Mental chatter Mental chatter, the voice in your head that goes on and on and on. The voice that would have you worry to the point of distraction. The voice that may have you fall into a puddle of guilt over and over again. The voice that keeps your stress levels elevated to the point that you feel like you are losing your mind. The voice that would say you are not good enough. The voice that would say you can’t do it. The voice that says you are not brave enough. Ok - that’s enough of all of that!

Yes, we all have a voice that can do that. You are not alone! Firstly, let me explain something. The mind was never meant to run your life. Your mind was always here to serve you once you had connected with your inner being, your higher self, to establish the best way forward. With a conscious connection your mind can then join in and help you manifest your dreams here in the physical. It was never meant to work things out, to become a 365 day a year, 24 hour a day problem solver for you. So let's not beat ourselves up any more, and that includes your mind. Let's get some things in order...

I will start with the analogy of the car. If it is going fast, there is no way that you can put the brakes on and stop in that second because you have forward momentum. If we say, let's start to slow your mind down, trust me you can start to apply the brakes slowly and eventually you will slow down enough, so you can get a grip. What we want to do, is to be conscious all of the time about what our mind is doing. Not allow it to do acrobatics while you are on autopilot.

5 tips to help stop mental chatter.

1. Remaining consciously present

When you are present, you will be able to apply the brakes to the mind before it is going too fast. You will be able to say: "Ah I feel you, I know what you are doing and this is going to stop right here right now as I am more invested in being present and at peace!”.

2. Breathwork and meditation in the morning.

When you slow your breath down, your heart starts to slow, and your mind will start to calm down. It is important to do breathwork and meditation in the morning before your mind starts to race.

3. Give your mind something better to think about

When your mind is going here, there and everywhere, why not say this: "OK - you have all this energy taking me into the depths of despair, but right here right now, I have a few things I would like to focus on myself, and I ask you to work with me to fathom it out.” Examples:i) You may have a dream about taking a trip. Why not ask your mind to help you plan that? Envisage all the beautiful places you will visit and see and feel all the experiences you wish to have. ii) You may have a project you want to get going— ask your mind to work with you to help you bring it about. iii) You might want to learn something new, maybe a new skill? Ask your mind to get onboard so you can learn something new. iv) Make a list. When the mind is on hyperdrive, it needs some reassurance that you are listening. So, as things come up, make a list. A list will acknowledge your mind and then put its mind at rest, knowing you have got this! You could carry a notebook wherever you go and so you can write up all that arises and then you can make a step-by-step plan to initiate the course of action.

4. Change the dialogue

One thought generates another thought of the same nature. So, if you are involved in fear-based mental chatter, one will lead to another until your whole day has been taken over by it all. So it is up to you to change it. So think of some shiny words such as: “I am love; I am light; I am divine; I am safe; I am guided; I am connected to higher self; I am wise; I am courageous; everything is always working out for me. Why is it that everything is always working out for me? Why is it that my higher self knows what I need? Why is it that I slow down enough to connect with my higher self so I can intuit my way through my life? Why is it that I can train my mind to serve me rather than hinder me. Why is that? Why am I so relaxed? I am following the will of my higher self with every in-breath and out-breath.”

5. Watch what you eat and drink

If you eat food that asks your heart rate to go at a million miles an hour or drinks or substances that increase your adrenaline, you will find your mind joins in as well. So, the more natural and high-frequency food you can eat and drink the better it will serve your mind, body and spirit as they are one.

If you have any questions about this or want to discuss how I can help you calm your mental chatter, I’d love to hear from you, your can email me direct by clicking here! With love and light, Rachel x