Heal Your Tinnitus Heal Your Life

 A testimonial from a client who had debilitating tinnitus who was then healed by remote healing with Rachel Bolton

Dear Rachel, I wanted to tell you that after all these months since our remote healing sessions, I haven’t had a single issue with the tinnitus that you treated me for. I’m both grateful and honestly amazed by your incredible abilities to heal and I would highly recommend that anyone who is suffering from this, for them to engage you for treatment. Thank you again for the relief and peace you’ve given back to me. Kindest of regards, Ken W. Brown USA

Treating tinnitus with remote healing

The remote healing energy works on the whole of you.  We work on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. As I work with you remotely, the root cause of the noise you hear in your ears and head is being addressed. At the beginning of this piece, I wrote, heal your tinnitus heal your life. The fundamental emotional patterns that have manifested as noise in your ears and head may also be manifesting in other areas of your life as well. It is more common to address problems in life when they manifest as physical concerns of the body compared to maybe some minor dysfunction in your personal or business life. Everything you feel will inform your internal and external world in all its guises.

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Take a notebook and have a meaningful conversation with yourself around these two questions

Question 1 – Would you say you have a tendency not to listen to your inner voice?

The question asks you to really look at how you have lived your life to this present moment.  How often have you ignored your inner voice and not listened to your intuition about your moment-to-moment choices in your thoughts, words, and actions? How often have you ignored your gut feelings or your inner truth?

Question 2 – Would you say you have a tendency to be a little stubborn?

Continue to write in your book around this question.  What does it mean to be stubborn?   Are you willing to be more flexible in life or do you dig your heels in based on your belief systems that no longer serve you?

Is tinnitus asking me to change my belief systems to create a new reality?

The empowering aspect of this conversation is that we all create our own reality. When things are going well for us the concept is very empowering. However, when things are not as we like them we can find it very hard to believe that this is true.  I know from the above case with Ken Brown the condition of tinnitus had so many contributing factors none of which would have been addressed with drugs or logic.  When I worked with my client I addressed the physical manifestation that had resulted in the tinnitus as well as the underlying causes of it. This is why my client not only cleared away his tinnitus he also felt so much lighter than he had done in such a long time.  This is a testimony to how the healing energy works on the whole of you.

Why is it important to understand your belief systems?

Your belief systems run your life on a daily basis. Moment-by-moment choices and actions are based on our belief systems and sometimes those beliefs are running so deeply that we do not even think about them. We just accept the way things are. Our beliefs become the lenses through which we experience life. Consider the following. You are trying to make something happen that you feel so strongly about and it is backed by passion and determination. But what if you have deep-seated beliefs about unworthiness? This could mean that you are not allowing areas of your life to flourish as you believe you are not worthy of it. Say for instance you have deep beliefs around guilt, and years later you are trying to achieve all good things only to be met with obstruction. What if the deep-seated belief around guilt was saying you have done something wrong therefore you must suffer and so you orchestrate your life in such a way that suffering is an integral part of your daily life? This is not to say what you are experiencing should not be dealt with with love and compassion.  What I am saying is that you have the opportunity to change your life as you change your belief systems.

How and Why Remote Healing Can Help Clear Your Tinnitus

I have helped people for over twenty-seven years with many forms of dis-ease within the mind, body, and spirit. I find the best way to explain my gifts is to share how others have benefitted from my work. My healing abilities are not logical and it is not something that can be described in words as it is beyond words. It is pure energetic medicine that works with you in the most natural, safe yet powerful way. The healing is designed specifically for you and your needs at the time.

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Is tinnitus causing the ringing in your ears or head?

You have internal loud noise and wonder if you have tinnitus. I want you to consider how the body communicates with you.  The body is divine intelligence here to help you evolve and journey in this life. It is our emotions that manifest as physical concerns. It is very easy to push emotions aside. We can hide our emotions for quite some time through distraction in all its guises. Some may hide or suppress their emotions through drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs for depression, addiction to overworking, or immersion into the media.  What If we did not create names for all the dis-ease of the body such as tinnitus? Instead, we could say, I have ringing in my ears. Let me delve into my inner world and work out what my belief systems are that may have contributed to these symptoms.  We could serve ourselves so much more.

What is the sound that you are hearing trying to say?

When you listen to the loud sounds of life on the outside you translate them into a language that you understand.  From the conversations you have on a daily basis to the sound you hear all around you. You translate sound to understand it. For example, you hear a kettle boiling and automatically you do not need to think about it – you know it’s a kettle boiling. But sometimes you might hear a sound you do not recognise and the first thing that usually comes to mind is what is that sound?The internal sound coming from within speaks a language that you might not be aware of and so it takes time to listen and understand – to translate. However, the physical symptoms that have already manifested from the underlying emotional causes can also exacerbate the sounds as well. This is why healing helps you so much. We address the emotional concerns on an energetic level as well as the physical manifestation. In the process, the healing journey also helps you to develop more of your intuition. I always encourage my clients to keep a daily journal and a dream journal to help them connect more with their inner world and higher self.

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Some underlying causes that may contribute to the loud noise inside your head from my perspective

The following emotions can manifest as physical ailments which can then go on to result in the symptoms described as tinnitus.

  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Unworthiness
  • Self-sabotage
  • Lack of self-respect
  • Not listening to your inner truth
  • Suppressed anger and frustration
  • Guilt
  • Stubbornness
  • Symptoms of ascension when the above are not addressed.

Tinnitus and the need to listen to your inner world and as well to expand your consciousness

Imagine if your world had a chance to expand instead of implode. What if you could speak your speak and walk your talk instead of repressing much of your inner world?  A little meditation to help you expand your consciousness.

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What is tinnitus a warning of?

The causes of tinnitus are a result of your emotional content and your inner world. If we do not listen to our symptoms they can gain momentum and become more of a problem than they need to be.  Also, your emotional being is calling out for you to listen and adjust, so the mind, body, and spirit can live a life of joy and harmony.

Underlying conditions

Once emotions manifest as physical concerns such as loud noise that seem to come from your head or ears, there can be numerous explanations as to why you have it. Therefore a doctor may offer the following reasons as to why you have the symptoms of loud sounds or white noise. But remember, they are not the underlying cause. As well, the underlying problem would have also been caused by an emotional patterning in the first place. Here are some of the medical conditions a doctor may offer you as to the reasons why you have ringing in the ears or loud noise that may come and go.

  • Head injury
  • The sound from a blood vessel
  • Head or neck trauma
  • Auditory nerve problems.
  • An ongoing Medical history
  • Inner ear disorder in one or both ears
  • Problems with the sinuses
  • Ear infection in one or both ears
  • Exposure to loud noise without ear protection

Is tinnitus related to a neurological disorder?

About 14% (740 million) of the world’s adults have experienced hearing sounds in their ears or heads that did not come from an external source. European scientists estimated the global prevalence of the symptoms diagnosed as tinnitus and published the results in the JAMA Neurology.

Our nervous system carries light information that informs our whole self. It is very important that the nervous system is supported by choosing to de-stress as much as possible whenever we can. When we are on hyperdrive the body builds up waste chemicals that do not support a healthy body and mind. Stress can cause issues with the body and result in problems that manifest as tinnitus. If the stress continues it can then exacerbate the tinnitus even more. We need to listen to our body’s messages that it is constantly trying to communicate to us. There are many ways to support our nervous system on a daily basis.

5 ways to help support your nervous system to reduce the sound described as tinnitus

Close your eyes as many times a day for at least two minutes

Closing your eyes will help you to turn off the hyperdrive and help to reset the nervous system. It is very easy. As long as you are not driving or operating machinery you can choose to just stop and close your eyes. If you can, take a seat. Feel your eyes relaxing. How does it feel as you give yourself permission to cut off from the drama all around you? Start to feel yourself breathe a little deeper and start to feel your world slow down.

Start to slow your breathing down

No one else can do this for you. You have to make a conscious decision to slow down your breath. Imagine every time you breathe in your diaphragm moves down into your lower body and your ribs move out to the sides. See if you can breathe in deeply and then pause for just a second or two In the most relaxed way before breathing out again. As you breathe out, feel your diaphragm moving back up and your ribs moving back in. As you exhale imagine you are breathing out all the stress and noise from your head and body. Take a moment to notice how you feel a little calmer each time.

Take time to be in nature

We are all sentient beings made up of love and light. Nature is the most giving and nurturing environment to immerse yourself in. Allow yourself to let go and relax. Maybe with your back up against a tree next to a river, or walking in the hills. If you only have a local park or even the sanctuary of your garden to be in – go to it. It is all waiting for you to surrender to its nurturing, calm frequencies. It pulses with the earth just like you. So being in nature helps you to attune to your natural state.


Meditation allows you to relax and slow down but it also helps you connect directly with your higher self. This allows the mind to relax. The mind was never meant to be the answer to all your problems. It was meant to work in partnership with your inner being – your higher self. The more you listen the more clear things become and so your stress levels will start to drop. The less stress there is on the nervous system the better.

The following is a meditation that will help you relax but also help to expand


We all know how important it is to eat well. But what is eating well? What is your belief system around food? Some things are good for one person and not for another. This is why it is essential to listen to your body. What do I need right now and what do I not need? However, a diet rich in fresh, organic when possible, colorful, natural unprocessed foods is really important. Food holds light frequencies that the body wants. This is why it eats. The foods that we eat have already used the energy of the sun to grow. When we ingest the food, the body breaks it down to retrieve the light frequencies of the sun. So eat things that are alive, fresh, and of the highest quality wherever possible. Food that has been highly processed or food full of additives is not nutrient-rich and the frequency at which it vibrates will be much slower and denser. A frequency that will not serve your mind, body, or spirit.

Hearing loss and tinnitus

The relentless internal noise that does not let you rest may sound as if it is coming from your ears as we use our ears to hear. But very often the noise is an internal wave of sound coming from many different places within the body. So is it hearing loss or are you refusing to listen? The internal noise of your internal life will continue to build.  Remember our emotions are the fundamental root of our physical conditions. You may lay awake at night listening to so much noise that is very hard to relax and let go, fuelling anxiety which aggravates the nervous system. This is why it is important to nurture your nervous system during your healing journey.

Age-related hearing loss and tinnitus

I personally believe as we age we move into a time of wisdom and grace. We may develop tinnitus as we age or we can have age-related hearing loss. But consider this. What if you were being asked to heal on levels that you have not yet addressed? What if as we age much emotional patterning comes to a bottleneck? What if life is saying you have had years to clear out the old and heal in deep nurturing ways but have not done so yet?  So it is not hard to believe that many older people suffer from hearing loss as many people reach their later years with many things to heal from their life journey.

Inner ear damage

The inner ear helps to create balance within the body. If the inner ear is out of balance it is trying to show us that we too are out of balance in many areas of our life. People with the symptoms of tinnitus may have had some traumatic experience within their ear or middle ear that helps to explain away the reason why they have tinnitus. But what if this was more misdirection? What if you were still playing hide and seek with your inner self and not allowing the root cause of the symptoms to be addressed? Why did the original trauma in your ear come about? Was that episode or experience not trying to tell you something then? Did you consider taking the time to wonder about this?

Can drugs help tinnitus?

A doctor may prescribe drugs for a variety of reasons. If any drug is used to support or heal an issue you must realise it will only heal the symptom of the underlying cause. Many drugs will help to hide or cover up symptoms but they do not address the underlying cause and may even be harmful to the body in the process. As well, if the symptoms are suppressed and you continue to not listen to the body it will find a new way to try and get your attention. In a way it wants you to listen to your inner landscape not hide from it.

Some may believe they have tinnitus because there is too much ear wax in one ear or both ears.

But why is that wax building up in the first place? Even the build-up of ear wax is a physical manifestation. It is a response and answer to emotional patterns. Maybe you have manifested something that aligns with the emotion of, I do not want to hear.

Therapy for Tinnitus

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Testimonials from clients who have worked with Rachel Bolton

For anyone who is not aware of remote healing and its benefits, or for those of you who cannot comprehend how it could work I always believe the stories and testimonials of others can help put your mind at ease.

Rachel Bolton

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