiness to everyone who knew him. He was the first cousin of the cat I had recently lost called Qunicey. I was suddenly aware of Quincey turning into a brilliant white light and this light came to and blended with the same light that was now emanating from me. It was an amazing experience.

Wendy WooHillingHealing for Ovarian cyst pain

I have a very large ovarian cyst and I am very anxious about it. It started to hurt badly. Dr didn’t want to know and I remembered Charlotte and Kiwi coming to you. I was doubtful if it would work. I could see how it would from a distance.I was pleasantly surprised when after the healing the pain had gone. It seemed like a miracle. Not only was the pain gone but I felt more at peace about my sister and cousin being ill with cancer. Most important is the fact that teddy my dog is much more relaxed. Xx I feel great. We did a demo yesterday and ted was his best. The pain went on Saturday after I lay with the candle burning and ted next to me. I would love to come and see you for the next one if I can. When I was resting I could see a ring, like a hula hoop. It was going round in a circle from you to me to Ted. It left you with healing pulsing through it. As it left me it took my pain and fear. It went through Ted and took your healing and my pain. It gave Ted permission to let my pain and fear leave him and accept his own healing. It then took all our pain and fear back to you to heal. Does that make sense. Towards the end of the session the pulsing lessened. I had laid down in terrible pain. When I got up it was gone. Xx

Jacqueline's experience in one of my healing circles

Rachel. I want to thank you so much for Thursday. I was overwhelmed with the whole thing! Most of all by the feeling of security and safety to be me, then by the sense of the intoxicating ambiance of love and peace I felt by you and from total strangers. It was a privilege that I can’t wait to feel again. Much love to you. See you next week. Jacqueline x


One evening, my 8 year old son became flushed and said that his ear was blocked and hurting. This alarmed me as he had been gravely ill with a related condition called mastoiditis two years ago. Any reoccurance was a serious matter and would start with earache. After a restless night, I asked Rachel for her help. Elliot was totally at ease with the work she did with him. He found it reassuring, especially as Rachel was adept at using words and ideas he could relate to. Afterwards, he slept soundly for the next two nights with little discomfort. More importantly, his ear rapidly unblocked and he went into having a regular cold. We were all relieved to avoid the normal routine of hospital visits and strong antibiotics. Next time, I won’t hesitate to use Rachel again for Elliot – in fact I know that he’ll be keen to go again!

Bridget South Devon

Happy 2017 to you and Sam. And thank you for the healing last week, it was very relaxing and nurturing. And more than that my bladder has been feeling much better – less aggravated, my head has been much clearer (a lifting of the fog) and I have been feeling at peace, enjoying restful time with my family. Some gentle walks soaking in the peace of a sleeping Dartmoor. Looking forward to expanding love and gratitude in 2017, helping to bring in a better way of being, so I will be back for more healing soon. Much love to you, Bridget

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