One of the techniques that I recommend for connecting to your higher self and multidimensional self is keeping a dream journal. So, I thought I’d write a blog to help guide you on your dream journal journey.

What you will need

A journal that you enjoy to feel and look at. You want it to be special, something that you love to spend time with and recognise it as a partner in your self discovery. 2 pens, 2 pencils and a pencil sharpener. It is a good idea to have spare writing pens and pencils to avoid the times when you have a dream only to find out your pen has dried up or your pencil is broken. Be prepared so you have options! A light. This can be a small light that you can attach to your book so as not to awaken anyone in the room with you or a small bedtime lamp. There are also some pens that have a torch in them, so you can see as you write. Find which option best suits you.

Set your intentions

Once you have acquired your book, it is best to set your intentions in writing. So, at the front of the book you could write something along the lines of“ I will remember my dreams every night and I will earth them by writing them down in this special book“. Before you go to sleep at night you want to make this your dominant thought:“ I will remember my dreams tonight. I will remember my dreams well enough to write them down.” Try and hold on to this thought as you start to drift off into the dream time. You can also call on your guides of the light to help you remember your dreams. For example, I ask my guides of the light to bring me, healing, guidance and inspiration within my dreams and ask for them to help me remember enough to write them down.

Keep your journal under or next to your pillow

If you awaken in the night, in the early hours of the morning or first thing in the morning, you must go to your journal straight away and start to write down what you can remember. Sometimes your dreams may be long and complicated or obscure or hard to grab hold of. In this scenario, just start to write down anything you can remember. In these cases do not worry so much about the order. Just try to write a list as quickly as you can of all the events that took place, without trying to fill in the details. You can go back afterwards to try and fill in the blanks. If you have a very vivid dream and you can remember everything: write it down from beginning to the very moment you woke up. Once you have finished writing all that you can, you may like to look at it and see if anything stirs from within. Did it feel like inner guidance for yourself or maybe for someone else? Was it symbolic of anything in your life or anything that you have been harbouring. Sometimes dreams can be prophetic and visionary. There are endless possibilities. The reason I am recommending that you start to dream journal is so that you can start to bridge the gap between your earthbound self and your higher self and to also connect with your inner being that is your divine helper!

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