What is healing?

Healing is a journey. Healing does not mask or hide pain; it transforms it to light. Healing works to transform all forms of dis-ease. Healing releases you from emotional turmoil. Healing allows new, positive possibilities to come to you. Healing clears confusion and aligns you to your higher self. Healing facilitates the release of all that no longer serves you.

Healing does not dampen divine expression; it fires it into passion. Healing facilitates a conscious Earth walk. Healing says yes to your soul’s directive. Healing says yes to clearing the way to make a deeper connection with your higher being. Healing is investing in trust and faith and letting go of fear and anxiety. Healing has a positive effect on the past, present and future. Healing shines on the diamond that you are so that you can light your own darkness.

How does it work?

Energetic healing uses the energy that makes up all that is in the universe: people, animals, the whole of the natural world, as well as so-called human-made objects. All that exists has a vibrational frequency which then defines itself and its experience within the world as we know it. Energy fields are affected by belief systems which influence thoughts, words and deeds. Energy is also influenced by the environment, locally, globally, socially, meteorologically, geographically and astrologically. Every sentient being on planet Earth is here on a unique healing journey, and within my healing practice, I am gifted to influence energetic fields for the better for both people and animals. I work remotely as the energy that I work with is not bound by space or time. I connect with the person or animal with the aid of a photograph and then move into a space where a deep intuitive connection is made with whomever I am working. Together, with the gift of the universal energy that is channelled through me, we bring about energetic change for the good, influencing the physical, emotional and spiritual.

What can I expect from healing?

Each healing session with me is unique; working with you in a specific way with no more and no less than what is required. Every area is covered with the exact requirements that are needed. It is a divine gift and one that is a perfect companion for your journey here on Earth. Healing works on such a deep level that you may come to me with a specific problem but unaware of its root cause. But be assured that the energy that is causing a particular issue will also have been affecting your life in a myriad of other ways that may have become so normal, you no longer questioned certain aspects within your life. That is why healing calls to people when a physical problem occurs; for instance, digestive issues, a broken leg, a heart attack, severe anxiety or depression. These, amongst many others issues, will often be enough to get one's attention, signalling that things are not as one would like them to be and that a conscious move toward a path that would best serve is beckoning. Healing can help you with this shift, transforming disease to balance and well-being as well as transforming negative emotions into positive energy for your highest good.

How healing can affect choices

The choices are an expression of your frequency and take you down many different pathways of experience. Each pathway, each turn, each stop all weave your journey. As healing starts to affect your frequency, it so too influences your life by the new positive choices you make for your self.

How healing can affect your personal and professional life.

As well as helping with physical and emotional problems, healing also opens up new possibilities that might not have been there before. It can influence your personal life by aligning your more to the directive of your higher self's dreams. The more aligned you are to your higher self, the deeper connection allows you to naturally channel ideas and choices that will best serve your professional life and has the effect of connecting you to what you need to move forward.

I have been a healer for over 20 years, and I can help you or your animal companion to transform from where you are to where you would like to be. Learn more about what the healing experience is like with me through my client testimonials and explore my healing packages to begin your healing journey.