Stress and anxiety are two major negative issues in our modern world that can manifest in the guts with such symptoms as; constipation, abdominal cramping, bloating and unexplained weight loss or gain. Before we look at these problems, let us ask the question, what is anxiety? The primary underlying cause is not trusting the natural flow of your life and moving into a state of fear. It is easy to place all of the above into categories such as irritable bowel. A group of symptoms gathered together and named by the medical establishment. However, it is more empowering to realise that all symptoms can be transformed when the energetic, emotional cause is addressed. Taking pharmaceutical drugs to mask the discomfort adds to the toxicity of the body and cause it undue harm.

Physical problems are a manifestation of your frequency

The physical body is made up of energy that resonates at different frequencies depending on the dominant momentum of a person's thoughts, words and actions. Over time if enough momentum is established in one particular train of thought and emotion, the physical body starts to shape itself around that information. Think of constipation, what does that remind you of? A sense of holding on, a contraction, not going with the flow, fear of moving forward? The energy created from these types of thoughts create contraction, and the energy centres within the human body that are responsible for maintaining all the organs responsible for digestion are then affected. The frequency at which you resonate effects your whole life. Your physical body will start to show you how that energetic pattern looks and feels. Imagine a small box called fear filled with stress and all of the choices you make from that small contracted box influence your whole life. Very often someone who is in fear and contraction will be experiencing emotional and physical reactions all day, every day. We also have to make choices within our day, and when the choices come from this same negative, lower frequency energy, the choices do not necessarily serve. For example, instead of reaching for water to help with the electrical flow of your body, you are reaching for sodas or alcohol. These negative choices will only stress your overwhelmed body even more. Your body requires large amounts of good quality water all day every day to help with its electrical flow and clearing processes.

How to change your frequency and improve your physical problems

Start to expand from the fear bubble you have created for yourself and make choices that allow you to move forward with your life. One step at a time, start to feel, sense and know the amazing shiny being you naturally are. Abdominal cramping can be excruciating, but again what is the cramping? Is it contraction? When your energy contracts, the physical body tries its best to establish balance. However, it is challenging for it to function under the effects of negativity. Your body is Divine intelligence and is your best friend and it is very wise to listen to it. If your abdomen goes into contraction, try saying this to yourself: “My abdomen is contracting, why is this?”. Allow yourself to soften at that moment; allow yourself to breathe deep into your belly. See the light coming into your belly and then see your self expanding. You could say the following: Why is it that I trust my body's divine intelligence so much?Why is it with every in and out-breath my pain starts to dissipate?Right here, right now, I am okay.Right here, right now, I am safe and secure.Why is it everything is always working out for me?Why do I make such healthy choices around my diet?Why do I always listen to my gut?Why is it that my gut feelings are always helping me find my way?Why is it that I trust my walk here on Earth more and more every day?Why is it that when I ask for help, I find it in all the right places?I am safe.I am secure.I am love.I am light.I am Divine.I am pure awareness.I have great unconditional love for myself.

Make sure your diet is serving you

Do not ask the question of what medical problem do I have and what drugs can help me. Ask yourself, why am I contracting? At the same time as contracting, you also have to think of your guts. We are living in a world where the energy of the planet is changing very fast to a higher frequency, and you too are being asked to do the same. So your usual diet of heavy, greasy, artificially sweet and processed food is not going to serve you. It is time to let go of the concept that fast food is an answer to hunger. Everything you put inside of your self has to be of the highest, lightest quality. Fresh organic fruits, vegetables, superfoods. Think of your food as spiritual nutrition instead of feeding an empty feeling or high sugar foods to keep going when you should be resting. Let us look at bloating symbolically as well, what is it? Another expression of holding on and also protecting yourself at the same time. It is another expression that is asking you what am I holding on to? Who and what do I need to forgive? What aspects of my life are no longer serving me? What energy in my life do I need to step away from, instead of always feeling the need to protect myself? Consider water again. As we start to let go and clear all that is no longer serving us energetically, it is vitally important to increase your fresh, clean and pure water supply to help with this process as well as eating lightly. Think of the energy in your life, how can you best organise it, so you are living with more faith, trust, peace and balance. How many negative people and situations are just ripe for letting go? Some affirmations to say to yourself: I am watching my thoughts, words and actions all day to ensure I maintain a high frequency.I forgive all those who have hurt me, I send you love and let you go.I forgive myself for all the hurt I may have caused others, I love you, and I let it go.

The significance of weight loss or gain and how to manage it

If you are losing weight without trying this can have two meanings, maybe you are in a process of letting go, and as you let go of dense, heavy aspects of your life, the result can be weight loss. But it can also mean that you are not absorbing and digesting energy, not just the food but all aspects of yourself. How much information is coming to you that you are refusing to digest and understand? How much have you cut off from the outside world due to complete overwhelm? Weight gain and weight loss are two aspects of this and it is dependent on each individual in how they express this. It is vitally important to listen to your gut and inner intuition to help you navigate your life. I digest all the information with ease and Grace.I let go of all that no longer serves me with ease and Grace.I trust my inner directives more and more every day.I am connecting with higher self every day. Sit and relax in meditation at least 10 minutes every day to just be. Move into a sense of wellbeing and start to establish a greater connection with your inner guide. We are In a time when we are being asked to let go of all the no longer serves us in order to raise our frequency. Lower dense emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, hurt, wounding will bring your energy down and will result in contraction at a time when you are being asked to expand within your spiritual journey here on Earth. So let go of what is no longer serving you and shine your shine! I am a healer of people and animals with over 20 years experience, including helping with digestive issues and stress. You can learn more about how my remote healing packages work here.

As always, if you have any questions about healing or how I can help you, I would love to hear from you. With love and light Rachel x