Are you ready to look at your animal companion's health in a more energetic way?

I have over 20 years of experience healing animals and people. I work specifically with Dogs, Horses and Cats but have been known to help an array of other animals as well. My approach to wellbeing is safe, nurturing and all-encompassing. I work to heal the body, mind and spirit by raising the energetic frequency of whom ever I am working with.

ALFIE - The Sheltie Dog

"Our dog Alfie had been off his food for a while and had lost a lot of weight with ongoing sickness and vomiting issues, despite many visits to the vet and antibiotic treatments. After healing with Rachel Alfie became more playful, jumping and running after a ball …. and barking and running after magpies in the back garden! I also noticed how shiny his aura and energy had become. Many thanks to Rachel who has given Alfie a new lease of life.”

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Remote Animal Healing

Remote animal healing is just as powerful as seeing me in person and can be organised for animals as well as their custodians if I am not in travelling distance. Healing animals remotely is possible because it is part of my healing gift. I am not boundered by space or time whilst working and have been channeling remote healing for over twenty years. It is just as powerful as if I were working with a client in the same room and has the same beneficial results. All remote healing sessions are followed up with a telephone or video consultation, which is arranged within 2 days of your healing session.



1x 30 minute remote healing session for your animal companion

1x 45 minute follow-up consultation on phone or video conferencing call (this will be arranged within 2 days of your healing session)

OR 2x 30 minute remote healing sessions (instead of follow up consultation call)

Remote animal healing is supported by the aid of a photograph which I use to help me tune into your animal companion.

BAXTER - The Chihuahua

"Baxter was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and atlanto-axial subluxation, he suddenly couldn’t walk and was literally one nod away from severing his spinal cord. After a few healing sessions, Baxter is a changed little boy!!! He can now be found playing with toys, something he hasn’t done since before his journey began, he is loving, cuddly and happy. The work Rachel has done with Baxter has bought him to life, he is no longer existing but flourishing.”

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Unique remote healing sessions for you and your animal companion

I also help animal custodians to realise how their state of being can affect their animal's wellbeing and will often encourage people to have a healing session as well. When you book a session for yourself you support the healing and wellbeing of your animal friend.  The results are powerful and beautiful.

I have experienced miraculous healing with clients from just one session, but in many cases it takes commitment to more than one session. Very often there is much work to do and the best way to achieve long term results is to commit to a series of healings that is specific to your animal companion's needs. 

BENJI - The Chihuahua

""Rachel is a truly gifted and compassionate healer who has helped release me from outdated and unhelpful beliefs about myself. I feel more grounded, connected and hopeful about my life and would highly recommend her to you. She has also helped (I want to say cured) my Chihauhau Benji with an acute digestive issue and I'm grateful to her beyond words. Trusting a healing process I didn't really understand was the best thing I ever did for Benji and I"

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Animal healing is a natural, powerful and effective means to support your animal friends wellbeing. Life can offer animals a plethora of options to suppress pain from symptoms and ways to manage dis-ease. However, few address the causes or deep emotional patterns that may be attached to the problems and transform the energy into the light. Healing works with the initial concerns but also has a far reaching effect on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the whole animal being. In the case of traumatic injury, we work to support the body to heal and repair but the emotional trauma can also be cleared. Another example would be digestive issues. We work to correct the physical imbalance but the emotional content that manifested as a physical problem is addressed at the same time. Animal healing serves to bring into balance every cell of the body, including the energy fields within and beyond it. The healing energy should not be likened to only energy; it should be aligned and thought of as a Divine force working for the benefit of the animal being. Healers have walked Earth since the beginning of time. Throughout our known history, we have been thought of in many different ways from great respect and reverence to one of fear. Science has played a role to bring confidence in healing to the masses by trying to prove that it does work. Science has tried to test and quantify how healing works but there is no real language to explain it here on Earth. We can describe its feelings and sensations and its benefits but any more than that it is only a projection of a belief system. Scientists have however worked out that healing increases the haemoglobin levels in the blood and so helps support the immune system. They have also worked out that it helps repair cells and damaged enzymes as well as speeding up the recovery process of illness. They have also conducted experiments to show that when someone miles away is sending remote healing the recipients DNA is affected.

Remote healing is not 'boundered' by space or time. Time could be considered as a filing system in which everything here on Earth becomes organised. Can you imagine a world without time? It would be very confusing as you would not have anything to align your life to. But remote healing moves out of the realm of time. Therefore I could be on the other side of the world from a client or just next door. We meet in a place where we are one. As I start to tune in, there is no one way to work as every individual is unique and all in a different place of need. Therefore when I am working anything can happen. For example: 

  • I sense how they feel.
  • I am presented with symbolic information on what is required. I then help to orchestrate the animal beings energy fields to a place that best serves them.
  • I am nudged to specific areas of their body to work on directly, which could be thought of as psychic surgery.
  • I am shown blockages or areas that need extra work to bring about balance.
  • I am shown or feel deep-seated emotional problems that need clearing.
  • I become aware of trauma that needs clearing.
  • I am aware of all that they are.
  • We connect in on a soul level.
  • We work together to bring about healing.
  • I may see energies in a symbolic way that I then translate to the human custodian in our follow up telephone or video conference call that further supports their wellbeing. 
  • I hold them in the light, a beautiful and powerful experience for us both.

No matter what happens during healing sessions we always work to align the chakra system, repair their energy fields and raise their energetic frequency. We create an environment within their bodies for the Soul of the animal being to thrive. Healing is a Universal Divine force channelled to and through sentient beings of Earth. The energy will move through the body vessel of the healer and be transferred to the recipient. The unique benefit of healing is that the energy they receive is exactly what they require. The energy is continuously adjusted as we move through the animal being on so many levels. Some animals can not heal with conventional medicine because they require deep intuitive, emotional healing.  Remote healing can connect on all the levels to bring about soul healing and therefore influence the whole body system. Energy transfers via a highly developed focus that allows the healer to focus intention and healing energy into the soul and light body of the client, be it an animal or person or a group of people or animals. The amount of focus and energy required means it is up to the healer to develop even further to be able to hold this amount of energy and focus at the same time. Often a photograph is used as a means to connect remotely with a new client. Their full name, date of birth and address at the time of the session is also offered up to spirit, although this is not always required.

Animal healing supports their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. The whole energetic makeup of an animal, just like a human is in constant flux depending on its environment. It could be influenced by the weather, the astral weather, its home environment, any dis-ease or pain,viral or bacteria overload, the energy and behaviour of their human companions, the food he or she eats, any ingestion of toxic substances as well as being influenced by the collective of humanity and the collective of the specific animals breed. Animals, as do humans, have an energetic body. The energy comes in from the Universal force of all that is and meets the Axiontal system, which is similar to a grid network around their physical body. The energy then flows into another energy system, sometimes called the chakra system. There are seven main chakras in the body as well as an array of minor ones The chakra system however spans past the physical body and can be thought of as the higher chakra system. From the chakra system the energy flows into the meridian systems of their body, another group of energy pathways that run throughout the body. These then connect into the nervous system that then flows into the cells of the physical body including the bones, organs, muscles, blood and lymphatic system. You do not need faith in order for an animal friend to heal. The Universal force that is channelled is not defined by religion or belief systems, it is a powerful, all seeing and knowing force that could be defined as love.

When we think too much and try to use the mind to connect to all that is, we are caught up in so much storey. Every thought that has ever been thought of or any idea that has been spoken is out in a huge web that is called mass consciousness. If you are always thinking and acting out of drama, you can get lost in this web. However, animals are so connected with the natural Earth and her rhythms that when healing is offered it is very natural to them and they are very open to it. Sometimes it takes time for them to settle because they have been so overly influenced by the energy of their human custodians or the physical or emotional concerns that they are experiencing. But after the initial clearing and balancing they will start to go in a deep state of relaxation. They may look as if they are asleep but their eyes can be open yet their gaze is softened. Sometimes they can make sounds or shake or tremble, which can be part of an energetic clearing. Imagine how a dog looks when it shakes off the water after a bath or going for a swim. Now try and Imagine how the body starts to shake off and let go the energy patterning that no longer serves them. Sometimes when an animal being first starts to feel energy transforming they may start to move around the room as the energy may feel a little uncomfortable but will soon find a place to settle. Sometimes they may move away from their human friend or move closer. Once the energy has transferred to an animal, the physical and emotional bodies have to process the energy and information and very often, their body can feel tired. They may need to sleep for a while but then feel rejuvenated afterwards. Some of my animal clients have slept for up to six hours after healing - Sleep is the best medicine after healing.

If the whole thought of animal healing seems a little strange to you, you should know that it is  not a new concept.  It has been around since the dawn of humanity.   I have over twenty years of experience working with both animal beings and people and have been a channel to help bring about the healing of so many different symptoms and disease as well as a host of behavioural problems. Animals can be more open to healing than people as they are not so involved with story and drama unless overly influenced by their human companions. Dogs for example are here to help their human companions transform dense lower energies that no longer serve them into light. They are high vibrational beings that need support to keep their energy fields in balance. They rely on you to help them do this with their day to day care and ensuring their energy bodies are maintained to an optimum level. Sairsha the Retriever had digestive issues that the vet could not help with, she was also very excitable.  After her healing, the digestive issues were healed  and family and friends of the human custodian commented how she seemed like a different dog as she was so much calmer. Teddy the yorkshire Terrier had a cough that would keep him and his human custodian up all night and he was very unwell.  The vets could not help him and many people were expressing how they thought he would pass very soon.  After healing, Teddy’s cough was significantly reduced and he was far from passing as he wanted to play football again.

I love working with people and their animals together if a joint session is booked as the healing that takes place is profoundly effective. The bond that a person shares with their animal friend is so very special. However, the animals themselves are affected by the energy field of their human companions. If the person does not want healing for themselves, they still receive some benefit. This is because the energy that I work with has an extensive reach and so moves beyond their animal friend. During Teddys healing session, the pain in his human companions neck and back disappeared as did Teddy’s problems. When I was healing a wolf at a wolf sanctuary in Arizona, he had profound benefits. The owner of the sanctuary also felt the energy working through her bad neck, something she had never experienced before. While working on several horses in a yard, all the horses in the stable zoned out together and the woman who owned and ran the stables started to fall asleep standing up as well! I have also had dogs with behavioural concerns. One little dog was so stressed at doggy day care, they had refused to take him any more. You can imagine what impact this had on the family as they needed to go to work but the dog was not prepared to stay home alone. After healing his condition was transformed and off he went to doggy day care without a care in the world. But during the healing much transformed for the owners as well which contributed to his overall healing. I often say that animals always bring their humans for healing! The more you move away from tribal beliefs and patterning, the more your animal friends can move with you. No longer connected so much to the majority feeling of fear and chaos but merging with you as you travel to a place that although challenging is much more rewarding and far removed from fear and dense energies that saturate so much of dominant tribal energy. Very often, animals transform quite dramatically. So what happened, where did the symptoms go? How can the symptoms disappear? It is because the symptoms existed on a frequency, and the healing helped them transform its energy into a higher frequency where the physical problems do not exist. As well the physical body is being filled with light that supports it in so many ways for always. Healing frequencies can be very high in nature. When I reach up to connect to higher frequencies, the spirit guides that help me channel the energy have to also step down in their frequency to meet with me. This is because their natural healing frequencies are too high for the lower dense energy of beings of Earth. We are all adjusting to being the perfect channel for whomever we are healing. Healing is the best medicine for your animal friend! x Sometimes one only needs to be near the healer or thinking of them to receive the benefits of healing. The reason is that some healers are emitting higher frequencies from their heart all the time, pulsating energies that move into the energy fields of the other. Healing can also transfer via the hands. Each hand has a minor chakra, an energy centre in the palm that opens and allows light to transfer to the recipient. Remote healing goes further than this. Very often, I say animals bring their human companions for healing. When I work on an animal remotely, we can work to a level of healing. Still, if the energy of the human companion is constantly affecting their animal friend, we need to address those problems as well. So when an animal and his or her friend heal together, the transformation for both is quite beautiful. From here they can both be a positive influence on each other.

"Her gifts are amazingly powerful but also so gentle and caring. Her genuine care for you and your animals is actually invaluable. There is no doubt in our minds that without Rachel our little Nanuk would not be with us today.”

Remote Healing For Your Animal Friend


Remote Healing For Your Animal Friend


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"Moose is an energetic, joyful, fun-loving spaniel with tons of personality and a heart to match. However, he had had a bad tummy for a long time and no matter what I did, things weren't improving.   After his first distant healing session with Rachel, there was an immediate and marked improvement! Moose is now back to his normal, bouncy, full-of-beans self and I am just so relieved and happy. I've improved his diet based on Rachel's advice and he absolutely loves it!

Remote Healing for Your Animal Companion

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