How do I get my creativity back?

The good news is, your creativity never went anywhere; it has been waiting for you all the time.

So we do not go in search of our creativity; instead, we create a frequency that brings us closer to our seamless spiritual connection that allows us to channel our creativity.

Even gifted musicians practice every day. We need to practice connecting with our higher- self every day and then give time to our creativity every day. Maybe its only 15 minutes sometimes, but that 15 minutes is timeless when it comes to adding momentum to your creative connection.

How to connect with your creativity

Spirit loves to communicate through creativity, and once you are closer to the frequency of receiving, then we need to be gentle with ourselves.

We need to let go of the idea that every piece of work will be judged perfect because you need to ask yourself, what is that?

Suggestions to free yourself up to start to create

Keep it simple to start with

Please keep it simple, so you don’t put blocks in front of yourself, for example, I don’t have the things I need, or I don’t have the space to work.

Get yourself a few books with blank paper in. One for your house and one for your pocket for when you go for a walk

I want you to sit every day and scribble anything that comes to you, and I mean anything. It is not what you are creating at this point; it is a freeing up of your inner being to allow yourself to breathe out as you start. It is allowing you to change the story and to break down the resistance. Also to say at this point you are not hanging this up in a gallery. You are not asking the world to look.

What you are doing is opening and relaxing, saying I get to do this, I get to be free however I like, and I will not judge myself. It is part of the process.

Sometimes you might even want to :

  • Write words
  • Draw symbols
  • Draw lines
  • Scribble with one or many coloured pens/pencils
  • If you have decided to work with paint, be happy to be as abstract as you can.
  • If you feel to write an idea down, this is still creativity in motion.
  • Whatever form of creativity that comes even if it is writing down the colours of something that you want to sew.
  • Maybe you have seen something that inspires you, take a picture and put it in your book.
  • Maybe you sit with your book, and nothing comes. That is still giving time to connect and to say I am here with you, and I will sit here for at least 15 minutes to see how I am moved to create. And remember, scribbling is excellent!

Remember these books are for ideas, letting go and letting be. We are trying to break down the restrictions you have imposed upon yourself.

Also remember the steps to connect with your higher self, which allow you to slow down are an important partnership to this whole process.

Act on your inspiration

This is so important. If you are in the middle of something that does not have a deadline, or if you’re involved in something that is more of a routine that you find yourself in every day and you suddenly think I wasn’t to create ………… (whatever that is for you). Stop what you are doing, right there and then and write that idea down. At that point, you are acknowledging the creative aspect of self and saying yes! Maybe you do not have time to create the whole essence of what you have just written down, but you are taking steps to earth it.

It would be best if you acted on the inspiration to earth it.

  • Maybe draw a mini image of what that means to you.
  • Maybe write down what it is you want to do.

If you are lucky, you might start work on it there and then, but do not think it ends there. Maybe the idea you have just had is part of a much bigger picture, but you need to create that piece to fulfil the bigger picture. Everything builds on everything else, it is momentum, and you have to feed that momentum and then nurture it. This is what we call detachment from outcome, letting go and letting be.

Practice not judging yourself

Spirit is all-seeing and all-knowing, and you have to trust what comes through as a process leading you in the direction where more will come.

If you look at something that you have started and say, that is no good – that is a bit like getting in a car to go on a journey, driving for 5 minutes and saying, well I am not there yet, so I give up!

Your creativity is such an important part of your journey. It allows you to expand and bring more of who you are here to Earth. It acts as a vehicle to help you shift your frequency even more. Then you can contribute more of your uniqueness here to all of consciousness.

Realise there are tides and rhythms to life and sometimes you will feel to be more creative on certain days or times than others. But what you need to do is feed the passion. You can dream of what you would like to do, or you can talk about it but then when you can take action no matter how small! Maybe it’s just ordering a few supplies online, so they are ready for when you want them.

Take a few classes in different things

It is important to feel your way through things. Not everything is for everyone! So take a class, and feel if it brings you joy. If you enjoy it, then follow up with more lessons. Sometimes classes can feel fine for a while, and then you feel not to go. You need to listen to your higher self. Sometimes we are moved to different teachers for a good reason. Sometimes our time with someone has come to a close. A bit like reading a book and only reading one line that resonates with you, but that made the whole thing worthwhile.

What does Spiritual creativity mean?

You are a spiritual being; therefore, when you channel from your higher self, from the aspect of yourself that is of a higher frequency, you are channelling spiritual art. When you see or feel anything that has been created by someone else, you are feeling the inspiration, the energy that the maker/creator received and then they went about making it to bring it into the physical. That is why when we look at something, we either resonate with it or we don’t. It is all energy as are you!

You are amazing, and as soon as you ask yourself how can I become more creative, you are asking the question so you can answer it! You are to answer the call of your higher self! The problems arise when you do not believe in yourself. You may have patterning that says I can’t. Well, I am here to tell you that you are a child of the universe If you can learn to connect with your multidimensional self you really can do anything. We all have been through so much and maybe heard people telling us we can’t do this or we are not good at that. But that is in the past, and it is up to you now to empower yourself every day in every way.

Be the amazing person you already are!

Much love

Rachel x

Rachel Bolton is a healer of people and animals, a painter, a sculptor of clay and a writer and artist and writer. To find out more about her work.

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