Take time out from your busy life to connect with your dog in such a unique and special way

Experience the healing gifts of Rachel Bolton as she works to bring about wellbeing for both you and your dog. Relax in The Prince Hall Hotel on Dartmoor so very near to magical Wistmans Woods. Let the day raise the energetic vibration of both you and your dog.

See and feel the results of the day manifest throughout both of your lives.

Rachel Bolton is a healer of people and animals with over 20 years of experience, healing all physical and emotional concerns.

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What to expect from your day:

Experience a beautiful, unique healing circle for you and your dog and feel the benefits throughout the whole of your lives.

Learn how the special bond you and your dog share can affect their health as they experience so much of you.

Learn about the spiritual evolution of you and your dog.

Learn why and how to feed your dog more naturally and receive a complimentary guide written by Rachel to help you on your way.

Enjoy a mouth-watering healthy lunch and two complimentary teas throughout the day.

Enjoy the magical environment of Prince Hall set in Dartmoor, South Devon.

“I took my dog Chopperdee to Rachel’s healing circle. I remember he was greeted by a terrier cross and after 15 minutes into Rachel’s speak both dogs had settled, they were then both off their leads with no bad feelings between them. Rachel expanded all our minds and being across the universe. I floated as did my dog Chopperdee. I would love that experience again. We all lose track of ourselves but Rachel puts everything back on track for us x (Penny Brenner)"


Arrive at 9.30 am

A warm welcome and a chance for you and your dog to say hello to the rest of the group.

10 am

A short walk within the grounds of Prince Hall to allow your dogs let to off some steam and to get acquainted with the other dogs.

10.30 am

We return to the hotel to clean your dogs off with the towels that are provided and to share some warm tea.

11 am - 1.30 pm

A beautiful healing circle for you and your dog followed by a talk and valuable conversations through questions that arise.

1.30 - 2.30 pm

Enjoy a mouth watering healthy lunch. Please click below to see Prince Hall's LIGHT BITES menu, and a little something for your dog.


2.45 - 4.15 pm

Learn why and how to feed your dogs more naturally and a time to experience some of Rachel’s special treats for you and your dog!

4.30 pm

Time for another cup of tea before you go and a short walk if you choose.

5.00 pm

Time to say goodbye to your new friends, or you can continue your stay.

Prince Hall

Prince Hall could accommodate you if you and your dog would like to stay longer. Please click below to explore their accommodation options. (The price of the workshop does not include accommodation)

Experience a beautiful, unique healing circle

Learn about the spiritual evolution of you and your dog.

Learn why and how to feed your dog more naturally

What to bring:

All weather gear, just incase its raining / cold.

Bring something warm and comfortable for the healing circle. Layers are good, just incase your temperature fluctuates.

A water bottle.

Something for your dog to comfortably lie on, so she/he can relax during the healing circle, maybe even a blanket to put over them if they decided to fall asleep, it really depends on the nature of your dog.

A lead and collar for your dog. Please ensure your dog has a collar and name tag with a telephone number on - just incase they decided to go for an extra long walk by them selves!

Poo bags.

Your dog’s bowl to drink and eat from.

A note book just incase you feel to write anything down through out the day.

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A gentle note of our terms and conditions for the course

All places must be paid for in advance.

All male dogs must be neutered.

No female dogs should be in season.

Aggressive dogs will not be able to join us, but individual healing sessions would be an alternative, which can be booked through my website here.