Please follow these instructions ahead of the distant healing session for your horse.

Please settle you and your animal companion at least 5 minutes before the healing sessions is about to begin. During this time, please take deep breaths in through your nose, deep down into your belly and then exhale through your nose.  Breathing in this way will help you and your animal companion to relax and ready your selves for their distant healing session to start which will last for half an hour.

Please find a comfortable place for you to be near your animal companion. You do not have to be right up close with them, but near enough for you to share the experience.

Please turn your phone off or onto aeroplane mode. If you need to keep it on please ensure the phone is not on your person.

Please ensure you will both be warm and comfortable.

Please, refrain from riding them before or straight after the healing session.  We need your animal companion to be as relaxed as possible; a gentle lead walk would be a good compromise if you need to get them out. However, maybe grooming and connecting with him/her before the session would be best, anything to aid relaxation is preferable.

If they are stabled with other horses, it would be best to ensure they are not going to be distracted by other people coming and going. I know this may be a lot to ask and maybe impossible. Either way, try to make the best conditions available for the distant healing session ensuring they are as relaxed and happy as possible.

Please ensure they have had something to eat before the session, so they are not feeling uncomfortable from the feeling of hunger.

If the weather is fine and they are outside, the two of you can relax in the sun together. However, if there are other horses in the field that may disrupt the quiet time, you will have to consider moving them to a more peaceful location.

Because of the nature of the energy work that we do, you too may feel the benefits of the healing, but remember we will be talking with each other after the distant healing session has come to a close. It might be a good idea to put a gentle alarm reminder on to go off half an hour after the healing session starts just in case you too fall to sleep. The alarm needs to be gentle so as not to shock you or your animal companion from deep relaxation.

Your animal friend will most likely go into a trance-like state, but if by any chance you become aware of them whining, whimpering or shaking, please do not worry and please leave them be. They are clearing energy and its best that you do not disturb them.

As well, during the healing session, please can you try not to place all your focus on them.  Energy flows where ever it is directed, so just for their healing time, allow them to be with themselves and you to be with yourself.

If it helps aid your relaxation, you can play some very gentle, relaxing but soft music. Remember, your animal companion is more sensitive to sound and we want them to relax as much as possible.

All healing sessions are followed up by a 45 minute telephone or video consultation.

I look forward to working with your animal companion.I am and sending you both love, light and healing. Rachel x