A hernia is a physical expression of how you have been feeling for quite some time. The physical body is made up of energy that resonates at different frequencies depending on the dominant momentum of a person's thoughts, words and actions. Over time if enough momentum is established in one particular train of thought and emotion, the physical body starts to shape itself around that information. Imagine the energetic expression that resulted in a hernia and now see that energy as a lens in which you see life. When we heal a hernia, we can transform a life.

A client’s experience:

Age: 52 years Residency: between Northwest London and Spain Setting the scene: In summary, Rachel messaged me yesterday asking how the hernia was. Well, I had forgotten all about it. It wasn’t until the prompting of her message that I realised that it was no longer there. Once you read on, you may question, “how on earth can something that has been so prominent in one’s life for all the wrong reasons, not be noticed to have gone?” That is simply because I have never accepted it as a part of my being. I have always had faith that one day it would go. I write from my own experience. The lessons I have been shown through “adversity” and the fact that I take responsibility for the way in which my life is panning out. Location of the hernia:Located between the bottom of the sternum and the belly button. Had first noticed it around seven years back. It had steadily worsened over the years. How it affected my life:A large threatening and uncomfortable protrusion that hurt at some stage of eating or simply drinking fluids and also when stressed – my body went into “tight/lock” mode and movement, simply a cough would make it “bust through”. I often felt that it was about to break open and I could feel the fascia around it burn sometimes and that would scare me into stopping what I was doing, or what I was thinking about and change my position/thought to a kinder one. I would think of it like the “stop or pause button”. I would have no choice but to stop participating in the day’s activities to rest because the hernia was more out. When palpated, I could feel a lumpiness directly underneath the skin and within and around the layers of soft tissue. Medically confirmed but choosing not to pursue conventional treatmentThe hernia was confirmed very recently by a hospital consultant who I went to see in desperation for a request for a scan when my lower intestines were protruding through my lower belly. I was walking around with my hand holding the innards in. Everything came to a head from January of this year. I was going through a living hell as other problems were surfacing and hence, putting more strain on the hernia. In all this, I always had hope and never doubted that all would be well again. Why didn’t I get it medically seen to? Because I don’t believe in cutting and sewing, or whatever they do, to an area of the body which I know is open to change and besides, if the medical profession were to have “remedied” it through surgery, I would still have had the same negative mindset that had got me in that state in the first place! I know a martial artist who became “over-burned” physically and emotionally and developed a hernia that was operated on. He can no longer teach to the extent that he did as there is a tightening and pulling, a restriction in the operated-on area. Nowadays, emotionally he is not a happy bunny. That sentence alone paints a dim and uncomfortable picture. “Everything is Energy”, remember! Now demystify the herniaIn my experience and knowing, a hernia is culmination of negative emotion, hurt, anger, sorrow, suppression, deafness and blindness to one’s amazing emotional and physical body. It is a “power-point”, but a negative one. The polar opposite to that would be the power-point that is a bright and vivacious chakra or nervous plexus. In general, as soon as a “label” is given to an illness or “thing”, it tends to disempower people in the sense that it the label feels like something so final. Fear and doubt then set in and we end up giving that label power. In the sense of the hernia, it now becomes king and rules the roost. Your quality of life becomes dictated by it. That “pause or stop button”. That leads me on to the “how” did it get there. Well, I created it of course! My history (no regrets)For many years I suffered from eating disorders until my early forties. Since littledom I was someone who ate secretly and craved to eat. Luckily back then, children played outside a lot. I was podgy but didn’t reach obese until I had left school and started earning very good money which was dangerous in the hands of any addict. So, through eating myself to obese, at age 19 I developed the most aggressive stretch marks and then I would then go into anorexia and then bulimia – a mix and match of the “one and the same” of self-harm, addiction, shame, you name it. I was a natural talented runner and so I lost weight very quickly when going from fat to skinny. It was like I would morph into different images. Even my face changed and people didn’t recognize me when they met me as fat or skinny for the first time then saw me in that other phase. So you get the nightmare gist. My knowing is that un-health is the poison of negative emotions, and thoughts. It is as far removed from the consciousness that is Love that one could ever imagine. I won’t go into karmic stuff, because many do not vibe with that one. But no one can deny that with the absence of (self) love, there is no living. Bulimia became the main type of addiction from 26 years to the end of it all. So I stopped morphing outwardly but was suffering inside still. Imagine the amount of force used to binge to beyond full as I was so craving myself to do, and then to vomit up and out from the depths of my innards. I used to fill myself up until I couldn’t walk. I climbed the stairs to the toilet on all fours, barely able to breathe, feeling hot and sweaty and as if my insides were about to burst, my heart beating fast under the strain. I used to pray as I climbed those stairs and always saying “please let me be alright. This is the last time….”. And I sincerely meant it. I was scared in those moments and could feel the fascia around “pinging” in that area that was later to the location of the hernia. But the extent of that “pinging/tearing” of fascia was also felt in the lower abdominal area. The monster came knocking again and again, despite the promises to myself. I was out of control. I could feel my body breaking down but I could not stop. Enter RachelRachel appeared in my life when I was around 28 years of age. Rachel is a very experienced energy healer. She is a true leader in every sense of the words because she is enthused for others to help themselves. To cut a long story shorter, she “woke me up” back then to my “self”, the spiritual side of my being, or you could say, the entirety of my beingness. That planted a seed in my psyche as I no way believed it back then. I was still in that negative conditioning of getting back into the earn, earn, earn, ego mindset. I recently booked some sessions with her because my body was in “desperate revolt”, despite the journey of self-love and self-empowerment. I was suffering badly with breathing issues following a swimming accident that displaced the diaphragm and stomach causing me to have episodes of incontinence, you name it (everything is linked/interconnected) and the hernia had increased in size and was more volatile. The healing part: you cannot separate the issue of the hernia from “the other” symptomsI no longer have a hernia BUT when I booked those sessions with Rachel, the focus for me was the diaphragm and pelvic floor and my innards. To me, I could see that the hernia was just the outside manifestation of my past history of heated negative emotion and self-physical abuse, but the other issues were more prevalent. After all, without being able to breathe properly…….! Rachel is a little powerhouse. A firecracker, an intrepid and refreshing beautiful Light Being. She embraces all that the human can be without judgement. She has amazing insight and sense of humour. She is Truth and she is Compassion. Yes, healers are channels of Divine Life Force. There is no doubt about that statement. Look at all the healers out there that channel and have success. BUT, I do firmly believe that each healer, has a uniqueness in their own right. Hence the quality, flavour, “ray” of each healer is different to the rest. We each have a unique alchemy, a unique beauty of our own at our core. While being “the same” we are also unique on our life journey, our quest through this life. For those who embrace the multidimensionality of each and every one of us, then Rachel is someone who works actively, strongly on those other planes and places of the consciousness for the Good of All. She has a shamanic air about her and that is something I have always felt. She is la over and weaver of the elements and spirit combined. During a healing, the energy moves and shifts beyond what you may be looking for. Rachel works on all levels of your being with all of her being, all of her Love for each and everyone who walks this Earth.

Find out more about how healing works here and learn more about my healing sessions here. As always, if you have any questions about healing or how I can help you, I would love to hear from you. With love and light, Rachel x