Please follow these instructions ahead of the distant safe healing session for your cat.

Please settle you and your animal companion at least 5 minutes before the safe healing session is about to begin. During this time, please take deep breaths in through your nose, deep down into your belly and then exhale through your nose. Breathing in this way will help you and your animal companion to relax and ready your selves for their distant safe healing session to start which will last for half an hour. I appreciate your cat may not always want to be in the house, but if possible ensure they are in whilst we are working with them.

   Please ensure that you and your animal companion will not be disturbed.

Please turn your phone off or onto aeroplane mode. If you need to keep it on please ensure the phone is not on your person.

Please make sure your animal companion has had a few snacks at least an hour before their healing, so they are not feeling hungry during the session.

Please ensure they have a bowl of fresh water nearby, sometimes during a healing session, they may become thirsty.

Please ensure they have had the opportunity to empty their bladders or bowels before the healing starts so that they can be comfortable during the healing process.

Make your animal companion a comfortable place to lay down, and ensure the room is warm enough and they are away from any drafts.  Your cat may choose to sit with you or near you instead of any bed you may have made them, this is fine, but they may decide after a while to find a place of their own.

Please ensure you are warm enough as well, maybe a cover would keep you more comfortable.

The door to the room you are in can be left open to allow your animal companion to feel they can move around if they want to. The healing session is not impeded if they do move around; it is best to let them do what comes naturally to them, but again it is preferable if they are kept within the house during this time.

Because of the nature of the energy work that we do, you too may feel the benefits of the healing, but remember we will be talking with each other after the distant healing session has come to a close. It might be a good idea to put a gentle alarm reminder on to go off half an hour after the healing session starts just in case you too fall to sleep. The alarm needs to be gentle so as not to shock you or your animal companion from deep relaxation.

Your animal friend will most likely go to sleep, but if by any chance you become aware of them whining, whimpering or shaking, please do not worry and please leave them be. They are clearing energy and it's best that you do not disturb them. They may sleep for some time as well and this is super helpful as it supports the healing process.

As well, during the healing session, please try not to place all your focus on them.  Energy flows where ever it is directed, so just for their healing time, allow them to be with themselves and you to be with yourself.

If it helps aid your initial relaxation, you can play some very gentle, relaxing but soft music. Remember, your animal companion is more sensitive to sound and we want them to relax as much as possible.

Please do not take your animal companion out as soon as we have finished speaking on the phone. They need to use the healing energy to heal rather than to function. So although a gentle walk would be good, please give them some time to get the most out of the session.

All healing sessions are followed up by a 45 minute telephone or video consultation.

I look forward to working with your animal companion.I am and sending you both love, light and healing. Rachel x