I’ve been out collecting nettles and making delicious nettle tea recently, so I thought that I’d share my top tips on how to collect your own nettles and make fresh nettle tea so you can all enjoy it too!

Nettles Urtica dioica

Drinking nettle tea brings lots of benefits to your body: Nutritional value Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E.Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorous, Silica, sodium, Zinc and 40 trace minerals.Protein. Health benefits:Anti-inflammatory.Antioxidant.Diuretic.Antihistamine.Supports the adrenal glands and the whole endocrine system.Helps to calm and centre you.

How to make nettle tea

You can buy organic loose nettle tea, or tea bags or you can harvest fresh nettles yourself—this is what I like to do! Fresh nettles can be put into a cup or tea pot with boiling water and left to stand for 5 minutes or more.

How much to use.

This really depends on your taste but if you are using a fresh nettles a few stems in a pot would be good measure. If you are using dried nettles place one to two teaspoons per person in a pot. Add a little honey if you would like the sweetness and added benefits of it. Once cool you can pour some onto your dog’s dinner as well to share the benefits.

How to collect fresh nettles

What you will need.Scissors or sectateurs.A basket, bag or anything you have to collect your nettles in.Gloves! (They sting!) When and where to collect themThe best time to harvest nettles is in the spring time when new shoots are arriving, but you can collect them when you want. Choose your spot carefully!Do not harvest near to the ground where dogs might have passed. Do not harvest next to a busy road as they will be more polluted than you think. Collect as many as you can, but take a few from one spot and then walk on a little. This allows the nettles at any one spot to keep some of their own and to share with you. It is respectful! When collecting wild food it is always good to say ‘thank you’ and explain why you are cutting them. Tell them about your tea and how you are going to feed you and your dog with their divine goodness. They will be super pleased and understanding. Once home:Still wearing your gloves, wash all the nettles by placing them either in the sink. Ensure there is no toxic residue of any chemical in the sink. Or wash them in a big washing up bowl or something similar.Discard anything that does not look like a nettle or any large thick stalks.Once washed, drain through a colander How to dry out your nettlesTake you nettles and tie them into bunches and hang them up somewhere warm and dry. If there is warm sunshine that would be great, if not the airing cupboard is another option. Once dried place them in a food processor and blend into loose leaf tea and then store in a glass airtight container. WARNING: Not to be consumed by you or your dog if either of you are taking the following: Blood thinners, diabetes medication, blood pressure medication, Diuretics.

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