There are many belief systems here on Earth, and I would like to offer you this: Processing your thoughts and experiences can take you on a lifetime of clearing as you are a multidimensional being. If you start processing from any point, you could keep going through all that is! And that is a lot of processing! If something arises from the standpoint of guilt, shame, anger, fear, frustration, or vulnerability, rather than going in search of from where it came, it is better to bless the situation or the feeling with GRACE. GRACE the emotion and then move on. Trust that whatever is arising is clearing, so why would you want to hook into it any more? You are a multidimensional being; all your lifetimes are playing out all at once. Every time you step up in this life and choose the light in any given moment, you affect your whole timeline through all that is! That is why choosing light in any given moment can change the history of the planet. What is that I hear you say? Remember you are a multidimensional being who is also part of all that is, part of the collective. If you choose the light now, it will affect your past, present and future and all that you influence as well. So change your life and change the world by choosing the light, right here right now.

How to bring more light into your life

1. Allow the shame, guilt, anger, fear, frustration, vulnerability, victimhood to rise when it wants to and then Grace it. Remember, when it arises, you are letting it go! 2. Make sure your thoughts, words and actions are coming from your heart. 3. Ensure you use spiritual hygiene for your self and your home to ensure you clear all negative energies and influences. 4. Drink plenty of water and make sure you bless the water with love and light. 5. Be out in the sunshine and nature as much as possible! 6. Stay as clear as you can from negative energy. 7. Ask the angels and guide of the light to protect you all ways every day. 8. Meditate 9. Chant 10. Pray.

I am sending you and all that you do love, light, healing and Grace. Rachel x Are you looking for support on your Earth journey? Discover my other blogs and explore my healing packages here.