Rachel Bolton, a world-leading healer with over 27 years of experience, can help your team collectively. She can raise their energetic frequency and help identify an edge that will keep them and your business thriving. The workshop is a true gift to help you and your team in ways that are beyond the constructs of the mind. It will open up new ideas and new energy to support the group on its journey. Your company will benefit from the raised consciousness of your employees in a myriad of ways. The benefits are endless, and each member will experience a profound sense of peace, self-empowerment and courage to support themselves and your business.

“Rachel helped me find peace during a series of group sessions shared with business associates during the turbulent and unpredictable months at the start of the COVID pandemic. Not only were the sessions calming in the moment, but led to an improvement in my day-to-day stress-levels, which helped boost my productivity and overall mood.”

Warren George | Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership | UK & Italy

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About the workshop:

Benefit from greater creativity, innovation, inspiration, invention, design, success and focus

Experience more insight and develop intuition to increase your edge in business

Release stress to optimise health and happiness

Feel the benefits of self empowerment and experience more confidence

Feel better from within and experience the effects both in your business and personal life

Improve mental health

Clear the stale energy within your workplace to become more energised

Develop practices and principles to help create a happy, healthy work, life balance

Uncover inner clarity to find more focus

Enhance the wellbeing of your company

Develop practices and principles to help create a happy, healthy work, life balance

A raised vibrational frequency attracts more goodness into your life

Learn to develop your inner guidance

Learn to follow and trust your inner guidance

“As the Director of a small business I am always busy and running around, often not taking time for self preservation. Taking time to participate in sessions with Rachel is exactly what I need to stay balanced, it helps me stay level headed both for work and personally, often helping me realise what I need to focus my energy on.”

Dave Inglis | Gadget Line Films Ltd

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Workshop Online

Maximum per session: 6 people Minimum per session: 4 people


Introduction to soul led living

Healing Circle


A discussion and introduction on techniques that support a soul led life that can help to build on the work from the day

£400 per person

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"The positive benefits have flowed into other direct areas of my life, improved relationships with people close to me, a new energy to my work and creativity, and best of all discovering an inner peace. Thank you Rachel. You have a special gift."

J Southway

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"If you are looking for change in your life, to break up old patterns and moulds, to experience getting in touch with a stronger self within you, I highly recommend you contact her."

L Greene

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“ Rachel Bolton carried out a 45 minute session with our core team in early 2020, a year that has caused much stress to everyone’s way of doing business and global uncertainty. Within our own team worry had crept in about how to win clients in the current environment, which was causing some anxiety. Rachel carried out a business healing session with the team to which all of us had a positive reaction, and it had many positive benefits. Aside from the fact that in a business setting, Rachel’s sessions are a very unique, positive activity and provides something very different in terms of team well-being exercises, we all felt that it was an excellent exercise in bonding closer as a working team. After the session, it genuinely disappeared our prior anxiety and gave us a renewed clarity and focus in to what our next steps would be. It enabled us to regroup and propel forward in a positive, energetic way, free of the negativity we’d been feeling before. As a group of serial entrepreneurs, we know what Rachel provides with her in-person and remote business sessions feels outside of the norm of normal business activities, but we couldn’t recommend her services highly enough and encourage every business to make use of her services and the benefits they provide - both on a business, and personal level. ”

The Volare Marketing Partnership

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