What is a disappointment? Disappointment is an idea that something we wanted did not work out the way we expected it. Maybe you were in a relationship, and that relationship came to an end. But how empowering would it be to realise that the relationship came to an end because on some level it served the bigger picture of your life? Were you truly happy and living life to your full potential? Or maybe you realise that on some level your deepest truths and desires manifested in such a way that one relationship had to come to an end for you to move on? Logically you may agree with this, but during the time of disappointment or heartache, it can feel awful. Some people find self-help groups or online chat rooms with people in similar situations, but this support is not going to help you. I remember one client, his wife had left him and taken his children, the man was devastated, had started to drink and smoke to excess and was going to a group to meet with other men who were going through similar emotions. My advice to him was not to go to the group. I explained that sitting with lots of other people who were angry and depressed was not going to serve him.

After healing sessions and talking things through, he came to the point that said, “Yes, actually I was not happy but would never have spoken that truth and came to realise that the disappointment was a blessing and a shift to a new phase of my life.” My client worked out that in some way, his relationship was not serving him and so he orchestrated and manifested circumstances to move him away from it. But then, smoking and drinking took the place of not honouring his self. Through healing and journeying together, he started to drink and smoke less as he continued to honour himself and his life. Whenever there is a disappoint, see it as a blessing rather than life running up against you. It is either life saying, “No, not this way - try over there”, or it is that you are pushing too hard to make something happen rather than allowing it to come to you. Patience is something that we are all asked to learn and then to practise. Disappointment can leave a person feeling downhearted, running on empty and sometimes left with a feeling of - “How do I go on?”. But the journey is your teacher, it always has been, and it always will be. If you can let go of all the scenarios that you feel that life is going to be from the moment of disappointment, let it go and say, “Okay, I trust that there is a reason for this,” then you will be able to make the disappointment serve you. It is also essential when something goes wrong not to rush in and try and fix it from that point. The reason being is that if you arrive at a place of disappointment; the frequency of your energy is not in the best place to start making decisions. It is best to stop, try to bring your energy inward to consolidate and to be as kind and as gentle as you possibly can with yourself.

Do not reach for alcohol, drugs or cigarettes; these are not going to serve you. You need to be able to stand in your power when times are at their trickiest and work to find your balance as quickly as possible — taking a walk in nature, sitting still, writing out your feelings, spending time by yourself to reflect on what has happened are much healthier, lighter options. It is also important to be honest and conscious of where you have arrived. As soon as you feel yourself going into a mode of victimhood, use the power of all that you are and move your self out of it into a place of trust, faith, joy and eager anticipation for what is ahead. Talk yourself up; think about the amazing person you are. Think about the situation and how the bigger picture can serve you. Do anything that can help you uplift, even if this means going to sleep. Remember the journey is your teacher, and very soon the energy of how you are feeling is going to shift, but you need to empower yourself by helping yourself with your intention and not with junk food, alcohol or drugs as they will only disempower you even more. Earth walk is not for the fainthearted, but you are here, and you are an amazing shiny soul who is more powerful than you can imagine. If you feel like you are ready to begin your healing journey, you can explore my remote healing packages. As always, if you have any questions about healing or how I can help you, I would love to hear from you. With love and light Rachel x