Rachel Bolton, a world-leading healer with over 20 years experience, can help you as she raises your energetic frequency. The healing circle is a true gift to help you in ways that are beyond the constructs of the mind. It will open up new ideas and new energy to support you on your journey. The benefits are endless, and each member fo the online group will experience a profound sense of peace, self-empowerment and courage to support themselves.

"I recently joined in on a healing circle with Rachel and found it to be a wonderful session where I came away feeling so many benefits including but not limited to relaxation, expansiveness, and lightness within myself. I went there looking to find a way to support myself on my parenting journey of three young children as I can often find myself becoming drained and foggy-headed. Since attending the healing circle I have seen a huge improvement in my ability to parent in a calmer and emotionally stronger capacity which supports both myself and my children daily."

K Taylor | South Devon

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About the healing circle:

Journey into a soul lead life

Your frequency is raised and so enhances your whole life

Feel more balance in your life

Feel more energised

Feel calmer

Feel empowered

Feel courageous

Feel the positive effects as stress moves away

Feel inspired to work on your dreams

Feel the benefits as emotional turmoil starts to release

Feel lighter and physically more comfortable

Strengthen your connection to your higher self

Strengthen your intuition

Release blocks that are hindering your expansion

Release addictions

Feel beautiful!

“My friends and I decided to have a healing circle with Rachel recently. The space was so gracefully and beautifully held by Rachel so that we each felt relaxed, comfortable and able to move into our own unique expansiveness. It felt really lovely to share the experience and also hear each others different and unique journeys into the healing. For me it was beautiful, deeply relaxing and I felt a renewed sense of connection to lightness and to trust, both in myself and the universe. It is hard to stay centred sometimes and be able to act from a grounded perspective. Healing circles are a powerful but gentle way to tap into that infinite source of love and expansiveness which never goes away. Through healing circles you can, together, create lasting improvements in your life and the lives of those around you. I experienced this when, after our circle, I returned home and felt myself able to deal with, usually stressful, situations with more grace and lightness. So we all benefit when one person has healing.”

Sula Godard | South Devon

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How it works:

When you register for an online healing circle you will be given an opportunity to upload a picture and asked to share some details as to why you are joining the healing circle.

You will receive a link within 24 hours of payment that will give you access to your booked online session.

At the beginning of the session, Rachel will share insights with you. If you feel to share anything during the session, this is the time when you can ask, Rachel questions.

You then settle in a comfortable position for 25 minutes, during which time your video and sound will be turned off. During this time, Rachel will make the remote healing circle and start to work on everyone. You will also receive an email that gives you details on how to prepare for the remote healing.

The group then gathers back into the conference online space 25 minutes later. You are asked to set a reminder on an alarm so you join the group at the correct time. This last part of the session is a time when you can share your experience of the remote healing and question can be discussed if there is any time available.

The healing energy continues working quite strongly for the next three days so if you do not feel anything straight away, not to worry the work is still happening.

Please ensure you arrive on time as we do not want you to miss your circle. Late participants will not be able to join as it will be disruptive to the other members of the group.

Regular sessions will provide greater help as you gain momentum from the benefits of having your frequency raised.

These sessions will take place weekly, usually on a Monday at 7pm, so you can choose to join in when ever you feel the need. Time and date will be confirmed by email.

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"The positive benefits have flowed into other direct areas of my life, improved relationships with people close to me, a new energy to my work and creativity, and best of all discovering an inner peace. Thank you Rachel. You have a special gift."

J Southway

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"Taking time to participate in sessions with Rachel is exactly what I need to stay balanced, it helps me stay level headed both for work and personally, often helping me realise what I need to focus my energy on.”

Dave Inglis | Gadget Line Films Ltd

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"Hi Rachel. I want to thank you so much for Thursday. I was overwhelmed with the whole thing! Most of all by the feeling of security and safety to be me, then by the sense of the intoxicating ambiance of love and peace I felt by you and from total strangers. It was a privilege that I can't wait to feel again. Much love to you. See you next week."

Jacqueline - Devon

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Price: £ 50.00

"If you are looking for change in your life, to break up old patterns and moulds, to experience getting in touch with a stronger self within you, I highly recommend you contact her."

L Greene

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