Did you know that toxic vaccinations can fill your dog with so many chemicals that their immune system is in a state of overload and overwhelm all the time? Forty years ago, vets believed that vaccines could be given to a dog annually to protect them from the above diseases without causing any undue harm. Beliefs have since changed with some vets believing once a year is adequate. More recently, the dangers of vaccination have been brought out into the open. Some vets are paying attention, while others are not, preferring to stay with their old belief system. It may be that they believe this to be the best way to ensure your dog's health, or they could be using it as a form of income. You, as the custodian of your dog, have the right to choose what is best for your furry friend. Becoming aware of what is in a vaccination vial might help you to make that choice. Another thing to consider is that your dog requires a toxic-free environment and wholesome, healthy, fresh organic diet to help maintain a robust immune system compared to being given toxic chemicals in the name of health. Both dogs and humans at present are expected to live within a world saturated with toxic chemicals, found within the water, the food chain, the earth and the air. Why do they need to be given any more? In this blog, I will identify the most toxic chemicals included in vaccinations and suggest some natural alternatives to keep your dog parasite free.

The chemicals

There are two very toxic chemicals within a vaccination, and they are aluminium and thimerosal. AluminiumAluminium is the most common ingredient used in veterinary vaccines. Its purpose is to make the vaccine work better. The side effects of Aluminium are: - Neurological dysfunction.- Promotes brain inflammation- Contributes to oxidative damage- Reduces the levels of brain antioxidants (i.e., glutathione) and disturbs calcium homeostasis.-In the immature and developing brain, it might lead to numerous neurodevelopmental conditions such as seizures. In an ageing brain, these mechanisms can lead to progressive neurodegeneration, such as Alzheimer’s disease. It can also lead to a condition called ALS that affects motor neurons of the brain and spinal cord, which results in progressive weakness and atrophy of the muscles.- Degeneration of the brain and nervous system.  ThimerosalThis mercury-based additive has been used as a preservative for decades. Mercury is neurotoxic and the dangers of it have also been known for years. It used to be given to humans, especially women, as a medicine to drink until the medical establishment decided it was dangerous, but for some reason It is still considered acceptable as an ingredient for vaccines.

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Avoiding De-Worming Drugs

The following highlights the possible side effects of some of the brands available on the open market. FenbendazoleFenbendazole is an active ingredient in some of the most commonly used de-worming products. Amongst some of the side effects listed by the FDA for the use of Fenbendazole are as follows: - Vomiting.- Depression and lethargy.- Diarrhoea.- Anorexia.- Itching.- Facial swelling. - Fatalities. There have also been cases of anaphylaxis resulting from rapid parasite die-off after using Fenbendazole. PyrantelAmongst some of the side effects listed by the FDA for the use of Pyrantel include: - Vomiting.- Depression.- Lethargy.- Anorexia.- Fatalities. PraziquantelAmongst some of the side effects listed by the FDA for the use of Praziquantel include: - Vomiting.- Depression.- Lethargy.- Diarrhoea.- Anorexia. - Fatalities.

Six Natural Alternatives

If there are natural remedies from Mother Earth that are available for your dog, you may like to consider them instead of relying on toxic drugs that can be very harmful. Here are a few examples of natural ways to help maintain a healthy body system free from prolific parasite infestations.

1. Organic neem Leaf Foeniculum vulgare

Health Benefits- Kills parasites.- Removes the toxins the parasites leave behind. Ways to incorporate it into the lives of you and your dog- Give Neem leaf twice a day for one week to eliminate intestinal parasites (but not tapeworm). Make this a monthly routine to help your dog. Dosage: 150 mg per day for small dogs, 250 mg for medium dogs and 500 mg for large dogs.

2. Organic ground Pumpkin Seeds

Health BenefitsThe seeds contain high levels of a compound called cucurbitacins which paralyse the worms and so prevents them from attaching to the intestinal wall when there is a bowel movement during the excretion process. Ways to incorporate it into the lives of you and your dog - Mix ground organic pumpkin seeds into your dog's dinner every day. - Mix the powder into your smoothies. - Put some pumpkin seeds in a skillet on a gentle heat and then sprinkle over salads and vegetables. Dosage: 1/2 tsp for medium to large dogs, 1/8 teaspoon for smaller dogs.

3. Organic turmeric - Cucurma

Health benefitsContains four antiparasitic compounds, and when presented collectively they have strong worm-killing properties. Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory, so can help in reducing the inflammation of the intestine walls caused by the worms. Ways to incorporate it into the lives of you and your dog - First peel the turmeric and then grate or cut into small pieces. - Juice turmeric and add to some nut milk and pour over their dinner. - Grate turmeric and add to any food. - Make a turmeric and garlic juice drink If fresh turmeric is not available, you can buy capsules or powder and add it to their food. Make sure it is organic. Dosage: Small to medium-sized dogs can be given 250 milligrams twice a day, and large to giant breeds 500 milligrams two to three times a day.

4. Garlic Allium Sativum

Do not give to your dog if they are on blood thinners.Health Benefits Anti parasitic. Garlic clears worms from the digestive tract. Helps to eliminate heavy metals that parasites like to feed from. Anti viral. Antibacterial. Anti inflammatory. Ways to incorporate it into the lives of you and your dog- Chop, mince, crush or press the garlic and allow it to sit at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes before giving the garlic to your dog. - Mix the garlic into your dog’s food. - You can chop it up and swallow it with some juice or water. - Cook with garlic all the time.

5. Organic grated Carrots

Health benefitsCarrots help to clean the digestive tract, taking the parasites along with them when used in conjunction with pumpkin seeds as previously discussed. Ways to incorporate it into the lives of you and your dog- Skin and then grate the carrots. - Mix in with your dog’s dinner. - Eat with salads or as a side serving with your meals.

6. Organic coconut oil

Health benefitsOnce ingested the lauric acid is converted to monolaurin which then kills or inactivates several speciees of ringworm and Giardia Lambia. Ways to incorporate it into the lives of you and your dog- Place coconut oil into your dog’s dinner or let them lick it off a spoon for a treat - Rub into your dog’s coat. When fleas are ingested by your dog they turn into internal parasites, so killing them off as fleas is important. - Mix into your own cooking. - Mix into smoothies.   You and your dog’s well-being is an essential part of your holistic journey through life. If your dog is behaving out of character or exhibiting unusual behaviours as well as the natural dietary and remedy changes mentioned above, transformational healing can be very powerful in bringing about positive change in your and your dog’s entire being. Healing will help with all issues of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You can find out more about how to improve your dog’s wellbeing in my blog post ‘Why is my dog not eating?’.

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