You and Your Frequency Can Change The World

Throughout my 20 years of practicing as a healer I have used the energy of the world to help people transform their lives. The aim of each healing session is to move each person to a higher frequency which in turn can change their world. So, in this blog post I am going to share a few ways of positively shifting your frequency in your daily life.


Imagine yourself as a beautiful shiny diamond that can light up worlds. It is the image you want to feel into when you think about yourself, your life and the world around you. Imagine a sky without stars and now imagine it full of the most exquisite diamonds shining for the love of shining. How beautiful the sky becomes, how amazing do you feel? Imagine yourself as a divine being that has been born to light up Mother Earth and all that is. And now imagine the part you play in the collective consciousness by doing this. How empowering is that? Imagine leaving any feeling of being overwhelmed to one side when thinking about the world and all its problems. And instead, remember the shiny diamond that you are who can bring about significant change by maintaining your beautiful shiny self. Imagine that you remember that you are part of a collective, as well as acknowledging that a dominant part of that collective has become the overculture that we know today. This occurs when enough people start to believe in the same things and respond according to their thoughts, words and deeds until the belief systems become manifested and accepted as real and genuine. When our collective reality is not appreciated, then many start their campaigns and dialogue of what is wrong in the world and then begin to fight against it but at the same time are not looking within themselves. Imagine now that your dreams of a better world can all come by shining the diamond that you are. That means clearing away all that would dull it and dim it. All the thoughts, words, deeds, wounding and belief systems that shrouds that light from within.

Now look within...

Just as you can contribute to the overculture that has its beliefs about what is wrong in the world, you can also contribute to mass consciousness by healing from within and contributing to an energy that can create worlds in the image that you desire. I have used a saying in my healing practice for over 20 years that when someone starts to heal and raise their frequency, we are all so very grateful because when you are ok, we are all ok. How empowering is that? We have to start somewhere when we take this road, and there are many tools and disciplines to help you along this path. It is a path that serves the light of the world, and it is a path that serves your soul’s evolution so much more than having an opinion about what is wrong and becoming angry and disgruntled as it only feeds more energy to dull the diamond of your self and others. On a daily basis... Watch your thoughts!Start to become aware as much as possible in any given moment about what you are thinking and try and feel into the expressions of your patterns. If you had to measure your thoughts, would you say they were light or dense.? What side of the frequency counter would you say there were on? Watch your words!Start to become aware as much as possible in any given moment about what you are saying and the way you are interpreting and responding to any given situation. If you had to measure your daily dialogue, would you say it was light or dense? Watch your deeds!Start to become aware as much as possible in any given moment what you are spending your time on during your days, weeks and years. Is it serving you? Or could you replace it with something that would help to raise your frequency?

Find out more about how healing works here and learn more about my healing sessions here. As always, if you have any questions about healing or how I can help you, I would love to hear from you. With love and light, Rachel x