Healing is natural and yet powerful and its design is unique for every sentient being it works with. Healing gives an animal all that it requires at any given time with no negative side effects and its reach can work far beyond the troubles we initially work with.

The whole energetic makeup of an animal, just like a human is in constant flux. Their energy and therefore their body can be influenced by so many things.

Therefore taking pharmaceutical drugs or having invasive surgery very often does not address the cause of the dis-ease and in some cases invasive techniques can burden the animal’s well being even more.

As a healer of people and animals with over twenty years experience, I’d like to explore in this article how remote healing can help pets and animals of all shapes and sizes.

How remote healing energy connects in with the energy of an animal

Animals have a physical body but it is made up of energy.

Energy comes in from the Universal force of all that is and meets their Axiontal system, which is similar to a grid network around their physical body.

The energy then flows into another energy system, sometimes called the chakra system. There are seven main chakras in the body as well as an array of minor ones. The chakra system however spans past the physical body and can be thought of as the higher chakra system.

From the chakra system the energy flows into the meridian systems of their body, another group of energy pathways that run throughout the body. These then connect into the nervous system that then flows into the cells of the physical body including the bones, organs, muscles, blood and lymphatic system.

The energy is also connecting into the DNA system of the animal, helping to repair as well as update it into higher levels of consciousness.

Healing can address so many problems as all sentient beings are energy in motion and when you address the energy you affect everything.  Healing is very difficult to talk about as it has no language.  The best way to understand is to see, feel and experience its benefits. But there are many conditions that so many animals suffer from all of which can be transformed through the art of healing.

Here are a few examples of symptoms / problems that can be addressed with remote healing:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Lameness
  • Digestive problems
  • Disease of the organs
  • Trauma – to help heal and release it allowing the animal to live a happy life
  • Heart and lung issues
  • Muscular skeletal problems
  • Genital / urinary problems
  • Symptoms that are undiagnosable
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Recovery from illness
  • Neurological issues
  • And the best of all it can be used as preventive medicine to help keep the animal in good shape
  • Helps them with symptoms of ascension
  • Clears negative energy that is affecting them on all levels including their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • Healing can help you to understand your animal friend on a much deeper level

Here are a few things that can influence the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of an animal:

  • Their home environment
  • Disease of any kind
  • Pain
  • Trauma
  • Viral or bacterial overload
  • The energy and behaviour of their human companions and family
  • The food he or she eats
  • Ingestion of toxic substances
  • Regular vaccination
  • Regular toxic fleeing and worming medicines
  • The collective of humanity
  • Their age
  • Suppressed trauma
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom
  • Grief
  • Environmental toxicity
  • The weather and the seasons depending on their constitution
  • Astral weather

The list is endless as each animal is unique and will interact with its life and experience itself in so many different ways.

Healing is beyond the rational mind, therefore trying to use words to explain the process is tricky but the witnessed benefits speak a thousand words.

When animals change and thrive in so many ways as a result of remote healing it is such a beautiful thing. However the rational mind still wants to know what happened so very often we use a symbolic language to communicate to their human custodian the whole healing experience.

Animals are so open to healing as they are not caught up so much in the story of the mind and are naturally very grounded and connected with Mother Earth. Animals love healing!

How to Prepare an Animal for a Remote Healing Session

Remote healing sessions do not require an animal or myself to be in the same physical location. I will work from my space and the animal will receive healing wherever they are located.

However, It is important to help them prepare for the healing to create an inner and outer environment that best serves the whole process. The following link will explain how to prepare your animal friend for a healing session.

As horses are usually stabled and not in the home I have put together a guideline that helps custodians of horses prepare their animal friend for a remote healing session.

What to expect from a remote healing session

Every animal is unique and will react and respond according to their physical, emotional and mental patterning. However there is an overall pattern that is common with all animals whilst they are having healing.

Lame dogs

Lame dogs have had healing after vets were unable to help them. After healing they have run around like young dogs all over again. So where did their pain go? How can it all get better so soon when the pain and discomfort has been there for so long?  Here is a testimonial of the dog who lost his lameness.

My healing abilities allow me to channel energy that moves their energy field in such a way that they start to experience themselves in a new light.

Their frequency is raised, therefore their whole experience of who they are changes as well.  But the healing goes further than this. As animals start to heal and their energy field moves to one that serves them they also act as beacons of light to the rest of their family as well. I remember one dog received healing and as a result a young boy in the family who had problems around eating, started to eat normally again.

Another example was when I was remote healing a Jack Russel. The whole family felt the benefits and the human custodian said she felt incredibly strong energy in her hands, something she has never experienced before. Her dog as a result of the healing healed and the whole family was happy with the healing experience.

Sometimes vets will not have the answers to problems or feel they need to put an animal to sleep.  But healing has brought so many animals back from this point.  When an animal reaches this critical stage, healing can help but it takes an investment of time, energy and trust to allow the healing to work. Sometimes animals can heal after one session, sometimes they require a course. This is just like any other form of care.

Nanuk the Dog

The new born puppy called Nanuk was very close to passing and so Nanuk’s human family called me.  They knew and understood the power of healing as the whole family had had healing for many problems prior to calling me, including their older dog, their human baby as well as the adults in the home. Nanuk was given so much healing and the family was given advice on daily diet and much needed daily support during the whole experience. Remote healing was literally feeding life into the young pup and communicating to Nanuk on a Soul level.  Nanuk survived and is now enjoying life with all the family and her mum who she lives with. Read more about Nanuk here

Pippa the Dog

Pippa was extremely poorly in February and so I made an appointment to have her put to sleep at the end of the week. I contacted Rachel who did 2 remote healings for her whilst we were out in nature. After the healing she perked up and started to smile again. I obviously cancelled the appointment! I also gave her a bath which she loved and life just changed for her in so many ways. She’s still slightly wonky on her legs but hey she is nearly 16 – she’s allowed to be! She’s loving life and her organic food and obviously loves and thanks Rachel very much xxxxxxx My other staffer who knows Rachel very well, ran round the field when the remote healing was going on like a twerp …. saying haha not my turn today as he too has received healing for health and behavioural problems in the past. Read about pippas friend.


How we can affect our animal friend and we can help them

Moose the dog was suffering from anxiety as well as having problems with his tummy.

In the cases of Moose after his healing he slept for hours which is quite normal.  He had two sessions devoted to him but he was not quite there yet.  I explained to his human custodian how the two of them were linked and how he was being influenced by her energy field.

She agreed this was plausible and agreed to share a session with Moose and this is why I developed and encourage the use of a unique healing session for you and your animal companion.  After this session Moose was back to his relaxed self and eating well.

So what happened? Where did his problems go? 

We cleared energy that was not serving the two of them and increased their energetic frequency which in turn changed their whole experience of how they were feeling.

My abilities to channel this form of healing comes from dedicated practice and experience over lifetimes of being a healer.

Here is a testimonial from Mooses’ human companion.

The Process of Healing

  • During a remote healing session, I will make a connection with the animal through a photograph their human custodian sends to me although this is not always required.
  • I ask permission on a soul level to work.
  • Sometimes I can be quite still while I work but very often I move around the room with my arms out in front of me as if I am conducting an orchestra as I channel and conduct energy to them.  I channel and move energy as if they were right there with me as remote healing is not hindered by space or time.

To read more heartfelt testimonials of animals that have benefitted from healing check out my animal healing testimonials page.

And for those who are still not sure if healing can help animals then take five minutes to watch the video below.

Get in touch with me today to book a healing appointment for your animal friend or a joint healing session. Or you can talk to me about booking a healing session for your self.