OSCAR - The Whippet

The benefits of a remote healing session on Oscar the Whippet. Oscar, our 11 year old whippet, looked as though he was struggling to walk and our walks were getting shorter. He had a soft tissue sarcoma recently removed from his leg and likely arthritis, in his shoulders and joints. In his nature, he also struggled to show affection or move towards us if he wanted a fuss and would typically move away. Rachel gave Oscar a distance healing, throughout which Oscar lay very relaxed and sleeping on the settee. There are visible changes in how he walks and carries weight on his front legs, and he looks alive again. Within a couple of days, we were walking greater distances and playing ball- galloping on the field. He has also gotten much more vocal when he wants something and begun to make steps towards us. Rachel also offered us advice about feeding Oscar and other things which could help him ongoing. She helped me with the ‘how ‘ to do things for him as well as ‘what’ which I found made it all possible for me. Rachel will continue to work with Oscar over the coming months to support his recovery.

SPENCER - The Collie Cross

Two months ago our beloved 12 year old dog Spencer suddenly became very ill. He was extremely distressed and could barely walk. The vet told us he had aggressive cancer, there was nothing they could do and that we would probably need to have him put to sleep within a few days. We were devastated; our lovely, gentle, wise, dependable old friend who has been on so many happy adventures with us, who our children have grown up with. We of course did not want him to suffer but also could not believe our time with him could so suddenly be over. We brought him home but he found it really difficult to move about and could not eat, he was so sad and withdrawn. We got in touch with Rachel and she saw him immediately. After his first healing session Spencer improved markedly, he was much more comfortable and so peaceful, he could move around much more easily. It was amazing for us too and helped us move from a negative space of anxiety, guilt and fear to a positive one of hope and love for Spencer. Rachel continued to work with Spencer, after each session he would fall into a deep, peaceful sleep and then wake up with more energy and ever increasing mobility and alertness. Rachel was so reassuring and helped us to remain positive even though Spencer did not eat for nearly two weeks and lost a lot of weight. She had so much compassion and respect for Spencer. He gradually got his appetite back and Rachel’s advice about his diet has been invaluable, he is thriving! We started to take him on walks again, something we thought we d never do again. Less than three weeks after he got ill we took him to Dartmoor where he surprised us all by leaping over a stream! Spencer is now doing so well it’s miraculous, he is happy and healthy and glowing with a new vitality. His coat is softer and glossier than it ever has been. We feel so lucky to still have Spencer with us, we appreciate every day, every walk is special. Seeing him sleeping in the sun, chewing a bone, dashing about in the woods at night, hanging out with the kids, it’s all so wonderful! We feel so fortunate that Rachel was here for him when he was in so much need.

ARCHIE – The Retriever

Archie is a golden retriever and at the age of six was in his prime. Except, we started to notice that he had quietened down a lot. He was easier to manage; he didn’t pull like he used and he rarely chased after cyclists or the odd car. On walks he stopped ranging out wide through the woods and fields, but just stayed walking with us. Swimming was a different matter. It is his passion and at every opportunity he would dip in and out of the water. Known locally as “the dog that swims”, he would think nothing of swimming the length of the Totnes Longmarsh, or swimming round Brixham inner harbour. His greatest triumph was swimming the one and a half mile length of Slapton Sands. Walking was becoming more difficult, and it came to the point where he would look at us and want to go home. He developed a limp and found it increasingly difficult to come into standing from lying down. He wasn’t happy. His Mum is a chiropractor, but she could find nothing significantly wrong with him. He was taken to an animal chiropractor, but after two treatments there was no change. At this point Archie’s walks were more like swims, with a bit of walking in between. His Mum then decided to take him to see Rachel. He wasn’t sure about it and took his time to settle during the first treatment, but afterwards we could see an improvement. Rachel also adjusted his diet to include more fresh and steamed vegetables. After his second visit we could see the old Archie emerging. He was keen to walk, he started to pull and we had to watch him with bikes and cars again. He went to see Rachel three more times and is now at the age of seven. But he could be a four year old! He will go on the longest walks and range round in the woods and still have a swim if there’s one on offer. And he’s a happy dog again. Graham Dann

TEDDY - The Yorkshire Terrier

We would like to say a big thank you to Rachel Bolton healer of animals an people. She is an amazing healer, a young lady with specials skills and a big beautiful heart. We first met her a couple of years ago when our little Yorkshire Terrier Teddy became ill, he had a constant cough, his lungs were congested and we were very worried about him after a neighbour who used to breed Terriers said “he has not much longer in this world with that cough” thats when it became urgent to find a healer. Our vet is great and she always does all she can, she even said she could do not more for him, we were so worried we would lose him, then we found Rachel. We took Teddy to see her twice and immediately he was better. We did not see Rachel again until three weeks ago when Teddys’ cough had got really bad again, he was on so much medication he did not like taking and was in a lot of distress. We had three nights when the poor little man could not stop coughing, we really thought this was the end and he would have to be put to sleep.  He was in so much distress and that's when I rang rachel. She fitted us in very quickly and after she had healed Teddy put him on the floor. WOW !!! it was absolutely incredible, he only coughed once. That night Teddy slept through, and we went back to see Rachel a week later. Teddy had more healing and since then its a miracle he does not cough at night any more, his breathing is better and not strained and he is so happy and bouncy chasing seagulls and playing with his football!! What can we say, bess you Rachel so much for healing our beloved little Yorkshire Terrier. I have chronic spinal problems and whilst I was sitting watching Teddy being healed my back pain just went.  It was unbelievable. So I am next on Rachels’ list for healing. One needs to see Rachels’ healing skills. So if anyone has a poorly animal or they are poorly please go and see her for your self. We both send love and blessings and very many thanks. Susie McGowell and Tony Staniford

LEYLA - Rhodesian Ridgeback

I have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Nkumbe and Leyla. Recently Leyla decided that eating, despite being offered many fresh and delicious options, was no longer part of her daily activity. I took her to see the vet but nothing was apparently wrong with her and I was advised to ignore the situation and that she would eventually start to eat again. But after a week of refusing everything we were very worried as she looked very thin. This was when I asked Rachel for help. As soon as Rachel touched Leyla I felt that she understood her mental and physical condition and after two sessions she was back to her old self. Now she eats well and I am very grateful for Rachel’s abilities. I would unreservedly recommend Rachel for animal healing. I have also received healing from Rachel which has helped me greatly. Juliet Wilson

BELLA - The Boxer

This is Bella the boxer dog. She has visited Rachel with problems with her stomach. Bella has suffered with colitis in the past and has developed infections on the outside of her body before due to her internal problems. Visits to the vets were expensive and the problem re-surfaced again so it didn’t seem like the medication and recommendations were quite right for Bella. Not only did our visit to Rachel provide us with a wealth of valuable information about a diet that would help this problem but Bella also had a healing session with Rachel. Afterwards her physical problems improved noticeably and we now have the information about her diet too. Bellas session with Rachel has helped her physically but has also provided great insight about Bella that has widened my understanding of her and made our bond even stronger. Plus, she gets to roll around with gorgeous Kit much to both their delight.


I took our cat, ‘Flapjack’ to see Rachel who was recommended by a friend, because I was not confident in the vet’s diagnosis of possible pancreatitis. And I did not want him to have any invasive treatments. He had serious bouts of vomiting and was losing weight. I was amazed the first time Rachel held him on her lap because he stayed there for at least half an hour very peacefully. He very rarely sits on my lap and does not like to be picked up and cuddled. I stayed in the room while Rachel laid her hands on him and I felt very emotional while she was treating him. And he was very relaxed afterwards. The second time Rachel treated both of us as she made it clear how closely we are connected to the animal friends in our lives and as I was feeling very stressed about my husband’s recent diagnosis with a brain condition. She gave both Flapjack and me essence blends to take and also Chinese herbs for me. We continued to see Rachel over the next few months and at one point when it was hard to visit she gave us distant healing at an arranged time. I sat with Flapjack on the bed with my hands on him and he stayed asleep the whole time, while Rachel was giving him distant healing. I have noticed a marked improvement in Flapjack. I am also treating him with homeopathic remedies and although he still has some vomiting episodes he is eating well and regularly and seems calmer and more friendly especially when we have visitors. I am also feeling stronger emotionally and more able to cope with the big changes happening in our lives since my husband stopped working. He also had some sessions with Rachel which he found very supportive. I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel as both an animal and human healer and have great confidence in her professionalism and her warm and loving touch. Trish Curry

Safe Healing for Cats

GUINNESS - The Collie Cross

Rachel is a very special person, with very special gifts. She has helped my dearest dog with his dislocated hip and pain from the associated arthritis. She also treats humans which is a bonus! I felt like a new woman after seeing her just the once which was remarkable. Lynne H RGN

KALI - The Boxer

My Boxer bitch, Kali who is now 6 years old, has always displayed a tendency of nervous aggression towards other dogs, despite being intensively socialised as a puppy and being taken to endless training classes. No trainer seemed to be able to get to the root of the problem as she always behaved immaculately during training sessions. She appeared to lack confidence in her ability to greet other dogs in the correct manner and with respect and could only perform the usual ‘boxer’ greeting of going in shoulder first. Whilst this was not aggression, it was often perceived to be so by other owners so I was not the most popular owner in the park! I resorted to putting her on the lead when we met other dogs but this was just not dealing with the issue. Having read Rachel’s advertisement in a magazine about her dealings with dogs, I thought this might be the answer and how right I was! Kali’s bodily tension was gently worked on and how she loved the massaging! Rachel has increased her energy levels and has produced a much more balanced dog. Having had a healing session myself to work on my confidence to deal with any situation, I feel that Kali is more ‘in tune’ with me whilst we are out and we are taking baby steps towards dealing with other dogs. Sometimes she is fine, other times she will still go in too hard and fast, but now at least does back off when asked. We still have a way to go, but we will continue with the healing session and know we will get there in the end. Thank you, Rachel, from both of us!

Remote Healing for Horses

KITTY - The Mare

I believe Rachel is a very talented healer who is devoted to the healing of our planet at this time. She worked four times on my 15 year-old mare, Kitty, last summer, and shortly after this a small sarcoid she had on her thigh shrivelled and dropped off. Margaret Hannah, MA, BHSAI

ELLIE - The Black Labrador

Originally went to see Rachel with some physical problems that were showing up in Ellie, my dog. I was impressed from the start as to the way Rachel handled Ellie and she tuned into her really fast. After working on Ellie, Rachel then worked on me. It was a powerful experiences and I could see similar patterns that were showing up in both Ellie and myself. Now when either myself or my dog are showing signs of being out of sync then I take myself off with Ellie to see Rachel. I have recently got another dog which makes life even more interesting! I have always been fascinated by the connection of humans and their dogs and so I have benefitted greatly from Rachel’s innate wisdom and healing abilities. I would and do recommend Rachel to others. Also I can see that Ellie thoroughly enjoys her healing experiences with Rachel and I certainly love it for myself! Linda

LOLA - The Black Labrador

Our dog was shaking with high fever. Lola has in the past used the vets for many different reasons. Many prescription drugs can sometimes help but then left her constipated and thirsty. I believe in a combination of therapies and felt hugely grateful when we found Rachel. I measure our trust in her work by our experiences with her healing practice. Lola trusts her and licks her face and is always happy to see her. On one day our dog Lola had a high temperature and started to shake continually all over with her tail between her legs. We called Rachel and within an hour Lola had completely calmed almost in a ‘heavenly place’ she lay on her back trusting in Rachels ability completely. Motionless and serene. The fireworks that week had made her more alert to noise and anxiety but in this moment her shaking and fever decreased significantly enough for her to make a full recovery the next morning. Rachel's innate connection to her was beautiful to watch. respectful but treats animals with the love and honouring of which I believe all animals should have. She appears to have an inbuilt understanding to reach animals on an inter-stelar level. As I observed her work it was if her ability to connect to my lolas inner voice and truly treat what she was unable to express. Rachels has a DOG WHISPERING style. For us Rache'ls knowing that Lola is not just a dog but a very much loved member of our family is the right choice of us. Not only that, she always makes a speedy recovery after a session of healing. Rachel is a gift to any animal suffering. Kate Roubillard – Councillor

OSCAR - The Flat Coated Retriever

I took Oscar, our flat-coated retriever, to see Rachel as he was suffering from persistent lameness in one of his front legs, which I feared might have been the onset of arthritis even though he is not yet 5 years old. Keeping a large, lively dog quiet and still for 45 minutes is quite a challenge, but Oscar was calm pretty much straightaway (after his typical initial exuberance!) and lay down quietly as Rachel laid her hands on him during the session. We had another shorter treatment the following week and Oscar couldn’t wait to greet Rachel and immediately settled down into an almost trancelike state as she started the session. Rachel also gave advice around eradicating possible parasites in Oscar’s system which I have been working on. Since the treatment Oscar’s lameness has completely disappeared and he is more full of energy, playfulness and affection than ever. I too have benefitted from Rachel’s work and despite my initial trepidation that it was all too weird, would recommend her highly. Louise 

Naural Healing for Cats

MINNIE - The Cat

Healing from Kidney failure My ten year old Birman cat, Minnie, went into sudden kidney failure. Despite immediate veterinary care, her chances of survival looked slim. In shock, I asked Rachel to work with me to help Minnie recover. Rachel worked on Minnie from a distance whilst assisting me to remain positive and calm about this distressing situation for me and my beloved cat. Rachel also visited Minnie in the veterinary hosiptal and did some hands-on work with her. Minnie seemed in bliss with her time with Rachel. Within 48 hours, Minnie blood test results were virtually normal and she came home. Rachel continued to support Minnie (and I!) throughout her recuperation. She helped me to trust my intuition and listen to Minnie and her needs. Heartfelt thanks, Rachel.

HARVEY - The Rabbit

Harvey and I want to say a BIG Thank You for our healing we had with you last week…we are both feeling so much better…. Harvey has been eating and bouncing around again…and I’m feeling calm and centred again…lots of love… Gilly and Harvey…xxxxxx

CHOPPERDEE - The Staffie Cross

My two year old Staffie cross, Chopperdee, had aggressive, nervous, fear issues when around new dogs. This is not something one wants with this breed of dog!We went to see Rachel Bolton to see if she could help him, not knowing that I would eventually have to face my demons and admit that I had issues too; alcohol dependency and a 30 year battle with bulimia.I knew I had to become a new, balanced, calm and centered soul in order for Chopperdee to achieve his full potential.We are both journeying well together with Rachel’s help. Chopperdee is extremely happy and grateful with a new outlook on life and is enjoying walks with his new wonder woman!We are a very happy family and its all down to Rachel. We love you and are your number one fans.Miss Shiny, Devon.

MOOSE - The Spaniel

Moose is an energetic, joyful, fun-loving spaniel with tons of personality and a heart to match. However, he had had a bad tummy for a long time and no matter what I did, things weren't improving. He was also becoming very anxious and over excitable. He was living on his nerves and sleeping very badly. After his first distant healing session with Rachel, there was an immediate and marked improvement! His tummy and digestion improved overnight and he became a lot calmer and less fretful. After our combined second session a week later, he started sleeping normally, his tummy was 100 per cent better and he was so much happier and calmer. I can't think Rachel enough and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone whose beloved pet is ill. Moose is now back to his normal, bouncy, full-of-beans self and I am just so relieved and happy. I've improved his diet based on Rachel's advice and he absolutely loves it! With love and thanks Barbara and Moose.