A natural healing for Humans' session comprises of a 30-minute distant healing session and a 45-minute follow-up call either by telephone or video conferencing, which will be arranged within 2 days of your healing session. Significant changes can happen within the healing process; here are some of the things you can expect to experience as a result of the healing process:

Feel the energy move through your physical and emotional body, taking with it all that no longer serves you

Helps to transform addiction to life-enhancing energy

Helps you to navigate through many of life’s difficult stages

Helps you to transform heaviness so you can feel lighter

Helps you to navigate through sadness and confusion to light, balance and calm

Helps you to feel physically stronger

Helps you let go of old ways of being and thinking

Helps you to release old trauma

Helps you to release all pain

Helps you to release physical ailments

30 minute distant healing session

Helps to transform feelings of overwhelm for teenagers experiencing significant life changes

Helps to transform overwhelm in times of midlife

Helps navigate life in later years

Helps to resolve any problems with self-esteem and self-confidence

Helps to clear all negative energy

Helps to  support and heal you in times of grief

Helps to guide and transform all areas of your life

Helps you to gain balance of the body, mind and spirit

Helps to support your self-worth

Helps you bring forth your soul's directive

45 minute follow up call

Arranged within 2 days of your healing session

Helps you feel more connected to your higher self

Helps you feel more confident listening to your inner directive

Helps you feel more inspired to live your life from your soul's perspective

Helps align you to your higher self

Helps you to live your life more consciously

Helps you to discern more to make choices that serve you rather than hinder you

Helps mothers and new babies connect in a conscious way

Helps you to transform negative thinking to energy that serves you

Helps you to become more creative

Helps raise your vibration to a new level

Take time to rest after the session

The telephone or video conferencing that happens after the healing session will be arranged within 2 days of your 30-minute healing, and is an important part of the healing process. I can communicate my experience of the healing session with you, and we can also discuss anything you may be holding on to that is affecting your wellbeing.

Learn how to prepare for your healing session

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