Healing Rescue Horses At Ash Rescue Centre Dartmouth

Today I went to Ash Rescue Centre at Dartmouth, a horse rescue charity owned and run by Jenny. Jenny has so many horses and had brought a group of about 10 into 4 areas within an open barn and asked me to work specifically with with four of them. My first call was to to this amazing soul, Badger. He has had quite a journey, and part of his history was working with disabled children. He has been suffering with eye problems for such a long time, he is fine with other horses when out in the field but when inside he needs to be by himself as he can be a little chaotic. We worked to clear the energy that was creating the chaotic expression working on all his organs as well. Sometimes I would have my hands on him but much of the time I was a little away from him directing the energy to where it needed to go. As we worked distantly around his eyes I could see and feel the discomfort he was experiencing during the healing process. I spent quite a bit of time with him and as I looked out of his stable I could see all the other horses were also zoned out, all staring in our direction and all very calm.

Next was Jenny Wren the pony you can see on the right of this picture.  She has had  quite a tricky time.  Falling in the field and being attacked by other horses, She has also had so many intrusive surgeries and bless her she is suffering from grief after loosing her best friend.  She let me place my hands on her as I directed the energy to her and within her, but soon she wanted to back away, so I respected her boundaries and started to work with her remotely.

After a while instead of focussing on her directly  I moved on to the horse you can see on the left called Azmarr to allow her some space.

When I am healing, the energy field is so wide that it influences everyone around. Even Jenny nearly fell asleep standing up! 

Azmarr has been used for breeding and as you can see by the state of her back she has been through a lot.  She was very open to the healing and much moved whilst we were working. She too had zoned out from the moment I started healing Badger.  Bless her, she is a sweetheart.

Wolf, the black Stallion who suffers from shivers and a suspected brain tumour. He is like a big bear and loves a cuddle.

I worked directly into his brain and his neck and then all the way through his body which he accepted and was very open to the whole process.

At the end I stood in the middle continuing to hold space for all of the horses.

I am going to visit with Jenny and her horses next week and will give you an up date of how they all are.

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To find out more about Jenny and her rescue centre: https://www.ashrescuecentre.com/

She believe in Medowcine, a herbalist – horticulturist and horse lover!


With love and light.

Rachel x