Please follow the following instructions ahead of your online healing circle. A zoom link has been sent to you. Please ensure you arrive on time as we do not want you to miss your circle. Late participants will not be able to join as it will be disruptive to the other members of the group. However, I appreciate things can happen and so you will be asked to join another week at a date that is convenient for you.

Please join the zoom call preferably on a desktop, laptop or tablet rather than your phone as the experience will be much easier and richer. If this is not possible then please, use your phone.

We are working online for part of your healing circle, so please ensure all other tabs on your browser are closed. This is to make sure your full awareness will be with the circle and not distracted by anything else including social media.

At the beginning of the session, Rachel will share insights with you. If you feel to share anything during the session, this is the time when you can ask, Rachel questions.

You then settle in a comfortable position for 25 minutes, during which time your video and sound will be turned off. During this time, Rachel will make the remote healing circle and start to work on everyone.

When you move away from the computer at the time for the remote healing, please ensure you set a gentle reminder for 25 minutes on some form of alarm. But make sure it a sound that will not shock your system. I am asking you to do this as you may fall asleep during the healing and you will need to be back In the zoom call once the remote healing has come to a close.

Please prepare your space before to joining the circle. Maybe you would want to light a candle (please make sure it is in a secure place) and have some music ready to play while I am remote healing. Please ensure this music is not on during our video time together.

Please make sure your microphone is on mute so as not to bring all your background noise into the circle.

Please ensure all phones are are on silent /aeroplane mode if you need to keep them on.

During the remote healing please ensure you are warm enough, maybe with a light cover over you and away from drafts.

Please ensure you have water with you throughout the whole time we are together.

Please ensure you will not be disturbed by anyone else. Explain to others that the next hour and a quarter is a time for you alone.

Please ensure you have used the bathroom before we start, so you do not need to get up during the zoom call or during your remote healing.

Maybe you would also like to clear the clutter around at the time leading up to the circle. A physical and symbolic gesture to make space for the new.

When you rejoin the zoom call after the remote healing we can continue our discussion and you will also have time to share or ask questions about your healing session.

If you have any other questions concerning your healing circle please get in touch.


Much love and light to you.


Rachel x