The natural world, the world of nature, is where your dog thrives, and it is where you thrive as well! But the lives of so many dogs as well as their human companions seem to be encapsulated into environments far removed from the natural cycles of life.

1. Did you know that the lack of exercise and the lack of natural space can affect your dog's health?

Your dog needs to be connected to the Earth, running or walking in nature, being amongst the trees, the grass, the rivers, lakes, oceans, whatever is near to you. The breed and age of a dog will require different amounts of energy stimulation, but every dog needs to be out in the wild. Your dog is an energetic soul, not just made up of physical flesh and bones, and their energy systems need to be maintained to be kept in balance. Being out in nature can help serve this need. A walk around a concrete, polluted block on a lead will not feed their soul, and it will not keep them fit and healthy. They also need to be outside, playing and having fun. They were not born to live inside, they come from the wild, and within every dog, a wolf is trying to get out. They are super sensitive creatures who are so happy to be amongst nature and all she has to offer. So take your dog out for long beautiful walks every day.

Four Reasons why your dog needs to connect with nature

2. Did you know that if your dog is not given a chance to walk in nature and connect with Mother Earth, it can result in dis-ease?

Your dog needs to have their paws on and in the Earth. You can give them all the love, all the best food, toys, clothing and grooming, but if they do not have regular connection with the Earth, their energetic bodies do not work correctly. So when the two of you are out together, you too can take off your shoes and take some advice from your dog and connect with the Earth!

3. Did you know being left home alone all day can result in dis-ease?

Being home alone all day does not serve your dog. Have you ever sat still in one place without any mental or physical stimulation or company for eight hours a day, five days a week? Well, I am sure you would find it tricky. Maybe, in the beginning, it might be tolerable, but month after month of the same routine and isolation would eventually make you feel quite unwell. Your dog was not born to live like this either.Another thing to consider is how often you might use the bathroom during your time away from home compared to your dog. They might only have had the opportunity to release their bladder and bowel first thing in the morning, and that is it until someone lets them out again. Sometimes dogs might be expected to hold their urine for more than 8 hours at a time. If you are at work all day, your dog will benefit from you investing in a dog walker who can take them out for a few hours to somewhere beautiful to play and socialise. After their walk, your dog will return home and will be relaxed enough to sleep. Before they know it, you will be back, and then the two of you can go out for a walk together, a great way to distress from your working day. The two of you out in nature, having fun just like it was meant to be! Another option if you are at work all day would be to find a dog sitter. Maybe a relative or a friend who is not out at work all day would benefit from having your dog as a companion. Either way, a dog that has company and is free from the stress of isolation and is no longer being expected to remain immobile for hours, or expected to hold their urine all day is already going to be feeling so much happier which means their physical health will be supported as well. When your dog is depressed, isolated or inactive, their energy fields are greatly affected, which then starts to affect their physical body in a myriad of ways. Problems begin to manifest slowly until there is something serious enough for you to notice.

4. Your dog doesn't like being cooped up in a cage.

I have no idea why anyone would think to keep a dog in a cage. I am sure no human would like to be cooped up in a cage for hours on end, and it is the same for dogs. They need to feel comfortable, relaxed, safe and happy to thrive. Keeping a dog in a cage does not do anything for them except cause high levels of stress. For whatever reasons a dog is put into a cage, it is always so important to work out why it is you feel the need to put them in one and what are the reasons for that behaviour in the first place.

Explore how to improve your dog’s wellbeing in my series of blog posts and learn how healing can help transform your dog’s energy from dis-ease to a place of calm and happiness. As always, if you have any questions about healing or how I can help you, I would love to hear from you.With love and light,Rachel x