Social media is not the barometer of the world

Are you on social media to be informed or are you on it for entertainment?

If you are using social media to be entertained as a form of distraction you are not really focused. You are like an open net collecting anything that is coming your way. You might briefly see something and scroll past because it does not interest you but trust me, you are an amazing being and somehow the energy of that which you scroll past has affected you in some way. Then you have the posts that are showing visual information that may bring you to your knees with sadness and a heavy heart. What I would like to say here is this: if you see something and you believe you have the power or the desire to change things for the better, then what you have seen may be a message from yourself to say come this way, it is part of your destiny to bring about change for the better. So you set something up and you get something going and you instigate the changing of hearts and minds for the good of the cause that you are passionate about. Then maybe you start a stream on social media that is informing people about all the good that you are doing which inspires others to do the same. Wonderful!

But what if you are someone who only looks at the bad news and the heart wrenching video footage? A person that goes from one overwhelming post to another and then talks to friends about how bad it all is, making you all feel sad, depressed and helpless which then in turn by the laws of attraction brings more energetically draining information, more bad-feeling social medial to you. Trust me, the law of attraction is not just happening through social media, it is happening across your whole life.

You are a wise intelligent, divine being who is here on Earth to heal and evolve

I appreciate you may want to be informed and asking you not to be might be considered inappropriate or lacking in responsibility. Believe me, it’s not that I do not care about what is going on in the world, but I have my own ways of bringing more light and peace into the world and practise being responsible for my energetic field. I will tell you what I do and then I will offer some basic compromises if you feel it is too much too soon!

I do not read physical papers or follow online news feeds

I especially do not wake up in the morning and turn the bad news channel on! Why would I want to do that? Why would I want to set about my day based on someone else’s agenda of how I should be feeling at that given moment in time? Maybe you might ask yourself the same question. I especially do not buy a paper, including the daily papers to reinforce in my mind what is wrong with the world, with every bad news story collected from around the world. Also, I do not sign up for any online social media information that wants to deliver this news to my phone or computer every day and as well, I do not go in search of it either!

I do not buy physical gossip magazines or follow online gossip channels

Now this is really important. Gossip is one of the aspects of life that I stay away from to safe -guard my frequency and my own spiritual, mental and emotional evolution. Being engaged with gossip, be it through magazines, or on any form of social media does not serve you at all. The best thing you can do is to become the best version of yourself and contribute to a shiny world. So let’s move away from the comings and goings of everyone else’s life. This includes judging people and characters that really have nothing to do with you or the life that is in front of you. Make time and space to create your world in a shiny life-enhancing way.

I do not try to engage with people on a level of what is wrong in the world

The definition of media:(the media) the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively: their demands were publicized by the media. So, if you are ‘communicating’, ‘socially’ about what the collective is feeling or doing with your friends, colleagues or family, you are in a way acting as a form of social media through your thoughts and words and you can trust that this is having an effect on your emotional state of being as well as it affecting your energy field. So let your thoughts, words and actions be in line with a high frequency. Move away from sadness, anger, despair, helplessness, victimhood and move into a field of peace, love, light, joy, grace and gratitude. Social media is not the barometer of the world, but it may be a barometer of how you are feeling!


You are an energetic being that receives and broadcasts energy! Every time you see or read anything it has an effect on your energy body. The energy body then shapes itself according to how you are feeling and then the law of attraction carries on working; bringing more of the same information to you in all shapes and forms until you are completely overwhelmed - so what do you do?

Practise being conscious

Find balance and start to practise being consciously aware of how you are spending your time and what you are aimlessly allowing your attention to be taken towards. You are a wise and intelligent expansive being of light, you do not have to allow yourself to be taken down these tunnels of doom.

Keep your frequency as high as possible

We established earlier on that you are an energetic being whose frequency is affected by your thoughts, words and deeds. It is your responsibility to keep your frequency as high as possible by being aware of how you are feeling and then consciously changing that frequency to one that best serves you. If you trust in the law of attraction, it makes sense to keep your frequency as high as possible - don’t you think? The better you are feeling the less likely you are to attract the heart-aching social media into your life.

Meditate in the morning

Instead of waking up in the morning and checking your phone for all the latest news, feeds, chat and gossip, make a decision not to look at your phone until a few things have been put in order. Most importantly, how you are feeling. Start the day with a simple nourishing and life-giving meditation either to music or in silence.


After your meditation, do not reach for your phone to check what is going on, remember you are learning to make space for yourself to be at peace. Instead, take some time to gently wake up your body with at least 15 minutes of stretching that will help to move stagnant energy. So now you have been awake for maybe an hour and not one word of bad news, and not one social media stream of drama has come into your being… awesome!

Have a healthy breakfast

Do not put on the radio or the news and still do not check your social media! Your world is already looking shinier, why would you want to drop your frequency for the sake of drama? Really. It is going to take a lots of patience, but you need to practise discipline to make the jump! So maybe have a healthy green drink and some greens for breakfast. Ingredients for a healthy smoothie: Fresh organic carrot and apple juice1 tsp of barley juice grass powder1 tsp of Hawaiian spirulina1 tsp kelp1 tsp of dulse1/2 tsp of lysine Blend together well! The dulse and kelp can take some blending! 1 bowl of peas with olive oil and a pinch of Himalayan salt - yum! Ok - so now you want to check your phone. So, check it (if you must!). Maybe check your emails, maybe attend to all that you need to do. But, ask yourself, do you really need to go on a social media feed? Are you not fine the way you are? Social media is very addictive and any addiction needs discipline to break the pattern - that’s all it is - a practised pattern—you can do this!

Follow positive social media

When you allow yourself to go on to any social media feed or forum, why not agree to only follow the feeds that are inspiring or offering positive feelings that can help enhance your day? When you are feeling good, you can trust you have already made the world a better place. You can’t make the world a better place by being upset and overwhelmed.

Relaxation before sleep

Try to spend at least an hour off social media before going to bed. It will not serve you going from a drama filled screen time straight into the dream time. Try to turn off all social media and get ready for bed and then make some time for an evening meditation. This will allow your mind, body and spirit to relax and tune into your higher self. This will serve you in your rest and dream time and help your overall spiritual development.

Do it all over again the next day! With peace, love, healing, light and inspiration. Rachel xxx