Over twenty years of healing people and animals has been quite a journey.

I know from experience working with people and animals that many problems experienced in life can be supported and cleared with healing. All expressions: physical, emotional and spiritual come from the same place. As the centre of all that you are starts to heal, many factors change alongside. I work on the whole of you from the essence of all that you are. Energy healing is a natural yet powerful and profound form of healing. Sometimes people come to me for help in healing the physical, but the energy that I work with is not bound by time, so it is reaching far into the future as well as into the past. It is a precious gift and one with which I am blessed to work with. People are always intrigued when I share that I am a healer of both people and animals, but sometimes people struggle to understand the concept and find it difficult to believe the profound positive impact that healing can have. I am going to share a few of the experiences that I have facilitated over the years through my healing practice.

Diet changes

For instance, I have had people come to me for healing with physical complaints which have changed for the better, but during the healing process they have also been known to give up alcohol and junk food. These changes can occur quite naturally, people have reported to me that many of their old habits just fell away— they explained how they were surprised that they no longer thought of drinking or eating junk food. This is because as their frequency was raised they started to experience their life from a new perspective.

Teenage worries

Teenagers have come to me for healing when they were facing many problems both at home and school, but after a few healing sessions, their home life improved as did their school life. When teenagers experience problems, it can have an impact on the personal and professional lives of many within the home. Healing can facilitate changes for the better, and its effects can be life changing for the whole family.

Physical ailments

I have had people with broken bones in plaster casts whose bones were misaligned from being wrongly set by the hospital but after healing their bones were in alignment. Healing can help you align to your higher self, and in turn will help with all aspects of your life. I have had someone contact me because she had such a bad chest infection and concerned as she was due to get on a plane the next day, after one healing session her chest was better, and she took the plane journey. Sometimes issues can arise that do not need to go on for years, and sometimes something is ready to clear and healing can help with that shift.

Mother and baby

I have had young babies, and their mothers come to me with so many issues, yet after healing, the mother and the child are both happier and more at ease. I am sure many of you have or are already experiencing the effects of motherhood and how challenging this can be, but healing can help you both in so many ways.

Animal physical changes

I have met with horses who were not eating because of apparent teeth problems, yet halfway through one session, they started to eat. Healing can break through the complications of life, getting to the heart of the issues very, very quickly. Maybe you can relate to this is your own way? For instance, if you could break through all that binds you, you could step forward and move on…. What would you do? I have had dogs that are lame, who had been to vets but were not helped by conventional ways, but after healing they were mobile and at ease. Sometimes we are bound up with an energy that can make us immobile, and that can lead to all forms of repression and depression— healing can help you and animals move through so much.

Whole family experiences

I have had people and their animals come to me and I have seen whole families break down in tears while their dog had healing as the energy healing field of my work is that big and so can encompass those around. Everyone and everything is affected by the local and the global and sometimes when we live close to our family and friends we can take on their energy too. I am sure you have experienced this in your life, but healing can help clear the energy of others as well as align you to your higher self.

The work is compelling and very profound, as the body starts to let go and transform, movement can be seen and felt, body temperature may change and psychic imagery can be experienced. Healing is a natural yet powerful and profound form of healing. One may believe they are healing the physical, but it is also reaching far into the future as well as into the past. It is a precious gift one that I am blessed to work with. During distant healing, some people see colours, they see me, sometimes people or animals go into a deep sleep, but most often they feel all the work that is happening within them. These few examples are trying to explain to you that everything is energy, and as energy transforms, so does the physical and emotional expression. Therefore healing can help with all aspects of life including your physical body, your emotional state and your self empowerment. All healing happens remotely now, so it is even easier to find the time for healing as it all happens from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about what the healing experience is like with me through my client testimonials and explore my healing packages to begin your healing journey. As always, if you have any questions about healing or how I can help you, I would love to hear from you. With love and light Rachel x