Significant changes can happen within the healing process; here are some of the things you can expect your animal companion to experience as a result of the healing process:

Trauma can be cleared

Fear can be cleared

Distress will transform to calm

Pain will be alleviated

Your animal companion will feel lighter and more aligned to her or his natural wellbeing

Your animal friend's vibration will rise to allow the expression of wellbeing

They will experience more balance within their emotional, physical and spiritual bodies

Your animal friend may sleep for long periods during or after each healing session

You will be more aware of the deeper connection you and your animal companion share

You will be more conscious of your animal friend's needs

Unexplained symptoms are alleviated

Obsessive behaviours are balanced

As you sit with your animal companion you too will feel the positive effects of the session

The telephone or video conferencing that happens after the healing session is an important part of the healing session. I can communicate my experience of the healing session with your animal companion, and we can also discuss anything you may be holding on to that is affecting your animal friend. As well, I can also help you navigate areas of your wellbeing that may be affecting your animal companion.

4x 15 minute healing sessions

".......We are both journeying well together with Rachel’s help. Chopperdee is extremely happy and grateful with a new outlook on life and is enjoying walks with his new wonder woman! We are a very happy family and it's all down to Rachel. We love you and are your number one fan!"

Online messaging support in between each session

".......Afterwards, her physical problems improved noticeably, and we now have the information about her diet too. Bella's session with Rachel has helped her physically but has also provided great insight about Bella that has widened my understanding of her and made our bond even stronger."

Take time to rest after the session

".......Since the healing session, Oscar's lameness has completely disappeared, and he is more full of energy, playfulness and affection than ever. I too have benefited from Rachel's work, and despite my initial trepidation, I would recommend her highly."

Learn how to prepare for your healing session

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