Why is my dog not eating?

If your dog chooses not to eat, it can be worrying and frustrating, and so you start your investigations as to why this might be. As with all of life, it could be a combination of many things as the appetite is an excellent barometer of the physical, mental and spiritual state of well-being. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the common (and less common!) reasons why your dog may not be eating.

Your dog's diet isn't right

Did you know the results of feeding your dog on processed food instead of making a choice to feed them on natural fresh, organic wholesome food contributes to them refusing to eat as well as suffering from dis-ease in their whole body system? I always feed my self, my son and my dog fresh organic food every day. We are all on our spiritual journey, and the physical body requires love, respect and support as it navigates its spiritual transformation. The ingredients in a bag or tin of commercial dog food may look good on paper, but they are not necessarily good for your dog. They can even be toxic and difficult to digest. Many of the ingredients are corn, wheat, rice, and soy with additives that do not serve your dog at all. I am not sure about you, but would you like to feed on a few scoops of dried food every day of your life? So share the love and share in the wholesome food!

Your energy is affecting your dog’s energetic fields

Your animal friend can reflect so much back to you about yourself. Maybe you are worried or stressed or even depressed. So much of your energetic expression affects your dogs’ well-being. So how are you feeling? Or is there anyone else in the home that could be affecting them?

The home environment has become chaotic

Your dog is super sensitive and needs a calm, wholesome environment in which to thrive. If your dog’s home environment has too much anger, argument, stress, noise and confusion and isolation, every day in every way they will start to show more and more signs of dis-ease.

Your dog is reacting to family stress

Today's busy world and the dynamic of families can make home life stressful, which can result in arguments and antagonism. As much as this is stressful for you, it is also stressful for your dog, and it can have an adverse effect on their well-being.

Your dog is being affected by the type of media you watch and listen to.

Did you know the content of the TV and the music you play can affect your dog? Everything has a vibrational frequency, and the music you listen to and the media you watch carries with it a frequency that then affects everyone who watches or listens to it, including your dog. It is much better to listen to uplifting light music as well as making sure the volume is acceptable for your dog. Remember their hearing is so much greater than yours. So compromise with the sound level and refrain from playing negative, aggressive music. Also, if you have to watch TV, make sure it is inspiring and joyful and not aggressive, depressing or anything that invokes fear. This way, the medium you use to relax can then serve you and your dog!

Your dog is having an adverse reaction to the chemicals you use in your home.

Every chemical you use to clean your home, unless it is certified as an eco-solution will be full of toxic chemicals that when sprayed into the air will be ingested by your dog. These toxins then go into their systems and remain in the liver, and the heavy metals and toxins then go on to feed viruses within your dog’s system as well. Air fresheners, polishes, surface sprays, carpet cleaners, oven cleaners are just some of the toxic and harmful products. So make sure all cleaners in your house are eco-friendly; this way you support Mother Earth, your family and your dog's well-being.

Other possible reasons why your dog is not eating

VaccinationsYour dog could also be having an adverse reaction to the increasing levels of toxic chemicals within their systems from flea and worming treatments as well as vaccinations, and you can read about natural alternatives here. Lack of exerciseYour dog may also be suffering from the lack of connection with the natural world as well not getting enough exercise, which you can read more about here.

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