Zia the Arab Filly: A Case Study

A Testimonial from Zia

Rachel is amazing. She really helped me with my young horse. The day after I bought Zia, a 2-year old Arab filly, I needed to get her over a very small stream that ran between the field and the stable yard. She flatly refused and I felt very frustrated. I was already anxious and tense about how I was going to manage a new filly alongside my other endurance horse, Sharim, and I was worried that dealing with Zia would interfere with the time I had to ride and train him. Rachel came to help me. She calmly communicated with Zia for about 10 minutes then gently encouraged her across the stream. She hopped over without any fuss and I burst into tears!

The story of her healing journey

Zia, the two year old filly had recently arrived at her new home. She was to share her life with her new custodian and her new friend, Sharim the Arab, trained as an endurance horse. Zia refused to cross a small body of water that she met once she had walked out of her field and down the small trek to towards the road. She had to cross this before she could cross a road so she could climb another trek to get to her stable. When I was asked to come along to see Zia and Sharim, I was not aware in the beginning that I was to work with Zia. I watched her human custodian try and get her to move over the water. I wanted to offer help, but at the same time did not want to interfere as she was not my horse and I had to respect the process that they were both in. A few people from the stables had collected on the other side of the road and Zia’s human companion was becoming very emotional and found the experience very frustrating. She had been trying to get Zia to cross this body of water for days. She needed her to move past this so she could take care of both of her horses. After a while, when I felt the time was right, I asked if I could try. She agreed and moved to join the people on the other side of the lane, and I remained with Zia. I introduced myself to Zia, stroked her side and then asked permission to work with her. I placed my hands on her head and started channelling energy to help her in all ways. After a short while, she began to breathe a little deeper and her whole body language started to relax. It was at this point I cupped some water and brought it to her very gently. I wanted to bring the water to her, to let her become more aware of what it was. Usually when healing, I am working remotely which means we are not even in the same place or I am given a whole session to work with a horse, giving us both time to move through the healing process. But we were on the clock and quite a few people had gathered to watch. But, the whole healing process, although very short, worked wonders. Because after a little time, Zia was ready to try again. This time I walked forward with a very loose lead rope, putting no pressure on her at all. I was not pulling her, but I was inviting her energetically to move forward with me. And she did! She walked over the body of water, and at the same time her human custodian burst out crying. Animals and humans share a strong psychic connection and much of what a human is experiencing their animals are sharing the same feelings. The healing had helped them both in so many ways and I was blessed to be a part of it.

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