Coco The Cat: A Case Study

A Testimonial from Coco the Cat

We contacted Rachel when our vet recommended euthanasia for our 10 year old Siamese cat, Coco. Coco had deteriorated very suddenly after an anaesthetic and minor procedure (not an operation) and could not even stand when we brought her back home from the vet.  As she’d been in good health beforehand we were shocked and devastated when we took her back to the vet who took bloods and said her kidney readings were so high she was in kidney failure and it would be best to have her euthanised as there was no way back from such poor blood tests.  Distressingly due to Covid 19 they told us we couldn’t be with her when she passed. This was so upsetting and all so sudden. She looked so miserable and we couldn’t bear to think of her dying alone. We were in total shock and just sat with her in the vet’s car park. When the vet came for her we were about to hand her over when she tried to jump out of the basket. Coco didn’t want to go! We took this as a sign and asked for a second opinion. There was no doubt about the blood tests but we thought perhaps it was an infection and asked for her to go onto antibiotics and iv fluids for a few days in the vets to see if it could clear and if she had a chance. We didn’t want her to suffer but she seemed to be saying she wanted a chance to get better.

It was then we found Rachel and started healing sessions with Coco in conjunction with her treatment with the vet. After the healing sessions we visited Coco each day and the vet brought her out to us as we couldn’t go in. The next set of bloods showed it had been a kidney infection and that it had started to clear up and her bloods were a little better. We discussed her progress with Rachel and with our vet and we all agreed that after 3 days Coco might be better at home. Rachel was right to say that Coco would be happier at home and The vet said she was not in pain or distress but weak. As soon as we got her home a real change happened for the better. We had two more sessions with Rachel and after each one Coco seemed much brighter and energetic. She was head bumping her brother Thor and sister Asha with such joy and they were all so pleased to see her. Thor has been very unhappy that his sister had gone away. Today is 19 days since the vet recommended saying goodbye to Coco. She has made something of a miraculous recovery. She is at home, eating her favourite foods, enjoying days in the sunshine in her garden and  being showered with love and   from all her family. She is most definitely enjoying life and her bloods continue to get better. We do believe that the extra support from Rachel has been invaluable and has helped Coco fight back and enjoy more days of happy life. We don’t know what may be ahead but what we do know is that these recent days have been among Coco’s Happiest and that we we right to give her that chance and to have supported her not just physically but also with Rachel’s healing.

The Process

When I am remote healing, it is beyond words, and so the description of what happens is always very symbolic.  But the outcome speaks a thousand words. While healing, I am standing up, usually with my eyes closed and I have music playing and candles lit. I then connect remotely with the client and slowly start the session.  I am always taken to what and where needs work first and I am moving around the room with my eyes closed with my hands out in front of me as I conduct and focus energy into the client. It is not as simple as seeing a body as we are more than just the physical. I am presented with so many different things in different ways and some are beyond words. But there are something I can share, for example: 

  • Sometimes I will see an organ or something related to the physical that needs help.
  • Then I might  see colour and energy forms as if we were out in the cosmos and I am spinning energy to help in all ways.
  • Sometimes I need to work in an area and then another area shows itself, and they both require work at the same time.  I can then split my awareness between both aspects so they can heal together.
  • Sometimes I see energy in a symbolic form of dark masses clearing, or any picture could come.
  • Sometimes energy needs to be moved and other times it needs to be cut out completely which could be considered like psychic surgery.  It could be likened to stirring something in a pot, or gathering snow into a big snowball and then removing it.
  • Sometimes the client will move nearer to where I am, sometimes I move to where they are but most often we meet in a place where time does not exist.
  • Sometimes there are messages within the healing and sometimes it is afterwards.
  • Sometimes we are healing non-multiple timelines.

Much of the time the human family will be brought into the healing of an animal, but the main focus is on them. I always encourage an animal’s human custodian to book healing for themselves if they can or book a joint session to support the healing process. If they decline, I accept that and do what I can with them in a session focussed on the animal itself.Healing sessions change timelines, which means any projected outcome that may have happened before healing changes, and then the new time line time is then based on the new co-ordinates of the clients energy field. After each session the healing builds on the last one. It is truly amazing but it takes time, patience, faith and trust.The healing works in to all the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the client, sometimes on many different dimensions as well as working into their DNA.

The story of her healing journey

A family contacted me as they were so upset about their beloved cat who was in a critical condition in a veterinary surgery.  The vet wanted to put her to sleep as they believed it was the best and kindest thing for her. The family declined the advice to euthanise her as they truly believed that she could make it. I fitted Coco in, so I could start to heal her immediately and worked remotely while she was still in the veterinary surgery. While healing, we worked on all levels and addressing all the physical concerns that presented themselves psychically to me. As well as healing Coco, I also focussed healing energy into the drip that she was on as well as clearing the energy of the whole surgery. The guidance given to her owners was to take her home as soon as possible and to definitely change her diet. Coco had failing kidneys and dry food does not support a body in any way as well as being a tremendous burden on them. After the first session, the family visited with her and took her outside to let her enjoy the sunshine.  I also advised them to take her freshly cooked wholesome food.  They told me Coco was looking and feeling a lot better and not only that decided to eat everything that they had brought for her. Previously she had not been eating at all. They were also encouraged to insist that the vets were not to give her any dried food at all. Eventually Coco's human custodians were empowered enough to take her home from the vets. Once home she was much happier and eating well with the energy to jump up on to the bed. What a difference in a few days form when the vet wanted to euthanise her. The whole healing process took place over four healing sessions and follow- up consultations with Coco’s family. The follow-up calls always conveyed insight about Coco and ways to assist her as well as information about her healing session. The calls were also a support for the family who was going through the process with her.

Healing Sessions

After first healing session, she had managed to survive the night and whilst at home the human family felt the work around them as well. Healing can have a very wide reach and I am so aware how animals are connected in with their human companions. I was also aware that they needed support though this process. So during the healing I would focus on the family as well. So much so, Coco’s human Dad ran up the hundred steps near to their home as he felt easier and more energised.

Healing session After another healing session, Coco was uch improved and I encouraged the family to take her home. When we worked on her so much energy in her lower body would show and apparently this is one of the things that was originally wrong with her, a complete congestion of the lower body that the vets had apparently cleared. Once home she was happy, eating and jumping up on the bed and a few days before the vets had wanted to put her to sleep. I offered another healing session as a gift to Coco as the family had rescued so many animals that needed care and I was nudged to help the family in this way. I also suggested to the human Dad that he connect in with the calmer side of himself and to really connect into the wise one within and to sit in with the healing session to help him. After this Coco improved and I suggested to them that it would serve Cocos journey to have some regular healing to help her along her way. These sessions were not booked but a few few weeks later I received a message to say that she was not her usual self and had taken a turn for the worse. I did some emergency healing We cleared on layers and levels that are beyond words or description. We cleared all through her body, working into and out of her lower body. We worked into her kidneys and heart. We worked into her head area. We worked around the family home. We worked to energise and align her. We worked past the physical body into an energetic weave of light and sound. The following day the family messaged me The family messaged to say that Coco was much better and seemed more energised again. I advised them to book her in for a proper session the next day. The healing session As usual I connected in with Coco and asked permission on a soul level to work with her. We started with spiralling energy from her lower body. We worked from the lower body and out of the body. We worked at the same time with her belly from within and underneath her. This was all happening all of the time. Then into her kidneys - clearing crystalline energy. Cleared masses that kept presenting In her lower body - we would clear and then more would show that needed clearing - all of which we did. We kept this moving all the time Then energetically Coco stretched out moving her energy. She then turned into a powerful Magi woman - from another world - another time - she said she had known her human custodian in other lives - she was here to help - to now put time- lines right. We kept working throughout her whole body and always out of her back end. I received a text the following day “She had swatted and vocalised this morning when Asha went near her food and that is our coco!! We haven’t been seeing much of that! Her appetite is good and she is brighter and more interactive. Put it like this she going the right way!" Cocos healings are ongoing and will be updated here.

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