Rachel Bolton, a world-leading healer with over 20 years experience, can help your team collective. She can raise their energetic frequency and help identify an edge that will keep them and your business thriving. Rachel facilitates online healing circles. Your time with her will provide a unique edge for you and your team. The healing circle is a true gift to help you and your team in ways that are beyond the constructs of the mind. It will open up new ideas and new energy to support all of you on your journey. The benefits are endless, and each member will experience a profound sense of peace, self-empowerment and courage to support themselves and your business. Your company will benefit from the raised consciousness of your employees in a myriad of ways. Support your team in this way so they can become more conscious of the subtle synchronicities that will lead them through these changes in a positive way. Each session will run for 45 minutes, and a guided meditation will support your team members to settle and relax into the profound effects of the healing channelled to them by Rachel. Information on how to prepare for the session will be sent to each member 24 hours before the meeting begins.

“The positive benefits have flowed into other direct areas of my life, improved relationships with people close to me, a new energy to my work and creativity, and best of all discovering an inner peace.”

Rob Holmes

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What to expect from your online team session:

Release stress to optimise health and happiness

Feel the benefits of self-empowerment and experience more confidence

Improve mental health

Benefit from greater creativity, innovation, inspiration, invention, design, success and focus

Feel better from within and see the effects in both professional and personal life

Experience more insight and develop intuition to increase your edge in business

Clear the stale energy within your workplace to become more energised

Develop practices and principles to help create a happy, healthy work, life balance

Uncover inner clarity to find more focus

Enhance the wellbeing of your company

A raised vibrational frequency attracts more of what you want into your life

Learn to develop your inner guidance

Learn to follow and trust your inner guidance

"...Rachel has also worked with me on some personal empowerment issues and has helped me focus on the creative work required to develop some challenging business projects”

Read Rachel's Testimonials

Online Team Sessions:

A powerful healing circle 

Learn techniques for relaxation and wellbeing

Learn how and why soul led living can support your professional and personal life

45 Minutes

£50 per person

Minimum 4 peopleMaximum 8 people

Regular workshops will serve you and your company

One to one online follow-up consultations are available