This is the one relationship that you cannot work on enough. Who is your self? - You have your higher self. - You have the Earth-bound self that is focussed within the physical body. - You have other experiences, as your point of focus can be in many lives on many different dimensions which is your multidimensional self. It is so important to create a loving and conscious connection to all three of them, so in this blog I will talk a little about how to connect to your higher self.

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Four Essential Steps To Connect To Your Higher Self

1. Meditate, meditate, meditate!

Meditation is a time of being. It allows one to be still, not expecting anything of your self apart from to be yourself, to be the mighty I AM presence that you are. A time to be conscious of the I AM. When this connection is made every day, the pathway of communication to higher self is strengthened and grows throughout your journey. Eventually, as you go about your daily life this connection will become seamless.

2. Practise discernment

Learn to discern between the influence of the overculture and your peers compared to the influence and inspiration from your higher self. Connect with your all-knowing, all-seeing Divine being and then practise following through on your inner directives in the best way possible all of the time. From the very small choices that are available to following your bigger dreams, one step at a time.

3. Watch your thoughts, words and deeds

Every thought, word and deed resonates at a frequency. It is easier to connect with your higher self when you feel lighter. So try as much as you can in any given moment to move away from dense negative thoughts, words and deeds to those of a higher nature. Love, compassion, gratitude, self love, love, appreciation, acceptance are a few examples of life on the lighter side!

4. Dream journal

Writing a dream journal does more than focus on your dreams; it strengthens the connection to your higher self. As you write more and more every day you are consciously saying, yes I am willing to listen, I want to live with you as my focus. I want to learn as much about the dream time as the day time as they are one. The dream journal and all its messages helps to grow open communication to higher self and is a super important discipline to grow into along the path of your journey.

Find out more about how healing can help you connect to your higher self and improve your overall relationship to self here and explore my healing packages to begin your healing journey. Also, learn how to connect to your body and multidimensional self in the rest of this ‘Relationship to Self’ blog series. As always, if you have any questions about healing or how I can help you, I would love to hear from you. With love and light Rachel x