A Happy Update About The Horses At Ash Rescue Centre Dartmouth Devon

Today I Revisited the Ash Rescue Centre at Dartmouth, a horse rescue charity owned and run by Jenny.

Jenny had a virus and so her amazing daughter came out and explained what I could do. But first she gave me such a beautiful update on how the horses had been since I last worked on them.

She explained that Jenny Wren had been so much better.  She had become more relaxed and trusting and was really holding her own in the field.  Usually if anyone bullied her in anyway she found the whole situation really troubling and could not stand her ground (read more about Jenny’s history from my first visit . But since the healing she so much more confident and was not tolerating any form of bullying from anyone especially Badger.


Another amazing change, is she now comes into the barn and lays down, something she has never done before.


When I first started work on her she was more trusting of the healing and her energy field was feeling so much better and we worked a lot around her middle.   As  before I started the healing process standing away from her but working on all of her from a distance and when the time was right I would step in and make physical contact.

Jenny Wren received healing for all of her physical, mental and emotional concerns and at the end was feeling lighter again.

Jenny’s daughter explained that whilst I was working, all the other horses were in a deep state of relaxation, breathing more deeply, and licking their lips a lot. This is because the energy that I channel has such a wide influence.

Then it was time to move on to Azmarr.

It was so good to hear that Azmarr’s back had improved after one healing session. In her past she had been used as a breeding horse and as a result has back problems. (Read more about her history) But over the week she had become more mobile and her back has shown signs of more flexibility.

I worked with her in a stable and during our time together she found it very difficult to stay awake! More or less falling asleep standing up! She yawned about 6 times one after the other and let out some very deep sighs.  We worked a lot around her middle back, neck and rear end.  But as usual working on the whole of her both with my hands on her and from a distance, holding her whole energy field.

During the channeling, all the horses in the barn opposite were all in a semi trance just as they had been during my previous visit.

Then it was time to move on to Badger who was in the stable next door.

Badger was so much more relaxed this week. (Read more about my first visit with Badger) Jenny’s daughter explained that his long term chronic eye problem had improved so much and he was much better with the other horses as well.

I worked with the whole of Badger again, but taking time to continue working into his eyes and then through to the rest of him, with my hands on him and working at a distance.  Badger was much happier to let me work on him this week, staying in one place for longer and feeling much easier when I worked energetically into his eyes.

It was so windy this afternoon, whistling through all the barns and stables and there were the occasional bangs but even under these circumstances Badger was still very calm.  He let out some very deep signs and yawned through the healing and passed a lot of gas.  We worked into his belly region as well  to support more of his condition.

I look forward to seeing him again very soon.  Then it was on to my friend Wolfe, who is not part of the charity but is a member of Jenny’s family.

Jenny’s daughter explained that Wolfe had been so much more relaxed within him self and around the other horses.  I asked her how his shivers had been and replied that she had not noticed any symptoms since his healing.  Wolfe has a suspected brain tumour but last week we worked a lot around his brain, neck and the whole of him and it has helped so much already.

This week he was already very relaxed from all the healing energy being generated whilst I was working on the other horses.  He was happy to see me and wanted a cuddle.  I worked again into his brain  and then held space for the whole of his body working with my hands on him and from a distance.

I am looking forward to hearing more good things about all my new friends next time I visit.  I then moved on to Holly.

Holly is a boarder at at the stable and I met with her and her owner. I was asked to take a look at her by Jenny who passed the message on via her daughter.  I did not take a picture but Holly is about 20 years of age and has a very saw back end and can be very moody with other horse.

During the healing her owner was there as well.  As usual, I started holding space for her from a distance and once she was more trusting of me and the energy that was being channeled I moved in closer to work with her hands on.  We worked a lot through her back but also around her heart.  She let out some really loud sighs and sounds especially when we released so much around her solar plexus.  Then at one point she took her right leg and started to lift it forward and back and then around in very small circles from her shoulder.  The front legs are connected to the heart and before this her owner had mentioned that she too had started to take some really deep breaths.  I also worked around her neck and I remember when I first saw her last week It was her neck that caught my attention.  She was much happier and calmer when I left and her owner noticed this too.  I look forward to hearing about how she has been when I next visit.

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To read more about my first visit with the horses

I am sending you love and light.

Rachel x

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