My Mission:

To sell 1 million copies of my self published book and donate 50% of the profits to charity

The beautiful land of Amazonia suffered an ecological and emotional demise after being invaded by the Mopheads. Seigfreid, the dwarf from underground crystal caves and friends who live upon the land devise a plan to restore love and light to their world. Meet with walking and talking trees, inter-dimensional unicorns, Primrose the fairy, and so many others. Find out how love and light are so important for the health and wellbeing of everyone and everything.

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I am proud to support the following charities:

Tree NationFind out more at

Whale And Dolphin Conservation Find out more at

Forgotten WomenFind out more at

Water AidFind out more

Hope For LifeFind out more here

International Animal RescueFind out more at here

Rachel Bolton, born in London in 1969, is a writer, artist, spiritual teacher, a student of astrology and a psychic channel for healing energy. She heals people and animals and has over twenty years experience. You can find out more by exploring the rest of this site here.

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