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I am a healer of people and animals with over 20 years of experience. I have the gift to focus energy to bring about healing on a physical, emotional and soul level to all sentient beings. The energy that moves through me to do this is also focussed into my clay sculptures. The manifestation that you choose can be placed in your home, garden or in a work place or workshop environment. It will help to bring healing energy to the space and help you to focus and to connect to your higher self.

"Inspiring sculptures with a life of their own. Each one unique all with the flow of life passing through them . Earthly and grounded."

-S Demuynck - North Devon

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Sit with your sculpture, get to know it as the sacred being it is. Find peace of mind and soul alignment. All my sculptures are hand built. Once completed they are given time to dry out which could take up to several weeks. The sculpture is then placed into the Kiln but before the lid is closed,I make ceremony. I place my hand on the sculpture and prey to Mother Earth, Father sun, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Over Souls and Mother Father Holy spirit. I give thanks for the inspiration and for the part I have played in its manifestation. I give thanks to the elements of earth, wind, fire and water and ask for the sculpture to be blessed on its journey in the kiln - To keep them safe and supported through the whole process.

"Rachel! You capture the Earth and the Elegance and the Primordial Fire. Your pieces are such power pieces. Deep and Beautiful and Touching."

-R Schiller. Spain

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The firing and cooling of a piece can take up to a day and a half. I am always excited to see how they have fared and when the kiln has cooled enough I lift the lid and take a peak in side. I always say hi to each piece and ask them how they are after the whole journey. I then leave them to cool down completely before I lift them out. I like to use oxides on my sculptures as it picks up all the carving work and leaves shadows giving it a rich feel. It is then time for the piece to go back into the kiln for its final firing. As before I make ceremony before the lid is closed. Some of the sculptures on this page have taken up to 40 hours to complete.

“They really speak to my soul”

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Our spirit loves to be creative. When I am working with clay I am manifesting inspiration from all that is. I love how each sculpture evolves, how I am but a part of its process of becoming. You too were born to be creative! Unique healing sessions with me can help you to clear and transform blocks . The whole process encourages your unfolding in so many ways.

"You are so talented...Rachel, these are amazing... I can feel the energy."

-M. Meiche - California USA

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