Law of attraction and Unicorns on Dartmoor - Ask and it shall be given!

Before I went to sleep, I was drawn to thinking about unicorns. So when I woke up the following morning, I spoke out aloud " Today I want to meet with the Unicorns here in the physical." After my morning mediation, I showered got dressed, had breakfast and made a flask of nettle tea and honey. I then helped my dog, Kit into the car ready for our walk. As I was driving, I did not have anywhere in mind to go, except I wanted to be up on the Moor. As I was driving I heard, go to your walk near Haytor. I was unsure because at the moment, the Moor is super busy and I like to find space. But I know better than to mistrust my inner guidance and so headed towards Haytor and pulled up on a small lane away from everyone else. As I was walking, I realised that I often see white ponies here, that I always believe to be Earthbound unicorns. I called out loud, bring to me at least three unicorns. Kit and I continued to walk for about an hour and a half with a little snooze on a rock midway after some warm sweet tea. As we were nearing our car, I saw the white ponies in the distance. In the beginning, there were three, and so I stepped off the path a little and started to send them love and light. As I was doing so one in particular connected with me. After a short while two more ponies came over the hill to join them.

I then bubbled the mini heard into one big healing ball of energy and continued to work with them all. Then the one that I had connected with earlier started to head down the hill, picking up the pace as he went. I was smiling from cheek to cheek, so happy that he was on his way down to say hello in the physical.  The pony then headed to a small pool of water that is fed by rain water so he could have a drink. I gently took me and kit through a few bushes to the edge of the pool and we calmly sat on the ground. Our magical unicorn friend came up to both me and Kit and we all cuddled for maybe ten minutes.  Such a magical moment.

I know that unicorns used to walk the earth in great numbers. They had  a high vibrational frequency but over time we connected with them less and less as our frequency could no longer match their lightness of heart.  But I do know these magical ponies carry the unicorn energy.

Horses, sheep, cows are all drawn to Kit as well.  He has such a high frequency and carries love and calmness with him and so everyone wants to say hi to him.  Dogs and horses both originate from Sirius and when old Souls meet each other it is such a joy to be a part of.

I was still sending love and healing to the unicorn pony when a man walked by and asked “Is he yours?”

“No, I replied we are just sharing some time together. “

“That is amazing!” he said “And your dog is so calm as well!”

”  Yes, it’s a beautiful day” I replied.

“How did you get them down here with you?”

“I asked” I replied.

“Oh!” He smiled.

I could feel he wanted to say how much like a unicorn the pony was, but felt awkward about it.  So I made the first move and asked, “does he remind you of a unicorn?”

“YES!  Oh my goodness. Yes! All he needs is a horn.” He replied.

I was delighted he had opened up to the magic within him and happy he felt comfortable enough to speak like this with a stranger on the path.  I asked him to consider that just because he could not see a horn on the pony,  it did not necessarily mean he did not have one.  Maybe it was an energetic one that was not manifested here in the physical.

What a magical time and the energy of the unicorns stayed with me for the rest of the day and is still strong now as I am writing to you.  Unicorns are returning to Earth to help with our transitions into new frequencies and they can be supported on their mission by you believing in them more and more.  If you have pictures of them on your walls or statues of them, their energy can be anchored into the physical  and your love and belief in them also helps them to manifest more and more here on Earth.

When there is a Full super-moon, when the Moon is closest to us here on Earth, Unicorns can bridge to Earth.  So let us  honour their journey and lets honour all of Mother Earth and all that live upon her, within her, above her and beyond her!

Share the magic of unicorns with your children as well!

I have written a book called “Sam And The Magic Tree” and it has a unicorn in it called, Light as well as so many other magical beings all working to save Amazonia.

My mission.. to sell 1 million copies of my self-published book and to donate 50% of the profits to my chosen charities.

Rachel Bolton lives at the foot of Dartmoor in South West England. She is a Mother, Artist, and a healer with over twenty years experience healing people and animals, and now she can add self-published to her list!

As a healer she has been gifted to help transform the lives of so many and truly believes that we can change the world when we all change from within. Rachel has a passion for Mother Earth and all of her nature and received the inspiration to write ‘Sam And The Magic Tree’ when her son, Sam was much younger. As soon as the print on demand books arrived by courier she was again inspired to set her self a mission to sell 1 million copies and to donate 50% of the profits to charity.

She had never thought about writing a book, yet a story came, and over time crafted her skills as a writer to enable her to share the story with the wider world.  Rachel sought out publishers and was quickly made aware of how tricky this process was. Instead of letting the problems of not being accepted by a publisher take hold, she walked her talk and allowed the problems to guide her to solutions and personal empowerment. She came to realise that it was up to her to get the beautiful message of ‘Sam And the Magic Tree’ out into the world and so explored self-publishing. Months later, a small order of her print on demand book arrived in the post.  As soon as she held the books in her hands, the idea of selling 1 million copies and donating 50% of the profits to charity rushed into her heart and mind.

Rachel decided to support many charities and choose the ones that would have a global reach. She is endeavouring to help Tree-Nation, Whale And Dolphin conservation, Hope For Life, Forgotten Women, Water Aid, International Animal Rescue and smaller animal rescue shelters.

Rachel started to send copies out to people for free, so they could read and send her reviews which she believed could only support her mission in the long run. Rachel explained how she was on tender-hooks as she awaited their responses.  What an incredible joy it was for her when she started to receive people’s heartfelt praises for the book and all of its messages.  Rachel believes the book is for everyone, no matter their age as it is her intention to help bring in a brighter future and for this to happen we all need to be influenced to take responsibility for our bright future.

The magical world of ‘Sam and The magic Tree’ embodies the magic of unicorns, walking and talking trees and fairies to name a few. “ We can change the world when we love and respect Mother Earth: But we need to come to a place where we love and respect our selves and then to realise we are one.” The story is about the characters who are trying to save their land from an emotional and environmental demise. Rachel wants us to believe that we can out picture what we no longer want to experience if we could only live from our hearts.

Rachel also hand builds elemental clay art which is another extension to her expression of the magical world that she lives within and loves to share with others. Rachel’s work as a healer shows people that there is more to life than the reality of the general consensus. Emotional and physical problems leave people and animals, allowing good health and good fortune to bless their lives.  “There is so much beauty in the world and there is so much beauty within the hearts and minds of all those live on our planet.  It is up to us to connect with the wonder of who we are and to shine and to deliver our unique gifts to the world. As we shine, the world gets a little brighter every time. I believe that this is how we bring in the new life on earth that  we so need and crave.”

I would love to be able to buy 1000 copies to share the messages that are so needs right now.”  Penny Brenner – South Devon

“ If you could get this book into a primary or middle school curriculum, I think we could get another step closer to healing the planet.“ Georgie lamb – Northampton

Rachel intends to keep writing and to keep donating the 50% of all the profits from her future writing missions.

To read more about her mission and to buy your copy