Have you met your 50th birthday yet?

For me, April 2019 brought me to mine and the journey into my 51st year. I can honestly say that I feel I have arrived at the best time of my life here on Earth so far. Why? Well, so much that had to happen to bring me to this point has passed! It is as if I have been on this tumultuous journey and now for a while at least, life is letting me rest a little, in preparation for the next step of my journey. I am described as a healer of people and animals, but the energy that moves through me to help people and animals is also within me through all that I do, every day. From the chores of my daily life, to the people I connect with as I go about my day, to the energy that is channelled into my art, my music practice, being a mother, custodian of my animal friends, kit and Belly, and being a custodian of Earth and fulfilling my soul's destiny. I have had many of my own health challenges from the clearing of all that no longer serves me to extreme symptoms that many call ascension symptoms, which I have been dancing with for over 13 years. Many have asked me along the way, how is it that I keep on going and what is it that I turn to? I have spent my life practicing to walk my talk and so my answer is always: trust. I trust the process and have also spent years deepening my connection to my inner being, continually following my guidance. Sometimes it is unclear why particular guidance comes, but it is always based on a much bigger unseen picture, one that I try to honour as much as possible. Also learning that surrendering is not giving up or giving in, it is a deeper connection to trust and faith and my soul's journey. I have taken much time out from life, during bouts of what may be described as illness and have also become a stranger to many and everyday life. I have let many things and people go along the way that did not serve me. I have spent months and even years on inward journeys, not worrying so much about mainstream life or majority opinions. Also questioning my self at times and calling to the universe, "enough”. But even during the deep testing times, I am still connected to my soul self, still connect to faith. Trusting as long as I follow my inner directive at every turn no matter what - I would end up where I was aiming to be. I am not just talking about physical spaces or physical landmarks, but more of a spiritual unfolding, arriving more and more to the true essence of who I am.

Sculpting, painting, learning the guitar and cello, taking singing lessons are now part of my soul’s expression. As well I am investing in my healing practice to facilitate my journey to expand through my healing work, my courses and products. And I have decided to move in the direction of public speaking and teaching.  I am not sure how this will materialise, but I am being pulled in this direction and laying the fertile ground for this to transpire. It is this week of my 50th Birthday that I give thanks to the journey. I give thanks to my body for gifting me with my Earth walk experience. I give thanks to my higher self for eternal love. I give thanks to my son who is always on my soul’s journey and I give thanks to all those that I have met along the way who have brought me to now. I also give thanks for the gifts I have been blessed with and the part I have played in helping so many people and animals on their walk. I have a saying "if you are okay, we are all okay", and every time I am blessed to help someone I understand that the bigger picture is also healing as well, and for this I am grateful. I am excited about the future and I feel very blessed. Learn more about what the healing experience is like with me through my client testimonials and explore my healing packages to begin your healing journey. With love and light, Rachel x