Take time out from your busy life to connect with your dog in such a unique and special way

Experience the healing gifts of Rachel Bolton as she works to bring about wellbeing for both you and your dog. Relax in the beautiful setting in the Dartmoor National Park a short distance down the road from Haytor. Let the day raise the energetic vibration of both you and your dog.

See and feel the results of the day manifest throughout both of your lives.

Rachel Bolton is a healer of people and animals with over 20 years of experience, healing all physical and emotional concerns.

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What to expect from your day:

Experience beautiful, unique healing circles for you and your dog and feel the benefits throughout the whole of your lives.

Learn through conversations with Rachel how the special bond you and your dog share can affect their emotional and physical health as they experience so much of you.

Learn why and how to feed your dog more naturally. Receive a 50% discount on Rachel’s Healthy eating for you and your dog online course to help support the journey onwards.

Learn about the spiritual evolution of you and your dog.

Learn why and how to feed your dog more naturally and receive a complimentary guide written by Rachel to help you on your way.

Enjoy a mouth-watering healthy lunch and two complimentary teas throughout the day.

Enjoy the magical environment of this private, secluded space in the Dartmoor National Park

I knew I had to become a new, balanced, calm and centered soul in order for Chopperdee to achieve his full potential.We are both journeying well together with Rachel’s help.- Penny Shiny and Chopped - South Devon


9.00 am

Please arrive on time as this will support the whole group. (If you are running late due to exceptional circumstances please call and let me know.

9am - 10 am

A time for Rachel to be introduced to you and your dog and an opportunity for your dog to orientate and feel comfortable in their new surroundings. It is also the time and the opportunity for you and your dog to meet the rest of the group.

10.10am - 10.15am


10.30am - 12.00pm

First group healing circle with Rachel after which there is time for questions.

12 noon - 1pm

Lunch - Details to follow. Please let me know if you would prefer to bring your own lunch.

1.15pm - 2.15 pm

A talk and conversation with Rachel.Learn why and how you influence your dog’s physical and emotional well being.Learn how and why your belief systems manifest in the physical and emotional world of both you and your dog.Learn why behavioural problems could be linked to your emotional state and the solutions to these problems.

2.15pm - 2.30pm

Tea break and a chance for your dogs to stroll around.

2.30pm -3.30pm

Second healing circle of the day.

3.30pm - 4.15pm

A talk on how and why to feed your dog more naturally.

4.15pm - 5pm

A walk on the Moor if your would like to stay a little longer.


Time to say goodbye for now.

Form  to be filled out at time of purchaseCost: £150 including one dog and human companion for the day.

Experience a beautiful, unique healing circle

Learn about the spiritual evolution of you and your dog.

Learn why and how to feed your dog more naturally

Getting there

There is parking outside the main gate to the centre additional parking can be foundin the information centre but a donation would be received well.

What to bring:

For you:

All weather gear - depending on the days forecast including walking shoes or boots and some inside shoes or just socks.

A water bottle and any snacks that you might require.

Please bring a copy of your booking form.

For your dog:

Lead / collar / name tag

Poo bags.

Water bowl

Food bowl

Something comfortable to lay on. If you dog is territorial over their bed - it would be good to bring something else that is just as comfortable to lay on.

NOTE: un-neutred male dogs will not be allowed. I am aware that so many neutered dogs do not cause any problems. But I am working with an ever changing pack of dogs at my healing events and I can not ensure that all un neutered dogs will behave well within this setting.Also if you have a dog with severe behavioural problems it would be best to book some one on one healing time with before we start with a group setting.If your dog is in season they will not be allowed to join the group.