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I perform a sacred healing ritual to infuse all the Sage that I sell with additional healing energy of peace, love, healing and light.  Please read more about how you can use Sage here.


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Sam And The Magic Tree

A book by Rachel Bolton. The beautiful land of Amazonia suffered an ecological and emotional demise after being invaded by the Mopheads. Seigfreid, the dwarf from underground crystal caves and friends who live upon the land devise a plan to restore love and light to their world. Meet with walking and talking trees, inter-dimensional unicorns, Primrose the fairy, and so many others. Find out how love and light are so important for the health and wellbeing of everyone and everything.


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Conscious Eating For You and Your Dog

Join Rachel Bolton in this in-depth course on conscious eating for you and your dog. Rachel takes participants through the theory and importance of feeding both yourself and your dog on a high vibrational diet, the foods that you need to consider, and provides an extensive set of recipes for meals, smoothies and soups for you and your dog.



Online Sessions for Business

Raise the energetic frequency of your team and develop a leading and positive edge to support your vision for the future during lockdown.

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Spiritual Development Programme

Are you looking to find your edge for yourself and your work? Learn how to achieve this and much more in this unique 8 week programme.



One Day Healing WorkshopFor You And Your Dog

Take time out from your busy life to connect with your dog in such a unique and special way.  Experience the healing gifts of Rachel Bolton as she works to bring about wellbeing for both you and your dog in the beautiful setting of Prince Hall, Dartmoor.




16 unique sculptures in stock

Artwork Prints

"Come Flow With Me"

Order a print of Rachel Bolton's painting "Come Flow With Me".Its high vibrational offering will inspire you tobreath out and trust in the flow of your life.


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"Woman Between Worlds"

Order a print of "Woman Between Worlds", a painting by Rachel Bolton, to be inspired to expand your consciousness.


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"Passage Of Time"

A print of Rachel Bolton's "Passage Of Time" will encourage you to take the time to be, take the time to adjust your gaze, take some time to breath out and to reflect on the truth of who you are.


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"Time Traveller"

Travel through time and remember that all that you have ever been or will ever be is within you right here right now with a print of Rachel Bolton's "Time Traveller".


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