Please follow the following instructions ahead of your online healing circle.

Please settle yourself at least 5 minutes before the healing circle is to begin. Please take deep breaths in through your nose, deep down into your belly and then exhale through your nose. Breathing this way will help you to relax and bring you to the here and now.

Please ensure that you will not be disturbed.  Make sure you are sitting comfortably. Ensure you are near enough to the computer so you can hear me and I can see you. 

Please turn your phone off or place it onto aeroplane mode. If you need to keep it on, please ensure the phone is not on your person. Please also close all the windows on your computer except for our meeting room.

Please ensure you are fully hydrated before we start. As well, have a glass of fresh water next to you, in case you feel to have a drink during the session, so you do not have to move around.

Please ensure you have been to the bathroom before the session starts, so you will not be disturbed by any discomfort or distraction or the need to move.

Make sure you have comfortable layers on incase your temperature fluctuates.

Maybe you would like to clear the space around where you will be sitting to ensure it feels inviting and nurturing.

You may like to light a candle. Please ensure it is in a safe and secure position.

It is essential not to have any alcohol before, during or after the session. As well, please try to refrain from drinking any stimulant drinks, including tea and coffee. Herbal tea is a favourable alternative.

Please use the link that I sent you to join the meeting room at the designated time and date.  If you have any questions please contact via emai:

I look forward to our time together. 

With love, light and peace.

Rachel x