Business Workshops

Rachel Bolton, a world-leading healer with over 20 years experience, can help your team collective. She can raise their energetic frequency and help identify an edge that will keep them and your business thriving.The workshop is a true gift to help you and your team in ways that are beyond the constructs of the mind. It will open up new ideas and new energy to support the group on their journey.Your company will benefit from the raised consciousness of your employees in a myriad of ways. The benefits are endless, and each member will experience a profound sense of peace, self-empowerment and courage to support themselves and your business.

£400 per person


Online Healing Circle For Business

Raise the energetic frequency of your team and develop a leading and positive edge to support your vision with a business workshop.

£50 per person


Self Empowerment for Business

Rachel Bolton, a world-leading healer has over 20 years experience helping people and animals.Rachel facilitates online healing circles and your time with her will provide you and your dog with support for the physical and emotional journey.The healing circle is a true gift.The bond between you and your animal friend is very powerful and as you both heal together you help to support each other in the healing journey.I can help raise the frequency of you both to help bring about wellbeing to all areas of your lives.

£65 per booking