A dog is not a human. Imagine a dog that is being asked to leave its wild nature behind to a certain extent to integrate into a human world. Don’t do this and don’t do that, and live in a house and learn the house rules and don’t be a hooey! So you take your puppies home, you care for them and spend time with them but life goes on with all the other aspects that are required from you in day to day living. So who are they spending more time with, who are they gravitating towards but their brother or sister, who at this time of their life is also a hooey - no mother or higher archy putting them in their place when needs be as you are busy with other things or maybe even out of the house completely. The puppies then can develop their own small pack rather than integrating into your pack and by the way, you are pack leader, but that does not mean you are dominating in anyway. Being pack leader is only a role and with out followers you are redundant - you are part of a collective. When you move, they move, when you say stop they stop. It is to this leader that your dog must look to in order to integrate into the life of being with humans. This is harder to put into process with two dogs unless your focus, wisdom and knowledge is at such a place that you understand all of the above and work every day to let both dogs know what your role is and what is expected from them.

Also everything requires energy to thrive. If you take two small puppies you have twice as much work and then the energy each one receives is halved every time you are with them especially if you are busy. So is it a good idea or a bad idea to take two puppies home only comes into play when you factor in your self. How much time, effort, experience, knowledge and wisdom do you have about the world of dogs to take on two dogs to ensure they become well balanced adults.

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