1. Honour your body every day.

Honour your body every day in all ways and treat her/him as the beautiful crystal temple that she is. Remember she feels every thought, word and deed and reacts accordingly to all your inner directives whether they are kind or not. But she will patiently wait for you the best way she knows how in the hope that you fall in love with her, finally giving her the respect and love she deserves.

2. Conscious movement.

Your body loves to move, but learn to move in a way that your body wants to, not how the teacher of a large class says to move unless you find a class that you feel really aligned with. As well, do not exercise from the negative ego's point of view, that may have you exercising to look a certain way, rather than to feel joy in the process of becoming. It can take time to find out what works, but if you get a pull or a feeling to try something from an inner directive, follow through without putting too much emphasis on the outcome. Maybe you get pulled to one lesson only to realise that is not the right one - but someone there advises you to try something else. Just follow one step at a time and see where it leads you. You have to keep moving through things to work out what serves you the most. You are creating your own reality, let's make it one of joy, expansion and goodness. Walking is a beautiful way to move the body as it is easy and light and can take you to some beautiful locations for you to enjoy on a soul level. So start moving in some way today!

3. Eat lightly, eat well, and enjoy!

There are so many different offerings of diet out there in the world, and it may seem quite confusing. But on a positive note, you could say there is certainly enough choice to help you along the way. On some level, you may fall prey to conflicting information, but on a deeper level, you have to know that fresh, organic, light-filled fruit and vegetables compared to processed food is a good choice. Just feel into your choices. Yes, you might want to start to eat more fresh, organic fruit, so buy some and see how it feels. Maybe you want to try superfoods —great! Buy some, try some and see. Maybe one day a particular fruit feels perfect and on another not so good. It is advisable to work with your body on a daily, if not hourly basis. How do we feel? What do we need? But processed, heavy, dense food that has more preservative than life itself is not going to serve you. So search out fresh, organic food and then make choices from within that arena. As long as you are making healthy choices in any given moment, your body is receiving love and light to serve its evolutionary process rather than being hindered by dense, polluted food.

4. Healing

Your physical body is divine intelligence that when given the right circumstances can thrive. Healing focuses the light of all that is into the whole of the body bringing about healing on a molecular and spiritual level. It can help raise the vibrations of the cells and as a result transform physical dis-ease into wellness. But during the process your body may move of its own accord or tremble; it may feel really hot and then cold. Some movements may be highly exaggerated. Through this process, not only are you healing, but you are also feeling your body moving in ways that it naturally needs to move in order to bring about release.

Find out more about how healing can improve your relationship to body here and explore my healing packages to begin your healing journey. As always, if you have any questions about healing or how I can help you, I would love to hear from you. With love and light Rachel x