A Healing Journey for an Anonymous Client: A Case Study

A Testimonial for Dad - June 2020

"Last year I contacted Rachel on behalf of my dad. I have experienced Rachels healing gifts many times and with what we were seeing I thought it the best thing to do. My father suffered from depression, probably for longer than he cared to admit and he drank heavily. He went through a particularly low period of time and we encouraged him to seek help. He eventually decided to see a doctor and was prescribed anti-depressants. It was shortly after they increased his dose of these that he took a very sudden and extreme downward turn. One day he started acting strangely and talking in a paranoid way about people being after him and my mum and sister being ‘compromised’. He was very afraid and we had never seen this kind of thing happen with him before so everyone was extremely concerned. His behaviour and talk was very paranoid and he was unable to believe any of us or do as we asked in order for us all to be safe. One thing led to another and his behaviour was too difficult to deal with and he had become dangerous to himself after trying to jump out of a moving vehicle. He quickly spiralled into a deep paranoid-psychosis and was admitted to a ward in hospital. There he deteriorated very fast again and got to the point where he was not able to even talk. He refused to eat or drink as he was paranoid about what the food and drink contained. He was convinced we were all trying to poison him. He didn’t trust any of the nurses or doctors and he didn’t trust any of his family either. The doctors were confused by the situation as his physical body had also become so weak and he was unable to stand up and he was shaking. He seemed to have lost all strength as well as his mental faculties. They thought perhaps it was a stroke as he had been through that already years before. Then they thought it was Parkinsons or viral meningitis or even vascular dementia. Basically, no one knew what was going on and they were running every test possible. This just increased his paranoia as he was being moved about and interfered with so much. His spine had been fractured during a ‘restraint’ episode at a ‘safe place’. Anyway, that’s another story all together. But, it contributed to his condition, especially physically as he was unable to walk or go to the toilet. This seemed to exacerbate his mental state even more, understandably and meant he was doubly incontinent all of a sudden. He spent so long refusing any fluids or food they had to put him on a drip and eventually a feeding tube. He kept pulling these out and so it became very hard for them to keep re-doing the needle but they had to in order for him to get the fluids he needed. He got worse very fast. He could not get up out of bed or move very much at all. He stopped speaking some days and he was not with us as we knew him at all. His eyes were distant and filled with fear. When he looked at us we could tell he wasn’t seeing us as he normally would. We were told, by one of the doctors, that he thought it was unlikely he would recover as they’d seen no improvement and that we should consider a nursing home as an option. We were also asked at one point as the weeks went on that we needed to decide on a DNR option, a ‘do not resuscitate’ option and what our wishes were should they get to that point. We were shocked by this and had not even contemplated that eventuality. It felt as if, very quickly, everybody was giving up on him. As far as I was concerned he was coming out of this place and this dark space he found himself in. I contacted Rachel and explained the situation. She quickly responded and we arranged the first healing session. I had experienced Rachels immense gifts before through sessions for myself and for my family so I felt this was the right direction to go. As soon as I reached out to Rachel, I immediately felt that familiar force of her undivided attention and I felt an ease come to me as I knew she would be putting all her energy into motion for my dad. This gave me great heart and a renewed sense of strength. In all the times I have contacted Rachel to have healing for myself or another I have so quickly felt safer in her care and had a huge sense of trust and faith in her abilities and her involvement. He was spiralling fast and she knew this and was helping as fast as she could.We tried to arrange the sessions so the ward he was on was at one of its quieter times. My dad wasn’t able to speak on the phone but I was in contact with Rachel every day once she became part of the process.I cannot convey how much this helped me to help my dad. Not only was she checking on his condition every single day of the process but also on mine and my families. The love and care and support offered is always given with such an open and generous heart that just a message lifts your spirit and lights your way. Because he was unable to be in touch with her on the phone as normal, I was relaying information to Rachel and she was relaying back to me the things occurring from the sessions as well as advice, insight and the deep wisdom that she shares from healing sessions. Having this knowledge helped me to stay on the light side of the situation which was hard to do given the circumstances and seeing him in such a state. I was given new insight into my dad and what he was going through within and from his life before me. Very early on Rachel was reminding me to see the best outcome in the future and she gave me a date that she saw he would be better and home by. It was December 11th. Spoiler alert, but he was home a couple of days before this date! The healing sessions varied in what his response was and of course there was regular interference from things that needed to be done by nurses etc. But, mostly, Rachel was able to choose a time that would be most quiet and mostly post session he was restful and relaxed if not really quite back to himself too at points. His first session happened during a time when he had been completely catatonic. He was just staring at us and looking very scared. He refused to talk or was unable. He was making shapes in the air with his fingers and hands repetitively and in a compulsive sort of way. He refused food and drink. Rachel told me many things that were so helpful to know after she had done the initial session. She spoke about a connection to Germany that he was finding himself stuck in. I told her that before the session he had mumbled a bit about odd, incoherent odds and ends and a couple of times had mentioned Germany and as if he was in the war. She advised me to talk with him in a way as to remind him of his self in the here and now and remind him of his life outside hospital so that he could connect to this reality. I found this was helpful for all of us to do and helped us all to keep our feet on the ground here. After the session he, quite uncharacteristically, cried in short bursts but with so much pent up emotion. He had energy just flowing out of him and he was still trying to hold it all in. The healing allowed him to release some of this. We knew early on that he was going to need many sessions and we committed to this process. We found a way to make it work as it truly felt like the only path with any light at the end. Several sessions were arranged and I was able to be present for some of them. One in particular was very strong. He had been exhausting himself with this spelling letters he did and muttering. He was so tense and tired himself out but wouldn’t just stop and relax. He was doing it all night sometimes and the nurses said he wasn’t getting any sleep at all and just going round in circles. This one session my sister and I were with him. We were gently trying to get him to stop spelling and waving his arms around as we could see he was tiring himself so much, but he wouldn’t stop. When the time came for the healing session to begin all of a sudden the lamp in the room turned itself off and almost immediately my dad stopped making sounds, relaxed his arms and seemed to fall asleep. My sister and I looked at each other in amazement and relief. We sat with him during and held his hands. We all drifted off into our own quiet space and the room felt as if it were transported out of the hospital and to a peaceful space. The session ended and we all came- to. My dad woke up. He was relaxed and he looked at me and actually saw me. He hadn’t seemed to do that for many weeks. As I recall he even managed to make a sarcastic comment to me and he, my sister and I shared laughter and smiles together. This was quite an amazing moment. His condition changed in wave like ways. He would respond to healing so well and seem to be recovering then he would spiral back to repetition. We knew the myriad of factors, drugs and all sorts were all playing a role. His recovery was in peaks and troughs. But, during the whole time Rachel remained steady and focused on his recovery. Not once did she make me doubt her abilities or my own faith in his recovery. I came to understand this healing process is not always so easy to see if you do not have the gifts Rachel does and so you want fast results and loose hope so quickly if things are not instant. But, looking back on this now I can see how steady his improvement was and how I was worrying about way down the line when you have to just go a day at a time in this type of situation. After another session I spent time with him and we watched some videos on my phone which actually made him laugh! Rachel was always relaying to me what had occurred during the sessions and at one point described him ‘dancing’ and being in a blue suit. Well, he loved to dance and he only had two suits, one of which was indeed blue. Rachel was not just spending the time doing the actual sessions but outside of this she was asking me how he was doing, how I was doing and spending time praying, protecting and keeping him in her thoughts and heart. It’s not like an appointment that begins and ends when you heal with Rachel, it is a connection that is made and a continuous rippling effect where you sense unconditional, unjudgmental love for all that you are. During his time in hospital his physical condition had got worse and he was losing weight as well as muscle as he hadn’t been up or moved for weeks. Rachel had encouraged me to kindly and gently assert myself in order to get him the help he needed whilst in the care of the hospital. I did just that and spoke with the staff. They had said that he made it difficult for the physiotherapist to treat him but I asked if they would please keep trying and also to try to keep giving him different drink or food. The physio did do it again and this was helpful. Staff have too many people to care for and it is easy for attention to slip away which only makes someone worse. I understood this as Rachel pointed it out and I was able to step into a space that would help my dad and not cause problems to the staff but just nudge it all into a better space for all. His neglect was only going to cause further problems. Once this was pointed out things flowed more easily. Once this momentum flowed and his healing continued we were able to try out things Rachel suggested. I took him some fresh, spring water and a cup of his from home in order to align him back to his own life and things here and home. Thanks to Rachels suggestions and encouragement of me to step into a more assertive space I was able to be a positive conduit for my dad. During the time he was in hospital he got a chest infection which Rachel said could have been much of the energy from his heart releasing as well as his throat. When you saw him after a session and more as time went on it was clear he was letting go of something and more and more allowing or at least not being able to stop the tears flowing. The infection passed by and his chest cleared along with the rest of him. He was still resistant to food and drink for some time. But, staying steady with regular healing and keeping a light with me when I went to him he slowly came back to himself. The doctors were discussing psychiatric wards and antipsychotic medication. When I relayed this to Rachel she advised me to aim to avoid this outcome and reassured me that coming home was his best option and to just take things a day at a time. When Rachel relayed information to me from the sessions many things that resonated came up. She asked if ‘Tangerine dream’ meant anything to us. I explained that there was a song my sister and I used to sing together from a movie and it was by Tangerine Dream. My dad loved us to sing and he would request songs for us to sing to him when we were kids. He actually started to sing himself in hospital and humm. I don’t think I had ever heard him sing before. It was so sweet albeit in a hazy state. This seemed to me a movement towards the lighter side of things. Rachel always let me know of the amazing transformation he was doing in his healing. Even though you cannot always see it or fathom it in our waking reality I had no doubt in her words and gifts. There was a day when Rachel told me she had received a message which was ‘tell her I’m on my way’. Well this made me cry and really felt like him speaking to us. Shortly after that he had another session and my sister rang to say after her visit he was the best she had seen him yet. That he had been to have a shower with the help of the nurses and they said he was singing to them. He ate food and had a drink. It’s funny to say but seeing him have even a tiny sip of water felt like a huge breakthrough. Before, when I had tried to give him a sip or even just to suck a sponge he would clamp his mouth shut or just spit it all back out at you. So, this was huge and amazing. And sure enough, as the weeks went by and we kept up with his recovery and held strong for him to come back to us he made quite a turn around one night. He had been quiet and sleeping a lot for a few days and then my mum visited him and after I spoke to her she told me that he had eaten and drunk and was seeming miles better and somewhat back to himself. I was so excited to visit him and when I arrived there in the bed was my dads smiling face. It was the best thing I had seen in so long, just his smile and him seeing me, actually seeing me. He spoke to me normally, he even spoke about what had been going on and made jokes. He occassionally mentioned some of the stories that he had been paranoid about but much less and he seemed more aware of them being a different reality and not this one. He wanted to get out of hospital and had a renewed sense of himself and his life. He laughed, joked and began eating and drinking as normal. Staff that were there spoke to us about how incredible it was and that he was a completely different person from the one the previous week. He was suddenly talking with them, being polite and kind, as he usually was and just seeming like a ‘normal’ person to them. They were in disbelief at his turnaround. I cannot convey the relief we all felt. After seeing so many awful outcomes and so many people speaking of dire ends and even him dying it was nothing short of a miracle to see him the way he was, back to himself.The doctors shortly after this decided he could be moved to a different, smaller hospital, onto a rehabilitation ward. He was moved and his health returned along with his smile and laughter. He was still crying often and he knew he needed ongoing help but we were out of the deep dark woods, the ‘dingly dell’ as he described it. He explained some of the places he had been and the things he had seen. It was a very scary thing for him to get lost there and I know we wouldn’t have pulled him out of there without Rachel. Rachels healing helped my dad to come back out of shadows and scary places to us here and now. Not only did her healing do this but also her constant communication, advice, encouragement and not to mention her profound insight gave us the strength and faith to not give up on him like some people already had seemed to do. Rachel was such a powerful presence to have on our side and it was felt unwaveringly the entire time. Even when I wasn’t directly communicating as soon as you open up to Rachel she guides you on so many levels and supports you in ways that are unique and so reassuring that it gives you the ability to re-focus yourself to really get the most from the healing that you can. When he came home he soon started to drink a bit of alcohol again. I had encouraged him to get some further healing but he didn’t end up doing it. But, he was alive and well so no one is arguing! Since his time in hospital and his healing I have seen a softness in him and our relationship has improved so much. There was a time before all of this that we stopped spending time together as we seemed to trigger one another into anger and I saw him less and less. During his time in hospital I felt closer than ever to my dad and I feel like we bonded in a new and lovely way. Now he was softer and gentler and since then we have been much happier in each others company and I have felt so close to him. It gave me the opportunity to really make the most of our time together on earth and see how precious it is. His healing has had ongoing positive effect and has been a catalyst for change in many ways. He has now stopped drinking alcohol all together and he even started some exercises for his back. I trust that any healing leads you towards a more whole place and the small changes continue to come to you and integrate into your life. It is not an end once you stop having them. They begin a process and that continues if you choose it to."

The Process

When I am remote healing, it is beyond words, and so the description of what happens is always very symbolic.  But the outcome speaks a thousand words. While healing, I am standing up, usually with my eyes closed and I have music playing and candles lit. I then connect remotely with the client and slowly start the session.  I am always taken to what and where needs work first and I am moving around the room with my eyes closed with my hands out in front of me as I conduct and focus energy into the client. It is not as simple as seeing a body as we are more than just the physical. I am presented with so many different things in different ways and some are beyond words. But there are something I can share, for example: 

  • Sometimes I will see an organ or something related to the physical that needs help.
  • Then I might  see colour and energy forms as if we were out in the cosmos and I am spinning energy to help in all ways.
  • Sometimes I need to work in an area and then another area shows itself, and they both require work at the same time.  I can then split my awareness between both aspects so they can heal together.
  • Sometimes I see energy in a symbolic form of dark masses clearing, or any picture could come.
  • Sometimes energy needs to be moved and other times it needs to be cut out completely which could be considered like psychic surgery.  It could be likened to stirring something in a pot, or gathering snow into a big snowball and then removing it.
  • Sometimes the client will move nearer to where I am, sometimes I move to where they are but most often we meet in a place where time does not exist.
  • Sometimes there are messages within the healing and sometimes it is afterwards.

Healing sessions change timelines, which means any projected outcome that may have happened before healing changes, and then the new time line time is then based on the new co-ordinates of the clients energy field.  After each session the healing builds on the last one.  It is truly amazing but it takes time, patience, faith and trust. The healing works in to all the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the client, sometimes on many different dimensions as well as working into their DNA. Much of the time the human family will be brought into the healing of an animal, but the main focus is on them. I always encourage an animal’s human custodian to book healing for themselves if they can or book a joint session to support the healing process.  If they decline, I accept that and do what I can with them in a session focussed on the animal itself. So with this in mind, when we talk about the healing sessions it is challenging if not impossible to convey the whole process. But, the evidence of the changes show in the clients health and wellbeing.

The Healing 

Once I was asked to start healing, it was important to work out the best most appropriate times to heal, as hospitals are not the best environment for healing! As the sleeping profit Edgar Cayce also expllained, all hospitals should be knocked down after a while because of all the negative energy within their energy matrix. We worked in the evenings when the ward was at its quietest and aimed for a time that he would not be disturbed by nurses who were responsible for his care and waited for change over to happen. I reminded the family that healing had its own agenda, and so did their Dad, and it would be a process. I asked them to take it one day at a time and one session at a time.

Healing Sessions

We worked though his whole body. We focused around his heart area and solar plexus. We stayed in these areas a lot. We cleared energies around this throat area and we stayed here for along time too. A cosmic moment - two spheres moved together - bringing him together - making whole. We were at one point inside of him - it was very humbling. Then much cleared - lots and lots from his heart and solar plexus. We then worked on his head - pulsing from one side of his head to the other. Then pulling and pushing energy from the front and back of his head at the same time. We worked through his spine a lot. Moving, clearing and invigorating his energy. We were in the centre of his head working on an energy patterning that was very strong. In one session as I was moving around the room, orchestrating his energy and moving with him, we met in a place where we were dancing. He wore a blue suit and at one point, I had ballerina energy and started to dance around him. He was enjoying the dance and the music and he gave me symbolic messages to relay to his children. Another healing session We filled him with light from the very start. We held him in this light for some time. We then moved into the physical and I was in the ward with him. We worked all the way through his body. We spent along time in the heart and head again, as well as his physical pancreas. So much darkness cleared and cleansed. During the healing session the information around a prisoner of war camp in Germany came up. There was also energy around Vietnam. Some form of concussion from here, other lives. He was terribly cold wherever he was. He felt tormented and tortured. Every time I would work I was taken to his lower body as there was much to clear and cleanse. The more he let go of all that was no longer serving him the more balance that came. It was obvious through his healings that he had experienced low levels of paranoia most of his life which the family later confirmed with me.At one point the family considered holding back from more sessions but I encouraged them to keep going as he was not yet stabilised in the here and now. During the sessions we were also working with all aspects of him to help gain physical strength which eventually started to show as he was able to move. We also had to support him in his multi dimensional travels. Although everybody wanted him here, the journey was part of his healing and he too needed support with this and on a soul level we had these conversation with him. Also the whole time we were working, I was aware that as well as working on all his physical concerns he was focused in so many times lines and he would morph between all of them. The time lines were bleeding though to each other. This is why he was convinced that people in the hospital in the here and now were trying to poison him as he was also having this experience on another timeline. My client had put himself through a major healing process and the physical body also had to process everything. If a body is strong and robust very often it can sustain these challenges but this client had not looked after his physical form for sometime, so when a catalyst came along to push him into a massive healing it was very tricky. He would give me signs and messages to pass on to his family to let them know that he was ok and that he would be back with them very soon. The messages were very symbolic and meaningful to the family in a way that they could trust this process and know that he would be back. The message of tangerine dream - I had no idea what that meant but I did not discard it, I passed it on to the family who found meaning and comfort in it. Healing can take time. For instance if you were to get a cold or the flu. If someone expects you to bounce back in a few days, it would be very stressful. More than anything you need the time and support to be able to take life at your own pace. Your Soul knows what it is doing. You are so much more than the physical body. The physical body is in the third dimension and much of the 4th dimension energy martrix affects it, but you are also way beyond all of this. So when things go out of balance in the mental, physical or emotional there are so many reasons why this can happen and it is up to us to work our selves through the healing process. I asked the family to give him things, for instance a cup that was from his home so when he put his hands around the cup he could see, sense and feel the reality of the here and now and relate to a time line that was from this life time. But again it took time for him to remain focussed in this here and now. As so much emotional energy cleared from a mental, emotional and physical levels, slowly life started to become more balanced in the here and now. But he still had physical problems. He had been violently restrained by the police before being taken to hospital, and his back was still suffering because of it. All these problems still required healing. We also have to act in the practical way as well. The problems that the family were experiencing with the hospital, required them to step- up and to be heard. To act on guidance which is also a major part of spiritual unfolding. Learning that being in the body asks us to connect with higher- self and then embody that here on Earth. And so the information about the doctor and the physio were all passed on and the family found strength and their voice to get things done. Because of this my client benefitted from additional physical support to aid his recovery. There was a healing for whole family while the healing was going on as we are all connected which also supported my client. But every time we were healing we were soul talking with him, healing him on all levels and then would focus on the physical problems of his body in the here and now. Healing can achieve so much but with cases like this it takes patience, trust faith and dedication to the process. To the whole family I am grateful that they they are able to do this. I am also grateful to have walked with my client during his whole healing process.